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Ace Combat 6 Member Review for the Xbox360

AngelofDeath3030 By:
GENRE Action 
PUBLISHER Namco Bandai 
DEVELOPER Namco Bandai 
T What do these ratings mean?

Ace Combat 6.

I recently tracked down the increasingly hard to find, bundle pack. For a while now I have been wanting a good flight game and the Ace Combat series has always been my fav. Now considering I havn't played Ace Combat since the 2cnd installation, I new I would be in for some new treats.

We shall start with the story. The story is ok. The creator's really really really made it way to dramatic, but yet, the game has no reall emotion's transfered to the player to make the connection. The music is wonderfull, but doesn't really fit the cutscenes. Kinda like a soap opra or something. The graphics on the cutscenes are great and enjoyable. Its just, the story being told in those cutscene's that ruins them. Obviously, your a piolot.  Your friends wife and child on living in the city in the start of things. When the city gets attacked while the lil girl is going on a field trip to see some amazing glorious captivating statue."If you play thegame you'll understand the joke" So the wife see's the bridge get blown up that the lil girl's school bus is on and she thinks she is dead, and so the womans travel's begin. Needless to say, on the combat view, your city gets attacked at its capital, you lose all your home lands and have to fight your way back into the city's the retake what was lost, and all on the way you follow the depressed woman.

Now onto the graphics. The graphics are top notch. You have all your views you would want in a flight game. Cockpit, exterior, etc. During the replay mode you will at some points forget your watching a video game. Reflexions from the sun off of your jet and water look beautifull. The ground doesn't look to bad eather. Some of the turrane does look bland but its not bad at all.

For the Gameplay. If your looking for a flight game that is reqarding in the end then this game is for you. Ill make note that I also own HAWX. and the major difference is, Hawx you can jump right in and play, doesnt require any skill or learning. Ace Combat  6 however similiar to hawx is just a more polished and thought out game. I enjoy AC6's gameplay alot. There are High G turns which youll have to master quickly if your going to play online. The controls of the jet are smooth and fluid. There are different types of missiles, but youll find yourself using just a few of them. Missiles look great flying through the air, and you really get a sense of hight on this game. On one level where it s raining, I couldnt get a good visual on my enemy so I flew streight up through the clouds and out of the storm into the beautifull blue sunlit sky. It made the world feel alot more dynamic. And it gave me my visual I needed to make the kill.

Online. The online can be a great experience. Depending on what you have baught and unlocked on single player, you will have the same selection online. This is neat because itll give you a reason to play single player other than hearing the amazingly deep, full of depth storyline. There are a handfull of modes, from TDM, COOP which includes 2 maps and 2 downloadable maps, "free". By the way, there are many many free downloads for this game. Most are paint schemes which add a cool tauch to your fighter. Other modes are a base defence type mode. I have never had the chance to play that one. Noone is ever playing it. Which brings me to the only downfall of online play. Sometimes the community is small. I usually only find 3 or 4 servers up at a time. Sometimes non at all. And online can be the tuffist game youll ever play. People are really good, and newbies are not given any mercy. I my self would be considered a noob.......I die.......alot. BUT, that is why I keep playing. The challenge.

Alright, Ill also review the flightstick bundle. I have played the game with and without the flight sticks, and I have to say the game is %50 more fun with the sticks. They just suck you into the combat that much more. You have the throttle and the main joystick. Buttons are laid out very nicely and the sticks are tough. The only complaint I guess I have with them is the cord's There is a cord between throttle and main stick. It gets in the way alot. But in the end I have no problem. THe sticks also work with other games, such as Hawx, " controls are the same as AC6", I used them on GTA4 while flying a helicoptor. It makes it alot easier, jsut dont use them while on foot.

So, Overall,

Story.-4.3= I just didnt like it.

Gameplay.-9.0= Really enjoyed the challenge. Doesnt get old.

Online.-8.5= Although good, I feel it needs more.

FlightStick.-9.5= Great addition to my collection. Worth the money.

Overall, The game is great, if you want a flight game that you dont just jump into and play the same no matter how long you play it, then this is it. Once you get the hang of it, youll be a pro. And if you can get ahold of the flight stick, the game is twice as fun and ingadging.

Note: The flight bundle also comes with a horrible movie, and a faceplate that is actually pretty cool looking.

I give Ace Combat a B.

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