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Shadow the Hedgehog Member Review for the Xbox

Superweapon667 By:
GENRE Action 
DEVELOPER SEGA Studio USA / Sonic Team 
E10+ Contains Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

What do these ratings mean?

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow... Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog, as where Shadow the dark version of Sonic inputs in on his own game to have his own story and his own place how he began and where he came from and why it all happened.

Story and Plot
The story of the game begins after the events of Sonic Heores, as of with Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic's rival has no living memory of himself or his past leaving him to believe he is nobody, until this happens these aliens that suddenly come out of nowhere attack on a helpless city. As the alien's main warlorded mastermind Black Doom informs Shadow about who he is and how he began and why he is feared and hated throughout the world. If Shadow chooses the allignment to be good, neutral or evil the story will alter and there will be alternative endings to it. If Shadow is siding with Black Doom or Eggman it will be an evil decision, Shadow sides with Sonic along with his allies or Eggman too he will do the good deeds and if Shadow goes for ONLY the chaos emerald then he will have just that to deal with. 

The game has you play throughout the game as Shadow the Hedgehog as you have Sonic's same abilities and skills but with more gunplay and driving vehicles. As you have a choice to pick up guns, swords and scattered pieces of the enviornment and vehicles that are available are motorcycles, jeeps and trucks. Like usual in every other Sonic game you will have to collect rings in order to have a higher score and if you get hit as usual you will lose rings (in this game you get hit you lose 10 of them), lose all and get hit you lose a life. 
As it would make no sense to drive a vehicle or pick up a gun plus since Shadow has the ability to run as fast as the speed of light (as Sonic) or have Chaos Control.
If an enemy is destroyed or killed then you will have the turn to take their gun they have dropped as after you will have your ammo increase after.

Graphics and Framerate
Graphics are fine, shiny and polished and in the backgrounds and enviornments are very well detailed and look realistic. The character models are equal and are reused from Sonic Heroes. Framerate all around has a very much improvement over Sonic Heroes and camera angles can be frustrating at times.

Controls and Accuracy
While controlling Shadow the controls are slippery and he moves way too fast like you are going on ice and you cannot stop. The gunplay is very inacurrate as sometimes when Shadow will fire the gun where you don't want it to go and it will end up firing up where he hits an enemy in the air and the enemy could be right in front of you. While controlling the camera not only can be a fool, enemies can hit you or go off when they can come out and off and keep hitting you when you don't want it, the combat with Shadow is broken as when the gunplay is the best with him, whenever you spindash and homing attack (like Sonic's) it works well as it seems and when you try to use melee attacks on the enemies it doesn't always hit them because since the combat is defective and whenever an enemy gets hit you'll never get the time to hit them before he hits you.
The AI is far from terrible as the characters can manage to help you out as when they help out they get hit, fall down a pit or won't pick up a gun (they just won't). They will often assist you on your mission to do so and they will also follow the path of rings as they will pick them up for you if you cannot get them.

Sound Effects, Voice acting and Music
The sound effects still have the same memorable ring noise when you collect the rings as the ring count increases and decreases. As everywhere else the sounds will have the retro feel to the Sonic atmoshpere. Sounds of the gunshots sound as if an engine is going off, explosions sound like they fit it and everything fits where it belongs.
Voice acting retains the actors and actresses from the 4Kids TV show from Sonic X and they will manage to try to do a good job or make it sound cheesy as the 4Kids cast tried it sounds mediocre and they did do their best, although profanity and threats in a Sonic game let alone for kids they went to extreme with this as well.
Music for Shadow the Hedgehog's game, I am quite the person who will go for Techno, 80's Rock and Heavy Metal to fit in with the gameplay as there are a few songs that may or may not be out of place whatsoever.


Shadow the Hedgehog has his own game which after Sonic has, had his time to shine and now Shadow has had his chance to make it in and go through and where you play it it feels like you are playing Grand Theft Auto (although I've never played that game (and never will play it)) and Sonic the Hedgehog yet for that overall its not a bad game although it is one of the darkest, most violent and mature Sonic games ever made. For a game like this for children it is well done.


Game Score
Story and Plot - 7 / 10
Gameplay - 6 / 10
Graphics and Framerate - 8 / 10
Controls and Accuracy - 5 / 10
Sound Effects, Voice acting and Music - 7 / 10

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