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[Persona 5 Announced] Atlus Live Stream Teases Persona 5 Or More Persona 4, Persona Insanity Ensues

Posted on Sunday, November 24 @ 02:45:00 PST by

[Live Updates]: (All times Pacific)
 Persona 5 announced. Click for platform, release date, teaser video.

3:39am: Jeez, this bear sure can talk.

Oh no! Something's wrong with Teddie!

3:27am: Is this a... Persona 4 dancing game? Hahaha, please tell me this is totally real! It is real! Persona 4 Dancing All Night for PlayStation Vita. Hahaha, so weird but really cool in the same way.

While I know the Western fanbase would buy this game, I don't know if it'd make business sense for Atlus or the developer. It certainly won't move any more Vita units than Persona 4 Golden.

3:17am: Atlus also debuted some new footage hyping the Persona 4 Arena update available in Japanese arcades. Hopefully, American gamers will get their hands on it in the form of a downloadable content pack.

Seems like Teddie is chatting with the fighting game's reditions of Junpei and Yukari (newly added to the Persona 4 Arena arcade game. Each character is chatting about the total drama ensuing on the streets of Everywhere, Japan. We're seeing shots of new and returning stages, characaters, and Junpei facing off with shadow Yukari. Then Yukari against Mitsuru.

3:08am: We're seeing a video of, I guess, chibi-styled Persona characers with lots of purple, shadow, and the crossover fans have been hoping for between P4 and P3 casts. It seems like Atlus is spinning the two into Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth for Nintendo 3DS.

3:00am: The final minute featured another character countdown, but in like Brady Bunch fashion with panels filling in around a single big Teddie picture. Persona 3Persona 4, and Arena characters all around. Then what appeared to be a live shot of one of the panels in cities around Japan.

Then an older woman. Shit, I wish I could keep up, but she just keeps talking. Now she's got a poster of Yu Narukami with General Teddie in the top corner, but now she's going to open it. Inside... are two kanji characters and I don't know.... I'm recording all of this so you guys can watch if you haven't already found a stream or want to relive this... odd, odd morning.

2:57am: The final "event" before the big reveal got the character countdown and featured a scene from the Velvet Room... and then another 2 minutes to the big reveal.

2:51am: About 10 minutes out from the big reveal with another event happening about three minutes before that. This has to have been the most insane countdown in video game history, but I'm incredibly excited to see what comes out of it.

[Here's how the 72 hour countdown started out: while we normally post updates at the top of every page, we're keeping the Persona tease timeline in order by adding new information below. Please see above for coverage of the event.]

Atlus and the Persona development team are teasing the next entry in the series with a 72 hour livestream broadcast that's dropped hints in unique ways as to where the franchise is headed next.

Currently, Japanese video site Nico Nico is displaying the screen you see above and appropriately fading in Living With Determination as well as lots of other Persona tracks as we wait for the next announcement, but this rather boring livestream actually has an incredible hook for fans.

Atlus is mimicking Persona 4 Golden's Midnight Channel phenomenon by airing the actual teaser videos at midnight in Japan. The first teaser video is above. It features a countdown with favorite characters like Yukari from Persona 3 and Kanji from Persona 4. Could the next Persona game combine both casts for a raucous and fan-service laden adventure?

[Update 1] The second teaser features visions of train stations in Japan, once again delivered by the mysterious Midnight Channel. Users online have begun speculating that these train stations will serve as the players means of transportation around Tokyo, that the next adventure in the Persona series will take players to Japan's big city after giving players a taste of life in sleepy Inaba.

[Update 2] The Persona stream now reads "shibaraku omachi kudasai" or "(very politely) please wait for a long time." Maybe if Atlus would put Persona 4 Golden's awesome soundtrack back on, it'd be even easier to wait!

[Update 3] And now we're back to counting down almost three hours to the next "event". While at midnight in Japan teaser clips have shown hints as to what's next for Persona or what Persona 5 might be about, Atlus has frequently counted down to mini-events that replay trailers or key moments from past games.

[Update 4] Spotted by AllGamesBeta, Nanako Dojima voice actress Karen Trassman might have leaked Atlus's surprise ahead of schedule. Trassman's credits include Persona 4, Arena, and Golden, in addition to never-before-seen games Golden 2 Persona 4 and Persona 4 Vol. 2. While I would not be surprised if Atlus wanted to extend Persona 4 Golden to gamers on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii U, I would be surprised the company was causing all this noise over just another extension of a game from 2008.

Since updating earlier, the stream has shown another small event while leading up to what we assume will be another appearance by the midnight channel. While the big reveal is still over a day and a half away, the latest event featured Yu Narukami, protagonist of Persona 4, attending the school festival with Ai Ebihara, one of the social links. The event was interrupted with the image above which has been shown repeatedly. There's not much to go on here, other than the fact that NicoNico viewers were pissed about seeing a repeated event and decided to show their displeasure by typing a penis into the chat.

[Update 5] The stream is now counting down 12 hours to the next Midnight Channel Tease. The Midnight JST "Events" are the substantial teases that most think hint at Persona 5, though the general consensus now seems to be that Atlus will have another version of Persona 4 to tide players over while Persona 5 continues development. I'm going to stick my head in my TV for a few hours, but we'll be back with the next major teaser just as soon as we can get it.

[Update 6] The third Midnight Channel tease aired about an hour ago, but thankfully users captured the moment for us to share with you here. The tease shows several large advertisement screens around the same train stations shown earlier in Midnight Channel 2, above. I think we can say with more confidence that Atlus is not just revealing a follow up to Persona 4, since this announcement is kind of blasting across Japan.

On November 24th at 8:00PM JST, Atlus will broadcast their Persona announcement on the screens seen above in Japan's major city centers, in addition to the livestream. Here's a handy map of locations where the broadcast will appear, if you live in Japan and want to head out for the event. [Map via Neogaf]

[Update 7] Commenter Malvus offers an image below. He's got his sources, but others anticipating a Persona 5 reveal from Atlus seem to agree that it could be/is faked. I'm so excited for the impending announcement but I hope we can make it through unscathed and happy with the results. We're anticipating a new Persona game unveiled tonight at 3 AM Pacific, 6 AM Eastern. Western fans won't let that keep them from hearing about the franchise's future. Besides it's a weekend right? I'm going to do my best to stay up and update this page with the news.

See you on the other side.

We'll keep this page updated as more teasers draw us closer to the expected reveal on Sunday, November 24th at 8:00PM in Japan, or Sunday November 24th at 3:00AM in California. If you're not willing to wait up, just wait for the
teaser site to update or join the stream where lots of fans from around the world are shouting over Persona's awesome soundtrack with arguments as to whether Nanako or Adachi is the better character.

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