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Sonic the Hedgehog Member Review for the Xbox360

Superweapon667 By:
GENRE Action 
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A hedgehog in 2006 isn't unfair if it applies to everyone

Introduction and Presentation
- During the year of 2006 the PlayStation 3 and XBox360 games were getting rushed out, as that year PlayStation 3 games ended up getting rushed out and being the absolute worst year for Sony. As the mascot for Sega had had it for fans everywhere to have to be the worst 'Sonic the Hedehog' game ever.

Plot and Story
  - The story begins in the town of Soleanna ruled by Princess Elise and has a secred power inside of her which is of the Flames of Disaster where it includes the Chaos Emeralds. As she is suffering from this horrid hallucination of a demonic monster made of magma. Sonic the Hedgehog is the one who needs to save her from his old nemesis. Eggman then has his robots surround the place and abducts her. Meanwhile a mysterious white hedgehog atop a building looks over Sonic with a grudge.
Not only does Sonic has his story Shadow and Silver do too.

Sonic's story: Sonic's story takes place after the event from in the beginning where it starts at the title screen, when Sonic is in Soleanna he is aided by Tails where he needs help to save Princess Elise. When Sonic and Elise meet each other for the for the very first time they do get along and develop a relationship. 
Shadow's story: After the events of 'Shadow the Hedgehog', Shadow is now a GUN agent and infiltrates Eggman's base to save Rouge the Bat from the frozen base who was intended to retrieve the Scepter of Darkness which was never heard from since. When Eggman and his army of robots follow Shadow and Rouge they are cornered until the Scepter of Darkness is destroyed and where Mephiles the Dark emerges.
Silver's story: After 200+ years ago the city was completely destroyed by the Flames of Disaster. Silver the Hedgehog with the help of his friend Blaze the Cat finding out what they could do to fix the past to save this future from ever being averted, are greeted from this mysteryous character named Mephiles informs them that to save the past they need to destroy the one who caused it all. As Mephiles shows them who has caused it all was Sonic the Hedgehog and he was the blame of it as he is claimed to be the Ibilis trigger. Silver is then sent to the past and is ready to eleminate Sonic forever.

Characters and Environment Design
 - The characters from the previous Sonic games have returned and have their redesigns. Sonic retains the color scheme and design from the Genesis games but more redesigned along with Tails and everybody else. Sonic's legs and arms are more longer as the same is said about Tails and everyone else. Everyone still retain the Sonic design scheme they have. Dr.Eggman looks less egg-shaped and is more humanoid in appearance now. Silver is the newest one to the cast in the game so far. And there are humans everywhere and they are realistic looking and look like they belong more in 'The Sims' games rather than in Sonic games, but the humans did have an appearance in Sonic Adventure and the 2nd one on the Dreamcast.
The enemies in the game which are Eggman's robots look more like robots from other games and had the most redesigns more than others, there are the magma demons which are colored well and detailed slightly and there are purple ones that look barely like recolors of the other enemies.
Enviornments in the game there is a beach like there was in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes, desert ruins there was like in Sonic and Knuckles, the underwater base which is like the other areas from previous Sonic games, a volcano level which is like the one from Shadow the Hedgehog but only difference its not one of Eggman's bases, tropical jungle that is reminicent of the one from Sonic Heroes and a stone valley filled with rivers which is loosely based on the Aquatic Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. There is the newest which are a railroad train station, destroyed futuristic city filled with solid decapitated buildings on fire and snowy base which Eggman's bases aren't usually in.
There are hub worlds but the only hub world that there is in this game is the town of Soleanna which is almost unlike the one from the Sonic Adventure series.

