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Grand Theft Auto IV Member Review for the Xbox360

AngelofDeath3030 By:
GENRE Action 
PLAYERS 1- 16 
M Contains Intense Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs and Alcohol

What do these ratings mean?

Heck yea, GTA 4 finnaly has arrived. Ok, there isnt much you could possibly add to what the GR review said. I fully agree with it. Here is the deal. It's hard to review this particular game due to the fact that you eather love it or hate it. If you like the other Gta's then you will like this one. If you hated the others then so will you on this title. So, as a huge GTA fan, I'm here to say that I was actually a lil dissapointed in this GTA. And here is why,

The BAD.

To me the game was lacking. By that Im saying that In every GTA in the past they always kept the old upgrades and added newones along the way, like for example, GTA 3 had no motorcycles/helies, then VC came out and added that plus the ability to rob stores, gointo stores and so on. Then when the huge SA came out they added RPG eliments plus kept all the GTA3 and VC features, SA's to me in the best one of the series. It really showed what the tech of that era had. Now this is where my biggest complaint comes in. SA was huge. It was fun, you could drive head stronge through the city, or take a truck 4x4 in the mountains. There really was hours upon hours of fun to be had, and trust me when I say I had it all.

Then when I turn on GTA4 I find myself feeling confined, caged, traped. The reason being that The city is smaller, no country, no mountains, and just a few building are interior. To me I feel like the game took a step back. Textures repeat themselfs on buildings, you cannot go under water, which I dont blame them it was useless on SA BUT it was a fun feature there were fish and all kinds of goodies at the depths of the ocean, I just feel like on this NEW technology of NExt-GEn systems that they could have made use of the underwater feature found in SA, maybe add submarine or scooba gear, they could have expanded upon it instead of deleting it completly. Another thing that bugs me about this game is simply sitting down, there are 100's of chairs and whatnot, but you cant sit down in/on anything. You could do that on Driver 2 why cant I in GTA4 in the year 2008????

That brings me to another complaint which I have with GTA4, instead of expanding from SA they cut it down a notch and added lil details that "juicen" up the game a bit but most of the time get over looked, for example, they made the older junky cars backfire and smoke heavily to show there age, its a new realistic thing that you really never notice, another thing is if a car takes alot of damage to the front it will stop running and your char will crank the engine over and over but it will never start. They add alot of lil features like this to make the game feel more realistic, but yet when it is raining the rain doesnt even bounce of the vehicle anymore and to add to this gripe here is one that kinda puzzled me, they added a high and low beam to the cars....but yet when it rains they didnt make the wipers move on the windshield? So when/who set down and decided that high beam pulls a player in more that wipers on the windshield??? I think they should have added both. THe technology was there. With all the amazing tricks they pulled off in SA I feel they could have really used everything like the RPG elemets to the jets/airplanes the fact that the world felt huge and reall on SA should have been put into 4. Thats my opinion.

Now, for the GOOD.

The biggest thing I liked about GTA4 was the graphics, I have been wanting to see a realistic looking gta for the longest time. The graphics to me dont let me down at all. From the charactors movement to the handling/looks of the cars, its all good. HD is impressive. When the sun is setting the city really looks good.

Another big plus to me was the story, they really created a movie in this one. It's high quality, although it took a while to get to the reall good parts it was all worth it. Nikko does some crazy &%*# if you ask me.

I have to say Im a big fan of FPS liek Rainbow SIx Vegas, GOW, and so on mostly because of the cover systems that are involved. Now, in Gta 4 they put a coversystem. It isnt perfect and is almost like something they used GTA 4 to test it out in, but I like it, its awesome to duck behind cars and walls etc. just makes the game feel more organic.

Most already know about the online so there isnt much to add to it just that its fun. Im not sure about its life as in how long people will play it because alot of the modes get repetitive. There great idea's but there just not fully developed yet. But its fun and will keep a person buisy for a long while.

Anyways my finnal opinion of the game is its a good game, but the fact is maybe the company is getting board with the series or something but I feel like it was a step back. They didnt utualize the technology to the max like they did in SA. I dont know maybe they have a huge plan for gta5. I feel like they used GTA 4 as an experiment. They add alot of new features but non as big as the ones in SA. And non of the big feature's from SA made it to 4. You probably already own the game and know what im saying so with that Ill end my review. Good game not perfect.

Something also to add was even the stragedy guide was a step back. To me the one for san andreas was very well laid out giving information on main story first then ha dside quests together and so on and also had a brief description of the vehicles in the game. The guide for 4 is confusing as how it goes through the story, they mixed in the side missions and have no details on the vehicles, and since the side missions come at you at different times according to how you play alot of the side missions get missed and you have to constantly turn the pages back and fourth to find what your looking for. Just another thing that felt thrown quickly together.

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