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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Member Review for the Xbox360

damo_rox619 By:
GENRE Action 
PLAYERS 1- 18 
PUBLISHER Activision 
DEVELOPER Infinity Ward 
M Contains Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Language

What do these ratings mean?

Jesse Costantino, you are a ****ing idiot. you're review for modern warfare 2 was the biggest load of **** i've ever read. what critic spends 80% of the review talking about the multiplayer when you put 1 paragraph into the campaign and spec ops? The main reason i have a problem with this is that all you did was ***** about the campaign because of its wildly impossible story. WHO CARES?!?! it's a video game! video games dont have to be realistic! you really think an italian man named Mario likes to climb ladders to get to a princess that he has to rescue who is being held captive by a monkey? **** off. the origin of video games is that they are supposed to be enjoyable, nothing at all to do with realism. modern warfare 2 is one of the most fun solo games i've played, you dont hear me complaining just because it would never really happen. its like a look into what world war 3 may be like if it ever comes to that.

ok, enough *****ing, time to write.

i guess i should probably start off with the campaign, because even though most people will skip straight to the multiplayer, they really should play through the campaign first. not to get good at it, but just because it is such an awesome game and really there isn't a single bad  or boring level, the entire game is fun from start to finish. and yes, while the story is very outlandish, it is also very well thought of and worthy of a movie in my opinion (which makes sense because this game basically is a movie). the differences between the old infinity ward game engine and the new one are a bit hard to notice for me, since i dont really look at that kind of thing. but somehow even moving in this game makes you feel more involved than the first game did, everything just looks and feels better. The so called 'offensive' level in the game is very disturbing. i'm sure that anyone who cares about this game has already finished the level so there isnt really any harm in me saying that the game has you killing slaughtering innocent people at a russian airport, and while it may seem like a cheap way to have a bit of fun killing people, it really is such a great way to make the story what it was. the believeability of the civilians being in pain and aggony is amazing. i actually felt sorry for them. the many screams you would hear are very realistic, the people crying out in aggony and the way they are crawling and dragging each other while leaving behind a trail of blood is very unnerving.

The graphics in the game are an improvement over the original and while they aren't up to the standards of metal gear solid 4 and uncharted 2, they are still very noteworthy and this is probably the best looking game of this generation (excluding the previous 2 games mentioned). The sound, as expected, is top notch. you'll really believe there are bullets flying past your head and the explosions are loud and awesome. the voice acting is another high point of the game, with everyone doing their lines as good as they probably can. in my eyes, the campaign is as close to perfect as a short game can get. but the fact that i have this game on both ps3 and xbox, and i have finished it on regular and veteran on both consoles, i still got a hell of a lot of play time out of it and im still not sick of it. (i also got every achievement on the original modern warfare. mile high club took me 90 minutes. not to mention the level 'no fighting in the war room', that was painful). The good thing is that modern warfare 2 is easier while still being challenged. it still caused me to throw my controller and have the grey strip on the bottom come off.

Spec ops is incredibly good for an extra feature. even without it, the game would still get an A+ from me. I went through the whole thing with a friend of mine over xbox while talking on our headsets. thats the way to play it, especially since that meant me having a 42 inch full high definition TV to myself. there is not one bad mission and the difficulty progression is spot on. i used to think that the level 'overwatch' was too hard for something so soon in the list, but after getting all 69 stars, i could see that it was properly placed. the only odd one that i came accross were the last two missions. the second to last has the description 'you'd be insane to even try this', which is true, unless you really know what you're doing, you probably will never pass it. but the last mission says 'this probably isnt even possible'. not true. in fact we completed it our first ****. it was unbelieveably easy. but aside from that one little thing, there is enough variety in spec ops to please anyone. from holding off waves of enemies in the snow to sneaking missions with enemies in ghillie suits, and to one person on the ground in a farming area with the second player supporting with an AC-130 gunship from above. yep, i dare you to try and find a mission you don't enjoy.

The multiplayer, while unmentioned until now, admittedly really is the best of the 3 modes. it is modern warfare 1 on a much larger scale. more challenges, im a assuming more weapons, better maps and easily the most fun multiplayer experience of any game. no arguments. that goes for you too halo 3 fans, modern warfare 2's multiplayer is immaculate. i'd probably just be repeating myself if i mentioned anything other than what i just said about it being immaculate, because that covers everything in it. There is a great variety of weapons, it has been changed to suit veterans and noobs (the noobs are covered with a 'deathstreak' perk that gives you a slight advantage if the campers are too much. the good thing is that it severely reduces the amount of times you'll have to deal with the martyrdom perk (which is strange by the way because it's not exactly martyrdome if you die before the grenade explodes). there are weapons to suit everybody, which explains why i only use certain assault rifles and why i never become a sniper (i have a horrible aim). the m16 is just plain amazing. the only downside is you have to rank up to level 40 to get it. i always though it was strange that they would give you such an awesome gun right from the start in mw1. im not really sure how so many people can find this addictive, because so many people are bad at it. im one of the good ones with a good kill death ratio and the difference between the kills and deaths being about 400 (in favour of kills). it was even just today that i managed to get a 22 killstreak, which is better than my obsessive friend who has played at 30 days of mw1 online. but when you start to lose, the stress goes up and so does the death streak. aggression is my play style and it seems to work but when it doesnt, i have no other way of playing really.

one of the best things i think is how the shotguns have changed to secondary weapons. this is good because i would NEVER use them as primary weapons. and yes, you do get the odd person who noobs up the game by running around slaughtering people with akimbo (double) shotguns and while it does work for them, they are incredibly frustrating to deal with. the only real advantage that this game has on ps3 over the 360 is that ps3 servers are much better at dealing with lag and, being an australian, lag is a very occasional thing. another point is that the ps3 actually looks for australian servers if you are an aussie. otherwise, the xbox will just put you straight into the first group of rednecks who shouldnt be allowed to have headsets that it can find.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an incredible game. you will never find another title that has 3 different game modes all worth their very own disc in one package, not to this extent at least. not even close. again, jesse costantino, i hate you. it seems like you just wanted your review to stand out above the others by something as stupid and mindless as what you did. you're a horrible critic and should never write reviews again. unless its the grand theft autos. number 4 didnt deserve what it got from any critic that licked rockstars balls anyway.

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