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Forza Motorsport Member Review for the Xbox

Sams_Hitman By:
GENRE Racing 
PUBLISHER Microsoft 
DEVELOPER Microsoft 
E Contains No Descriptors

What do these ratings mean?

Gran Turismo 4 and Midnight Club 3 Fusion (Put together)

When I first started playing this game I thought it suck because of how the case looked.
This is the first game I played on Xbox and I just got Xbox this Christmas. I mean Xbox one not 360.
I am a Gran Turismo 4 Pro/Fan, I have the best file in Career Mode, I have the most cars, the best racing cars and most important of all allot of cash to spare. I thought no other racing game would be better than GT4, and there insist but there one game that came close and that I will talk about.
First I am going to Grade the Principles of the game which is the Graphics, game play, sound, the controls on the Xbox, and the entertainment.

-The Graphics

The Graphics are not that great but then again not that bad, the Graphics are reasonable/Decent.
I love the Graphics, personally. There good enough and they made the cars look nice.
The racing tracks are very detailed and the cars look great. The area around the track is very detailed and the scenery looks awesome! Well after all Xbox is know for good graphics because bill is the software expert.

Mark for Graphics: B

-The Game play

The cars racing on the track and the looks of the speed are great I have to hand it to Bill.
When you're going fast you automatically get the feeling that you're going fast because of how the surroundings change. You're not even going that fast you're going at like 150mph and you feel like your going at 200! Not like in Gran Turismo 4 you're going at 200mph and you feel like your going at 130mph. Just like in Midnight Club 3, that's really cool every racing game is supposed to have that. Gran Turismo 3 and 4 doesn't have that because it's supposed to be a very realistic car game. The game play is great, hands down!

Mark for Game play: B

-The Sound

My big bro Mike loves cars allot and so when I am playing racing games he comes and sits down and watches. When he sits down (by the way) he seeks for the sounds of the car engines. He likes to listen to engines when they running and racing. He especially loves to listen for the blow off valves.
Blow off valves are the sounds cars make when there is a Turbo inside when the cars are Turbo Charged.
I have played GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, NFS2, MC3, and Midnight Club 2 and none of them my brother said had the realistic sounds of engines. I don't get it Sony makes a realistic car game but there's no detail of how the engines sound.
My Bro told me that this is the game that has the realistic sounds of engines. I was driving a Subaru that was Turbo Charged and my Bro just walks by and says to me "yo! does that thing have a Turbo?" and I'm like "ya!" then he says to me "this is the only game that has good sound effects for the engines."
And so there you have it; this is the only racing game that has sound effects for the engines.
That a big part about or just for me and my bro.
The overall sound is very good, you get sound effects from the tracks, surroundings, tires, cars and now engines...

Mark for sound: A-

-The Controls for Xbox

Yet again this is the first game I have played for Xbox and the controller itself is very comfortable.
I am so used to the Playstation 2's Controller and when there's a new style on how I hold a controller, it's cool. I got tired of the same style and trying Xbox's controller is a cool experience.
But holding down the L button for to long time, which is the gas button, it get's very uncomfortable.
But other than that it's fine. I like the Xbox's controller and the controls for the game.

Mark for Controls: B+

-The entertainment

I just started playing this game a couples days ago and now I am hook on to it.
I want to unlock all the cars and I want to go on to the bid races.
The entertainment is really good and the multiplayer part is good.
The feelings from going from slow cars to fast cars is nice because you feel yourself take off allot faster.
The music is okay.

Mark for Entertainment: B

What I like about this game very much is the fact that it has a little bit of Midnight Club 3 concepts in the game and a little bit of GT Concepts in the Game. Two major concepts that is from GT4, is the cars and the detail. Forza Motorsport can get into detail if you want it to, which is Excellent so all group ages could play. From little kids in Grade 1 to the Professionals. The little kids would play the game outside of its detail and the adults could play the game in detail.
You can adjust the details at the "Set Difficulty" menu for your file in Career mode.
Players can also earn more money if they add detail in the races, which's makes it harder for young teens and younger kids. Most street racing games would only have road cars which sucks because there's no LM Cars and no racing model cars, such as the touring cars. A big concept in this game is the cars, there all kinds of cars, the only type they don't have is the rally cars, but rally races are not fun to me so it doesn't bather me at all. If they had even put it in the game anyway it would look like Forza Motorsport would be copying GT. More of the LM cars from GT are in this game, and then it brings comparisons. "Which car is better in which game?" is what I am experimenting right now and from the looks of it the American cars in GT which were by Japanese people are crap! And so in this game the Americans cars are good! Why you do think that is? it's because the Japanese people want the American cars to look like **** so they can make more sale for the companies. And because the Americans cars in this game are good it's because Bill made this game and he's...American my dear friend. This game was made by an American Company, Microsoft.

Another concept about this game is you can make your cars look nice. You can't do that in GT but you can certainly make your cars look nice in Midnight Club 3, and so this Concept comes from MC3.
You can add small stuff on to your cars in this game.
You can change your color, add pictures, change your color on small parts of your cars and etc.

I am playing this game right now and I am enjoying it, I recommended this game to everyone even small little kids and big grow guys in like your mid 20's!The only down off about this game is there's really not that much modes.

I think this game is GT4 and Midnight Club 3 put together so if you like GT and NC3, this is the game for you!

+Alright Graphics
+Good Gameplay
+Great Sounds
+Good Controls
+Good Entertainment
+A little of GT and a little bit if NC3
+New Cars
-No other modes
-Get's boring fast
-Stuck having to keep all the cars you win...

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