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Best PS Vita Exclusive 2012

Posted on Thursday, December 20 @ 10:00:14 PST by Heath_Hindman

Gravity Rush - Best PS Vita Exclusive 2012

Platform(s): PS Vita

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment of America

Developer: SCE Japan Studio

The game industry needs more titles that take risks and try to openthings up. While not all creativity is inherently good, and innovationis only one factor among many in considering a game's overallgreatness, Gravity Rush came to the Vita bringing heaps of both, inthe best ways. Most who've played through it will testify that itfeatures some of the most unique and interesting gameplay of thisyear. The meat of it sounds so simple at first: point in a direction,press a button, and the targeted area becomes Kat's new point ofgravity. Getting this power in hand, however, provides a better gameexperience than its basic description may indicate.

Sending Kat "falling" in 18 different directions made even the mostsimple transportation a joy. Surprisingly good controls and camerawork made it amazingly fun to challenge every mission and exploreevery last part of her huge world.

Gravity Rush is an example of a title that delivers a gamingexperience all its own, and it does so with quality that soars as highas its leading lady. For providing a great experience while addingsome flavor to gaming in general, Gravity Rush is hearby named thebest PS Vita exclusive of 2012.

Runners Up:
  • Lumines: Electronic Symphony
  • Escape Plan
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
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