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Fable 2 Member Review for the Xbox360

AngelofDeath3030 By:
PUBLISHER Microsoft 
M Contains Blood, Language, Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Fable 2 starts out with a bang. They did something I havn't seen games do in a while, they used pre-rendered video's at certain points in the game, the beginning was the one that really cought my attention. Beautifully captures the Albion world. The only problem I have with pre-rendered cutscenes is that they make the game itself look a lil less pretty. Anyways, the story is a good one, it has moments that take you back to Fable 1. The Temple where you fight the final boss in Fable is a home base for your new crew, by the way, this fable is centuries after the first, so the temple is falling apart and destroyed, but whats cool is the photo's that would appear on the walls as you played the first fable are still visible. Adds alot of deph to the world making it feel like your past actions and history is still around and feeling a lil epic in scope. I love the reference's to the first Fable. This time around there isn't a super human being running around trying to unlock a weapon to destroy human kind, nope, this time all the power is from a temple. A temple that gathers all the magic in the world. To know more about that youll have to play the game, but I will tell you that the story is good, its not the most detailed in the world but it'll definitly keep your attention.

One thing I really didn't like about Fable 2 is that alot of the game is made for teens and younger, by this I mean that technically you cannot get lost there is a yellow light that guides you to your abjectives and quests, making the world feel really small. You never memorize the roads or anything like in Oblivion or even the first Fable. Alot of the jokes are kinda cheezy too, but I still like them. The charactors are well portrayed, voice acting is awesome. You meet alot of people and they all sound belleivable. The world is said to be 10 times as big as the first Fable when in reality its really not that much bigger. You still have area's, meaning youll be in town, to go to the upper town you hit a loading time, to go outside of town it has a loading screen. Its not GTA freeroam style its just like the first Fable. The load times are not that bad but in some missions/quests, I would really be into the objective and hit that loading screen and the music would switch from my frantic pace to this piano type music from the first with a picture of the world map as it loads, in those cases it would ruin the moment. But all in all the loading is understandable and excepted.

There is a ton of content here besides the main missions, you can get jobs, there not very hard once again it goes back to feeling like it was designed for all ages, you have alot more options when it comes to buying houses or buisiness's. Pretty much everything is for sell. Read the GR review for the economy efects on price's. Its a neat set up but you probably wont buy all homes since really there isnt a reason too. Money isn't hard to get on this game. The beer job will make you more money than you can spend in 1 hour so there really isnt a need to go on a killing spree to lower the economy so that you can buy all houses and rent them to everyone when the economy goes back up. As I said before there is lots to do but for me I really didnt find alot of the content that exciting. I guess Iv grown up alot because lets face it having a threesome in a videogame just isnt that cool. I did like however how you could have families, fall in love get married have children and they actually grow up and stuff, its a deep process, my charactor was a girl so I actually felt a lil emotion when she was deflowered and lol, the first time she got knocked up and ended up with a kid! So not wanting a kid, " she was to young" I made her kill her husband which in turn made the government come and take my kid, so that solved my problems all for a small fee of 1000gold for murder. Boy isnt life fun in fable!

Oviously if your reading this then your deciding whether or not to buy they game. The answere is simple, if you liked the first one in any way then you will love this one. It expands on every aspect that the first one started or even hinted at. There is always something to do even after you beat the main mission. Great graphics, "Cartoony" great sound and story. Definitly worth the 60 bucks. I give this game a B+ simply because I think there is a age cap on this game. Older people wont find the humer funny nor the extra side fun that you create on your own fun.  

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