Axl Rose Claims Activision Promised A Guitar Hero: Guns ‘N’ Roses

Have you wondered why Axl Rose waited until 2010 to sue Activision over Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, a game that released in 2007? (If you haven't, just bear with me a moment.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's because Activision promised Rose a dedicated Guitar Hero: Guns 'N' Roses to settle their issues. Rose's claims include that Activision made this offer worth "millions of dollars" between December 2007 and November 2010. The dedicated project was to feature songs from the band's 2008 Chinese Democracy album.

In this lawsuit, the judge has already dismissed Rose's fraud claims, but he is allowing this breach-of-contract claim to continue. Trial has been set for February 1, 2013.

The lawsuit also includes claims against Activision for their use of the virtual likeness of Saul Hudson a/k/a Slash in Guitar Hero III. Rose also claims that he agreed to lend the song "Welcome to the Jungle" to Guitar Hero III on the grounds that the game would not feature a likeness of Slash or his other band, Velvet Revolver. If you played Guitar Hero III, then you already know how prominent Slash and Velvet Revolver were in the game.

Obviously, since Activision has closed down the Hero franchises, there will be no GNR-dedicated Guitar Hero game. This whole ordeal sounds pretty bratty and petty on Rose's part, but if the court finds legitimacy in Rose's claim for a broken contract, this could get interesting indeed.