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Call of Duty: World at War Member Review for the Xbox360

AngelofDeath3030 By:
PLAYERS 1- 18 
PUBLISHER Activision Blizzard 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

What do these ratings mean?

Call of Duty World at War.

Alright, there is a whole lot a person could say about this game. The GR review is very good at nailing all the common things it shares with 4 so I wont really say much towards that. But what I will share with you is the info on the modes and info on the Zombie mode that I had a hard time finding on the net.

To start off with lets cover Story.

The story mode starts off slow and the combat fills choppy, "in my opinion" The game almost felt like two peice's. By this I mean how the missions for the US feel compared to the mission from Russia feel. I persanaly thought the Russia one's were more thought out and fun and definitly more realistic. I enjoyed the locations, the combat, and the way every level opened up. EXCEPT the tank mission. I think that lil pile of *** should have been left out. This one mission your in a tank and its very glitchy, Even on easy it is like every enemy will nail you dead on no matter what your doing. I did not like that one. Plus the tank looked fake and cartoony compared to the rest of the game, almost like that actually almost took that level out.

Anyways, the Russia mission normally will open up with you being a prisioner, the old dude, "I forget his name" seems to always be able to save you, I very much so enjoyed the first R. Mission where you technically become a sniper and sneak around the blown up city in search of a Gen. Who killed your people. It had this whole, "realistic" vibe to it. And it was done to me, better than the sniper one on 4 so theres a cookie for Tryarch.

On to the US. Most of the US missions I personaly didnt enjoy that much. In neather compaign you will not get attached nor understand any of the charactors you meet. But in the US levels, they seemed way to linear and cheep. There were alot of invisible walls in the jungle, and many, many, many, aggrevating, have to take a break, deaths. Alot of the levels you run around with a flame thrower which handled correctly can own the level your on. Youll basically walk right through anyone and anything.

To sum up the story, well, really there just isnt much of a story. You basicaly experience probably one of the best WWII "style game" to date. But thats not saying much. Since there was no reall Omahaa, "which may have been a good thing" it still has epic "feeling" battles expecially at the end. Anyways, dont buy the game just for story mode.

Now, Onto the Zombie Mode.

Every since I heard about this mode I have had a hard time finding important information on it. Like hey, I dont know, maybe, is it online playable? Can anyone join? Or how does it work? Well, here are those answere's.

After beating single player. you have to watch the credits, after they role itll say, "Nazi Zombies!" then youll be inside of a blown up bunker and begin the mode. Play it as much as you want over and over, chance's are by yourself youll only make it to 6 or so but youll get a taste of it and love it. Ok, after you get in its wave 1 zombies are slow and dumb, you start with a pistol, you get money for every shot you make and there are boards you can put up at every entrence to slow them down, for every board you put up youll also get points, sometimes after shooting a couple zombies they will drop this glowing head thing. What that does is give's you random upgrades like, 1-hit kills for 30 sec, or x2 points, which help out a whole lot. on the walls and found throughout the base you will find outlines of guns on the wall, walk up to them and you can purchase them with your points. Or buy ammo for a gun you already own. Its cool how they set this up.

Alright, wave after wave will come after you, there numbers increase, and speed increase's making it harder to stay alive. It only takes two hits and your dead. Now, to answer the questions I was always looking for. Yes the zombie mode goes online with 3 other people. You set it up under the coop online modes, you can go at it alone, split-screen or as I said online on Xbox Live. To sum up the Zombie mode, I wouldnt compare it to Left4Dead, its a different style, zombies are slower, you have a economy system and really lol, you dont ever actually win. I like Left4Dead, but I prefer the slower stretigic zombie combat best. And to me this shouldnt be called a "bonus mode" technically with the set-up its a full mode all on its own, and also technically this mode has more thought put into it than any of the plane-jane pvp modes.

Now that sums up that, Onto the online Multiplayer PVP.

Basicaly the modes are all the same as 4, no difference except CTF is back. The ranking system is the same, this time around the unlocks are not as cool, the guns are all basic WWII guns and most of the unlocks come in the form of Perks. They have added tanks to some of the online modes. I hate to say it but the tanks do hender this game. I have litterally owned every match that I was able to jump in one. There over powered. But then again, shoulded a tank be tuff against infantry? ....I guess.

The combat runs the same as 4's but it does feel a lil diff. The only reason being that the guns take longer to reload and shoot so it adds this jitteryness to each match. You eather like that or not. My biggest complaint I have, and I had this one with 4 also, was that you cannot use any reall teamwork. Your always spawning all over the place and getting split up. COD Waw and 4 both always felt to me like it was meant to lone wolf. You can also get a perk that lets you heal your teamates by the way. Thought Id put that one in there.

To sum it up, the game is worth buying, there is alot of content. Zombie mode, story is worth a visit....once, multiplayer is so,so. but fun. I always like WWII information and games so it has earned itself on my shelf and Im sure it will on yours. I beat the single player in about 5 hours, litterally ran through it Rambo style on easy, just to get the Zombie mode open. Ranking will take longer to max. To me thats meaningless, but for others itll give them reason for playing the game besides the fact its a game. Anyways, if you buy you wont regret it, I suggest getting it used just because it really boils down to being COD4 with cut and paste effects with the addition of zombies. I wouldnt rate it a B but a C+ is perfect for this game.

Im not sure if the Tryarch team has a budget time limit or what, but I think that if the company or branch or whoever they are had enough time they could make a number 1 hit video game. Instead of using crumbs from other cod titles to create there own, they should take a chance and branch out. One last thing, WaW pulled off a smart move to get there game out there by adding that Zombie mode, because its alot like a mix between the Horde mode on GoW and Left4Dead, which are two modes recently being explored that people are into at the moments. Adding that in my opinion shows that the company as a whole has the players in mind, and with that I bid you a good-night. Enjoy the game.

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