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DmC: Devil May Cry Member Review for the Xbox360

Ivory_Soul By:
GENRE Action 
DEVELOPER Ninja Theory 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language

What do these ratings mean?

The Good: Superb visuals and art style, fun and challenging boss fights, silky smooth and deep combat system, great character designs and story, some nice extras to unlock

The Bad: Some visual eye sores left over from consoles, finding keys is a pain, a bit short, not enough bosses

Whine, whinewhine. Bitch, *****, *****. That's all fans ever do these days. Instead of embracing a new take on a series and trying something new, they want the same damn thing over and over again. I have never heard a fan base cry over a game as much as DMC and over just the character redesign at that. Just because he doesn't have white hair doesn't make him a bad character...or that man bra. Ninja Theory did an amazing job with this game and it has all the greatness from past games, fluid animations, slick controls and combat, fun boss fights, and an engaging story. In fact, the character designs in this game are so much better than past games. It's the whole "breath of fresh air" thing going on. 

The story at least sticks to the lore of previous games. You start out with Dante coming out of his trailer and a mysterious woman named Kat is telling him to run. You are stuck in Limbo. This is the main world you will play in where the environment constantly shifts around you. It's very interesting and fun, and is a nice visual treat. You learn about Dante and Virgil's childhood as well as their father Sparda. Exploration requires some platforming via the two Angel and Devil whips. Pulling platforms towards you or jumping around in the air to different floating platforms. Not a single level is the same so the game is never visually tiring. DmC doesn't really focus on puzzles which is good because most people play these games for the action, and boy is it good.

I can understand this game not being AS hard as previous games, but play it on higher difficulties, there, problem solved. Moving on, the combat system is very fluid and pretty deep. There are four different weapons you will acquire, two angel and two demon. The Eryx is similar to the Beowulf gauntlets, and Arbiter which is a demon scythe. The angelic scythe is Osiris while Aquila are two fast-moving glaives. There are three weapons you can use which are Ebony & Ivory pistols, Kablooey, and Revanant which is a shotgun. Kablooey shoots darts that explode when you detonate them making it the most powerful gun in the game. Of course your standard weapon is Rebellion which is a fast-moving mid-range sword. The weapons handle excellently and are really fun use. 

The game still uses the Stylish system when fighting. Going from Dirty to SSSensational. I was never able to get past SSadistic even when I tried hard. You are rated just like previous games and penalized for dying and using items. The same orb and star system are here. You also get to use Devil Trigger which regenerates your health while throwing all enemies in the air for a limited amount of time. Saving this up for tough fights like bosses is crucial. The controls are really smooth with one button being held down to activate either demonic or angelic weapons. Switching between each is fast and easy. You can also use your demonic whip to pull enemies toward you or the angelic one to pull yourself toward enemies. You eventually unlock more combo moves and then you can really have at it. The fight system feels great and is silky smooth, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Honestly if feels more fluid than past games.

There are hidden areas throughout the game which are key doors that have special missions. Finding the keys is tough, but you get health fragments to increase your health bar. You can also buy these in the shop but each one will cost more red orbs like in the past games. Honestly, the game feels very similar to the past ones, the only difference being in what you see in the game. The boss fights are amazing and are challenging on their own, but look unique and have a very disgusting demonic style to them. I loved fighting the bosses and are one of the best features of the game.

When it comes to visuals the PC has some nice flair to it. Better lighting, anti-aliasing, HD textuers, and it can run at 60+FPS which is actually a huge step up over the consoles. This alone makes it the superior version even without the flair. Of course this was made for consoles so there are a few ugly spots here and there, but overall it looks great. I love the art style and the voice acting is superb. Even the facial animations are very well done. I honestly loved how Ninja Theory redid Dante and Virgil, I just like them better in this game. People need to just stop complaining and sit down with this game without a bitter taste in their mouth before hand. 

Overall, DmC is an excellent game and my expectations were met. I feel it is better than previous games, but of course the previous games do hold a special place with me. It's time to move on though, it's sad that a fan base can't accept change because they want the main character to have white hair, or the combat didn't kill you 500 times on the first level on easy difficulty. Grow up and get over it is what I say. The past games are still there, DMC was in no way ever "ruined" or "doomed". I hope Ninja Theory makes a sequel and continues giving the middle finger to the fans who show no love or support. 

(Based on PC version)

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