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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Member Review for the Xbox360

Young_Bake By:
PLAYERS 1- 24 
M Contains Blood, Strong Language, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

I've been a Battlefield fan for a LONG time, but if BF were my wife, then I'll admit that I haven't been faithful as my hands have touched COD. Still we are human and we all make mistakes...

But I'm back now after playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2! I had been waiting for a game like this for so long and finally they have met my standards!

As usual I'll start off with the good!

The campaign is a wee bit short, but it's becoming the standard for FPS war games today, I mean how much can you put into a war based game unless you crammed Battlefield, Ace Combat, Splinter Cell and Battleship (Yes...the board game) into one jam packed game. (And if they did, I wouldn't have to ever buy a new war game...) It's very predicable and straight forward with it's story line as the Ruskies are invading America...wait isn't that COD:MW2? Yeah yeah, but how many space horror movies are you going to see and compare them to Alien, huh? Thought so...

The jokes take a back seat as this one becomes more serious in tone, but the wise cracks are still there and some of them mocking Modern Warfare 2 which I found to be hilarious! The graphics are even better this time around with stunning scenes from all different places around the world so big cred to the artists and graphic engineers.

Game play is still the same as the A.I. was beefed up more to give you a better challenge and I love it. Still sometimes you feel like they have an unfair advantage when dust from explosions or snow storms block your view and they can still see you just fine.

All in all, great campaign mode!

Multiplayer is incredible! You start off with basic equipment, no real specification items until you progress through the four classes of Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon. Bullets are effected by gravity meaning you have to lead your target at long range or aim above them for you shot to drop into them. Most buildings are now fully destructible which makes it easy to dig out annoying snipers or campers. A lot of balancing with weapons and explosives has been done to make sure that no one has too much of an advantage at one time.

Online modes are broken into three playable types; Rush, Conquest, and Squad Deathmatch. Rush is an attackers/defenders game where one team attacks and the other defends two points on the map. If those two points are lost, the base is lost and the defenders fall back to the next base. The attackers have 75 men to use to get the job done. This is one of my favorite game types as it's forward forward forward at all times with the use of vehicles, flanking, bombardment and everything else it takes to complete your objective.

Conquest is a domination game type where the two teams start off on different sides and try to gain control of an odd amount of locations around the map. This is my least favorite type, but don't take my word for it as you might love it. You use offense and defense to take and keep control of the points around the map.

Squad Deathmatch is pretty much what the name says it is. Four man units against three other four man units in a small location. On the map is a anti infantry vehicle to give a squad an advantage. This is my second favorite as I just love to kill people, but don't we all?

Now for the bad...

Not much for me to really say on the bad so I'm going to reach here. If you like to win, sometimes you can be that person to make a difference in a rush or conquest game, but most of the time if you are stuck with a bunch of randoms who just want to snipe and never're gonna lose. It's like you find a squad that talks and uses tactics and everyone doesn't go out and get killed, you'll probably jump for joy, celebrating with the randoms you just met on how you kicked ass. On the other end, you still have that tactical squad of four doing their best and the other eight people don't do anything...Then everyone on your squad (including you) will scream in hatred of your ******* comrades. (Who do nothing but snipe and don't even do a good job at it)

Heli rape is another problem with BF:BC2 at times. Now I don't mind the chopper and even I'm up against it I fare pretty well...if it's a black hawk, but if it's a cobra...those that can't work together and take it out will die alone...Even the black hawk can kick some serious ***** and if your that *****, ouch. I'll give cred to some serious pilots out there because I've trace darted some and sent ten rockets at them only to see them dodged with ease.

...That's about it with the bad! (I know...Not much? There isn't)

Now for some clarification...

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is better than Modern Warfare 2 in my honest opinion and you'll agree if you like actual war and not some run and gun BS. People try to tell me that tanks and humvees muck up the game, but that's war! People say that camping will happen more in Battlefield and Modern Warfare and I say yes it will, only because it's real war. Damn I got killed by a sniper in that building who shot me from a window, well let me tell my teammates that so the guy in the tank or who's a engineer and blow the wall open and kill him or make him run like hell!

I see it like this people, respect the game because if you cry about how people are going to tank rape, heli rape, or camp pretty much means you would rather not have a challenge and sit in the corner with a heart beat sensor and tell people your the best player in the world. Try that when a tank blows your cover away, oh and repeat that best player in the world stuff while I load up another shell.

This game will make Infinity Ward have to change up the next time they are up to drop another FPS because I think Bad Company 2 just took the limelight.

+Great Campaign
-Lacks the comedy it once had...
+Even better graphics
+Multiplayer is awesome
+Destruction 2.0
+Hardcore Mode (For real soldiers, not COD:MW2 Weekend Warriors)

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