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Call of Duty: Black Ops Member Review for the Xbox360

damo_rox619 By:
PLAYERS 1- 18 
PUBLISHER Activision 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

What do these ratings mean?

I just want to get one thing out of the way; Black Ops is a good game, it's very fun in it's own ways. I can see why the critics are giving it good scores and they do have fair points, and while it is fun, there are many other ways of looking at it and, basically, I'm looking at it in a bad way.

Even though i really was only playing the game for the multiplayer, the first thing i played was the campaign. I always start with the campaign to try and get back into the mold of the game. The story is good, it has a fairly good twist at the end and i like to see Treyarch making up their own story rather than making the game a history lesson, because let's face it, there have been way too many non-fictional war games so far that no one cares for learning about history anymore. What really pissed me off though is that everyone was being so harsh against Infinity Ward for making a very farfetched story, and yet they haven't said anything about the Black Ops story which probably isn't any more realistic and, frankly, it's not as good. What disappointed me was that there weren't many levels in Vietnam, and they are the most interesting ones. There is one particular level that is better than anything Treyarch have ever done before and, guess what, that was one of the Vietnam ones.

The first thing I noticed about the game is the voice acting. The random soldiers have decent voice recording as always, and once again Gary Oldman does a brilliant job as Reznov. But as strange as it was for Sam Worthington to be included in the game, it's actually worse than you might think. I don't see myself playing as Alex Mason, I see myself playing as Sam Worthington, because to be honest, Mason doesn't have much of a personality, and all of his dialog is him shouting, and it is not impressive, sometimes it even sounds laughable, particularly when he shouts the phrase "You already know everything!!!". That's what he says to his captors who are trying to get information from him, and it actually sounds like he's doing it jokingly, it's so bad. Also he does let his Australian accent slip every now and then.

The graphics in Black Ops are good, but they're nothing impressive because it's standard Call Of Duty visuals and they haven't tried to improve on Modern Warfare 2 at all. That's all I have to say about the graphics. Good work Treyarch, effortless bastards.

The Zombies mode is very good, easily the highlight of the game. In untraditional Treyarch fashion, they actually built upon the previous zombies mode and made it better. There really isn't a problem with this mode at all, there is even zombies matchmaking, so you can go for the co-op achievements any time.

And now we come to the biggest blunder of all, the multiplayer. On Modern Warfare 2, i have clocked in over 6 day of total playtime and over 16 thousand kills, you would think i could enjoy any COD online, and actually that was true up 'till now. One thing I am sick of is people saying that Black Ops multiplayer is better than MW2's. This is a new low for Treyarch, rather than just plain copy their COD superior in Infinity Ward, they've actually taken content out, and their excuse is they are trying to make a more balanced game.  Simply put, Call Of Duty doesn't need balancing. Has anyone actually played Bad Company 2 or Dead Space 2 online? Modern Warfare 2 was as balanced as you can ask for when compared to those two, or just about any multiplayer game there is.

There are so many little things that make Black Ops too small. The challenges have gone back to the way they were 3 years ago (only two per weapon), shotguns have gone back to being primary weapons, the maps suck and generally suck, the sniper rifles aren't as powerful as they should be, and actually the health system has to been tampered with. Everyone has more health than usual and that is a very bad mistake. Ever since i started playing online back in the COD4 days, I have always used the M16. People even say that it's overpowered, yet in Black Ops, I can't help but use an LMG, i just can't use assault rifles, they are too weak. The servers are ****, i just recently got ADSL+2 internet and even though my connection was 4 bars (full) it still lagged, and the xbox version is apparently the most technically playable. Another gripe I have is the speed of the game. Everything is slowed down, the movement is slower and even more surprisingly, so is the reloading. Your character will show no signs of urgency when reloading, it takes way too long and the feel of the whole game is just so slow.

Black Ops isn't a bad game, if it were a stand alone game in a new series, i would rate it much higher. But I just can't praise Treyarch for taking a big step back in most ways and just plain not putting in the effort. I'm sure everyone would have played it by now and i won't be able to change your mind, but im hoping people might at least look at it in a more negative way to see that Black Ops really isn't worthy of praise. Not to mention being the fastest selling game in history.

Oh, and the RC car is the worst addition to any game ever. For the amount of balance black ops has, the RC car whacks is completely out. They are a low killstreak reward so they get used a LOT, and they are near impossible to shoot. To make things worse, your team mates cars can actually move you by bumping your leg. During one of my slow, lag filled, underpowered matches of frustration, i was hiding behind cover at an enemy and one of my team mates cars knocked me out of cover and got me killed. That has to be the worst design choice made in this game.

+/- Same old Graphics

+ Gary Oldman

- Sam Worthington

+/- Story is interesting but not an improvement over Modern Warfare 2

+ Brilliant zombies mode

- Everything about the multiplayer

- Slow pace

- Terrible servers

- The weapons are too underpowered

- **** the RC CAR!!

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