Gameplay and Controls
- The gameplay is very much focused on time and speed trying to get past the level with enough rings and a higher score and make the time and get through the end of the level with a good grading level so that you can show some skill. All the flaws in the gameplay is that the controls feel busted and feels as if you are not playing a Sonic game and as Sonic doesn't run as fast as he used to because due to how stretched out the backgrounds are and there isn't that many loops to run over and you are not feeling like you are have ANY fun at all. But there still are rings around the area and to retain the Sonic formula in it. Although each character plays the same levels, each character's unique abilities allow him or her to get to different areas of each stage, and deny them from accessing certain items. Levels are far less linear than previous 3D Sonic titles, offering up many alternate pathways through each stage. Hit detection is broken when you try sometimes to homing attack an enemy you will end up getting hit sometimes before it does. When you have Sonic sometimes you are in a huge pathway where you are speeding up SO FAST, which at first it makes you feel that you want to go fast. Sonic in the field moves SO FAST that you are unable to stop and crash into any obsticle in your way which can get annoying and then you can easily hit past anything that can cause you to die faster due to the faulty controls which force you to not do that part anymore. Riding on the snowboard / board in the levels in the beginning can be awkward and stiff since you only have to press the X (or other button I don't know I don't own a 360) and that's how you speed up because sometimes I end up jumping instead which makes it hard to go on.
When you are controlling Shadow its a bit different as you can use Chaos powers and ride vehicles again but not going as fast as Sonic's gameplay. While you have Shadow's gameplay you don't have to use guns anymore at all whatsoever as the guns are attached to the vehicles he drives at times. And driving the vehicles are broken, clunky and awkward which sometimes feel stiff and when sometimes I drive in a certain area where I want to go I end up falling off a cliff or so. When you have Shadow you will have the Chaos power as unlike in Shadow the Hedgehog you will not be able to zoom across throughout the level and or be able to obliterate everything in your path which provides more of a challenge or try to.
Silver's is the same as Sonic's but not going through speed but rather of flight. Silver can display an ability of telekenesis and lifting things such as boxes, enemies after stunning them and other obsticles. And when you are gliding you are able to glide through the air but unfortunatley there is a meter and if that meter runs out you'll fall out the air.
The entire game takes place exclusively within the City of Soleanna and the surrounding area. In town stages, you can talk to NPCs, take Town Missions, buy upgrades using rings collected through Action Stages or Town Missions, and further the game's plot by finding entrances to Action Stages. There are three sections to Soleanna: Castle Town, Soleanna Forest and New City.
There is a multiplayer in the game. I never tried it to see if it was good or bad or not I have never had any friends to see if they would play this with me.

Graphics, Camera angles and Framerate
- The graphics in this game are very well detailed on the backgrounds, the enviornments are well done not too mediocre either and has it well being lightened up and not at all with ANY 2D elements from the previous games. the camera angles can get a bit awkward and sluggish and can be difficult to control. When you control Tails he uses the attack which is the dummy-ring bombs which makes you sometimes go into aiming which is the 1st person mode and there you can aim it where you want it. But if you do not aim it you won't go into that perspective.
The game has pretty clean graphics but could have been better and the camera angles can be awkward at times.

Sound, Voice acting and Music
 - Sound effects aren't that memorable as the trade mark ring sound as where Sonic collects a ring and there are still the same voice acting from the television series from the show Sonic X as they can get a bit annoying but not as much anymore as they are doing the best they could. And they aren't as forced and going out as they were just trying in Shadow the Hedgehog. In addition to the 4Kids actors in the English version, Lacey Chabert, who is coincidentally a long-time Sonic fan, voices Princess Elise, marking the first time in the history of the franchise that Hollywood talent has provided voice-over work for a Sonic game. That voice I hear is probably remembered from The Wild Thornberries cartoon.
The music is pretty over the top and well remembered as the songs fit in with the backgrounds having a variety of Rock n' Roll, Techno and Soft Dramatic Orchestra put into it. Overall the sound is still fitting in with the game, voice acting still fits the character and not as forced out and the music is good.

 - Although the game feels like it is unfinished and rushed out and broken, other people hate it and for those of the other people who disagree with this I actually like this game and it makes me wish to play it again and go through the entire game. And if you are a Sonic fan I suggest this game but go play the original Sonic game first before this one otherwise you'll not know what it feels like. For people who dislike this game as for anyone who likes this game you may pick it up and play it. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG[PS3] could have been better if it wasn't rushed out and had partial glitches and programming flaws. 2006 was the worst year possible for the hedgehog to have his game but it was the franchise's 15th birthday. I would make a comparison to the 360 version but I can't because I don't own a XBox360 whatsoever.
After all its pretty decent and I'll reccomend it to all.

Plot and Story - 9 / 10
Characters and Environment - 9 / 10
Gameplay and Controls - 4 / 10
Graphics, Camera angles and Framerate - 6 / 10
Sound, Voice acting and Music - 10 / 10

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