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Left 4 Dead Member Review for the Xbox360

Undead-Exposure By:
GENRE Action 
PUBLISHER Electronic Arts 
DEVELOPER Valve Corporation 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

What do these ratings mean?

Ah, Zombies, the classic monster that everyone loves to decimate. Cutting them in half, blowing off their heads, shooting limbs off, those are just a few of the variety of ways to kill them. Personally I enjoy throwing a nice beeping pipe bomb into the middle of an undead filled subway and seeing an explosion of red mist, and death. Luckily for me, as well as many other zombie fans, and gamers a like, Left 4 Dead delivers that, and more.

Left 4 Dead starts you off in 4 cliche zombie movie scenarios, whether it be a Hospital, a Ghost Town, an Airport, or a corn maze filled littered with the undead. Each of them overflowing with screaming flesh hungry zombies. You start each scenario with a mission, which is to survive long enough to make it to a rescue vehicle. Besides that there is not much story, unless you read the walls of the Safe rooms in each mission. Safe rooms are essentially an area, or room that has protected doors which are suited to keep zombies out of the space so the Survivors can heal, and stock back up on ammo. Once each survivor is ready you can unbar the door and unleash hell on the zombie onslaught that awaits you, as your team of survivors makes a mad dash to the next Safe room.

Occasionally you will encounter a part of the level where you will need to activate something that will allow you to get over the obstacle that stands in your path. The thing is each "item" that you need to activate emits an obnoxiously loud noise, which will trigger a horde of undead that will swarm you until the obstacle is ready to clear. If you are asking, "Why do the zombies swarm you when these things are activated?" That is because the zombies in this game are attracted to loud noises, so if you shoot a car on accident, and the alarm goes off, you either need to run and hide, or be prepared to fight the infected legion that wants nothing but to tear you apart.

Speaking of an undead legion, it would be wrong not to explain to you what type of "infected", or "zombies" there are. First there is a normal zombie called a "Common Infected" these are basically super fast, powerful zombies that will attack you in a horde, or in pairs, they are nothing but a distraction compared to the other types of "infected". The next type of infected is called a Hunter, which is an insanely fast, "frog" type enemy. I say frog because it leaps into the air, shrieking as loud as it can, until it pounces upon one of the survivors. When it pounces on you there is nothing you can do except be ripped to shreds, or be saved by one of the other survivors. Once knocked off, feel free to kill it. Another type of infected somewhat similar to the Hunter is the Smoker. The Smoker is like the Hunter in only one way, which is when it shoots its 100 foot long tongue at you. Yes that’s right, a 100 foot long tongue. This tongue is not only great with the ladies, but it is great in the fact that it can trap you and pull you close to itself so it can continually beat on your helpless body. Keep in mind the common infected can join in too.

The next 3 types of infected are what I would say are the most annoying. They are the Boomer, Tank, and Witch. This Boomer is one hideous bastard, fatter than Roseanne Bar in her prime, and more gluttonous than the local slob at McDonalds. The Boomer is capable of throwing up on you, which is just a pheromone attracts undead, and since you are the one that got puked on that means they are heading straight for you. You can fight the horde off, but that won’t help much as you won’t be able to see, due to the green bile splattered all over you. Your best bet when spotting a boomer is to pick him off while he is still far, or to melee him, run back, and shoot him. If you are just wandering down an alley, or hall, and you just happen to hear a sudden burst of music that sounds something like "DUN DUN DUNUNUNUNUN" then you need to be on the offensive and ready to blast the huge Hulking ass called the Tank. This monster is almost as huge, if not hugger than the Hulk. It can take a ton of damage, as well as deal out a lot too. If it hits you with one of it’s arms you will be smacked a few feet and lose a good amount of health. Hopefully the Survivors will unleash hell on him with you so he will go down quick. The last, and probably the least, but most deadly infected type is the Witch. The Witch is sexy, but deadly infected type that cries for some unknown reason. She will keep crying unless you provoke her by shining your flashlight on her, or shooting her. If you do any of these be prepared for an instant death. It’s either leave her alone, or die trying to kill her.

The game play in Left 4 Dead is your typical FPS. It can’t be more straight forward, it sounds lame, but trust me Left 4 Dead pulls it off well. The shooting just feels so smooth and solid, so you can easily fight off a horde of Zombies swarming you. There is not really a variety of guns in the game, you got your pistols, shotguns, and machine guns. But you also have 2 explosives which are molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs. The molotov burns zombies to a crisp almost instantly, and the pipe bomb emits a chirping beep which attracts Zombies so it can get a horde, or just some stray infected off of you for a little bit of time. The sound in the game is amazing, the screams of the infected sound as horrifying if you heard them in real life. The guns also sound killer, each blast sounds like it actually does some damage to the infected. The graphics in the game are good for me, lighting is superb, as well as the buildings, and trees. To sum it all up Left 4 Dead is an amazing FPS, which will make you fall in love with the constant waves of Zombies just waiting to be slaughtered. I am giving this game a solid A.

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