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Halo 3 Member Review for the Xbox360

GENRE First-Person Shooter 
PUBLISHER Microsoft 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

                     September 23, 2007 11:13. I wake up, and stretch, feeling the ceiling fan wind slap my face with vigorating force. I get up, walk to the bathroom, and look at the mirror, to admire my beautiful, unbeatable, perfect face. Than I grab the broom and sweep the broken mirror glass into the trash can. After that, I have a lovely conversation with the toilet for about a minute, and after that, I flush the toilet, and watch the water spin into an endless spiral. Woah. Like, that was exciting. Than I go to the front door. Time to check the mail. I unlatch the top lock, and unlock the bottom, and open the door, where the tree's sing, the flowers breathe, and the sun says "hello". I say, "F*ck You, u sunny D lookin son of a b*tch" and walk to the mailbox. I open this mysterious creation, and-to my surprise-not a godd*mn thang is in there. Fiddle sticks! So I walk back to the porch and, just before I'm inside- something catches the corner of my eye. That was wierd! So I back paddle a few paces, and do the same thing. And something caught my eye again, this time, on the patio chair. It looked like a package. hmmmmm. So I back paddle a few paces, and do the same thing again, this time walking to the patio chair. I pick the piece of mail up, and look at the sticker on the top:

                                                            [               AJ Hamilton            ]

                                                            [         Express Mail 2234      ]

                                                            [         1304 Adams Street.    ]

I still didn't know what was inside. But the shape looked rectangular, so it must be a DVD or something................hmmm. I still didn't know what it was. So I ripped the package open with fierce violocity, unable to contain my curiousity about what force lurked inside. Yeah, I didn't get that last sintence either. But anyway, I tore open the package, and pulled out the mysterious item. O-M-F-G. I calmly walked inside my house, and went to check the calander. The calander said the 23th. Hmmmmm. Well gang, it looks like we have another mystery on our hands! I walked to the refrigerater, opened it, and grabbed a jug of water. I grabbed a glass from the dish rack, and poured the water in the cup, maybe half way full. Than I replaced the water jug back where I found it. Then I closed the refrigerater door, and grabbed the glass of water laying on the cabinet in front of me. I then poured ( Sun: CAN U JUS GET TO THE GODD*MN!!! POINT MAN!!) Oh, sorry! OMFG!!!! I HAVE HALO 3!!!

                      Yeah, I'm just as surprised as everyone else! I got my preorder a day early! Well, after playing through this game, finishing it, going through it again ( or some of it ) on co-op, and trying out the multiplayer ( Yeah, it has REAL PEOPLE online as we speak. How cool is that?!! ) I have came to a conclusion: I had more fun with this game than any other on the 360. And that includes the almighty Bioshock. Now before I'm brutally gutted infront of a stop sign by an angry mob, let me tell you what is NOT my definition of fun, in this case: Greatness. Something Bioshock had in spades, and this game doesn't. If that sounds confusing, just wait a minute! Let me explain! Bioshock, is, technically, a better game than this. This game does NOTHING new, but update what was already a great game for the original XB. Sure, there's new modes (which I'll explain in a min-pronto) but, in revolutionizing the way FPS's are looked at, which Bioshock did, this game does not. But guess what? This game is better because of it.  

                   From the sequence where Master Chief and his balsy comrades are storming the deadly africa jungle, to the end where everything is thrown back to the original Halo ( my favorite part), everything just fits like a glove. The weapons are back, and are as lethal as ever, the enemy A.I. is as good as they ever were, using COMMON SENSE, something EVERY EMENY SHOULD USE FUTURE GAME DEVELOPERS. And the story. Woah. I didn't get a single word of it. But I guess I wasn't really paying attention for reasons not mentioned. But trust me when I say that it never does that thing that Halo 2 did, you know, that "twist" in the early middle, and it resolves FULLY. So no cliffhanger. Wait, let me revise, it isn't as BIG of a cliffhanger as Halo 2's was. Based on what I saw, there will definately be a Halo 4.

                   And to be honest, one of the reasons I wasn't paying attention to the story, HAD to be the gorgeous graphics being displayed infront of me, the entire time I tried. It was like an onstar agent talking about saving insurance while a naked stripper danced teasingly in front of you. You.................just................couldn't................concentrate! The graphics bloomed with lush, and bright colors, and a number of details I didn't notice in Halo 2 were present. ( Duh ) Infact, this would indeed be the best looking 360 title had the textures on the faces been cleaned up. I'm talking about ps2 quality faces here. But I guess it wasn't meant for me to look that close up on the enemy and Allie characters. But hell, they were there! 

                   The controls were perfect, as usual. I never once looked at my control throughout this entire playthrough. But that was expected. What I DIDN'T expect was the sound to be exactly how it was in Halo 2. I mean, really, even when you were getting ready for a HUGE fight, the SAME sound that was played in the last game, was played in this game. Almost every gun that was in Halo 2 sounded EXACTLY the same in Halo 3. WTF?? I understand Bungie couldn't upgrade everything but....who am I kidding? They should have did this and more! Sorry Bungie, I think Ima have to put you in timeout mister! The new weapons sound good, but I don't know, I expected more.

                    And that, my good fellow citizens, is the only problem I have with this game. They added new game modes, like Forge ( which isn't all what it's cracked up to be), and whatnot, and multiplayer is the best and more ( but you expected that too huh? ), but I expected more. I didn't want a Martha Stuarts game, I wanted a Bill Clinton game, you feel me? (lol)  I wanted more than just the best game on 360. I wanted one of the best games of all time, not just one of the best games of the year. Halo 2 did that for me. It made it on my list of all-time favorites. I hate to say it, but deep down in all of the improvements they made into the offline, and online game of Halo 3, deep within all of the new levels, and guns, and enemies ( I miss killing elites :(   this game is basically just an expansion of part 2. You couldn't say that about part 2, because many of the things that game did were NOT did in part 1. However, all of the things did in this part, are simply updates, or polishings, or add-ons to the contributions that were made to the second part. I could go on about how the multiplayer is just as stellar as it was 3 years ago, but that would be irrevelant, considering you already know its even better than before. By tommarow, this game will be BOOMING with online players, so I don't even need to name what they've added because, to be honest, you really won't care. Your going to play it anyway, right? And you should. Because it's that good.

                   Maybe they should've added limbs to the game that could've been blown off. That would have been awesome. Maybe they should have made an open world where you could traverse at your own pace. That would have been awesome. Maybe they should've added a second main character instead of just having Master Chief do all of the saving. That would have been- HOLD UP. That would have sucked, let me stop this pointless paragraph now! 

                   So, this is really an 'A' game. But I couldn't find it in myself to give it that sacred score. It wasn't revolutionary, and it didn't break new grounds for FPS's. But it was fun as hell. Oh, was it fun. So if you've been anticipating this game since they announced Halo 2, than get up, and go wait in line for this game. If you've been watching closely on this game, but didn't know if it was going to be good or not, find $50 dollars and go wait in line and buy this game. If you thought this game was going to be interesting, but you knew it wasn't going to be as special as still need to get this game. If you thought this game was going to suck........Congragulations, you're one of the 4 people left on this world that thought that. Now go buy this game. This game WILL, and I repeat, WILL live up to your expectations, whatever they were. But you're going to have to accept that this game will ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY do just that. 

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