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REVIEWS Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop Review
Become the Overseer and carry out your own sadistic/benevolent experiments.

Quadrilateral Cowboy Review
Three awesome ladies hack the world in this 1980s cyberpunk adventure.
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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...



Paragon Paragon
Epic Games brings triple-A production value and card packs to the usual MOBA formula.
Portal Knights 02/29/16
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 05/25/16
Necropolis 02/29/16
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 03/16/16


We Happy Few We Happy Few
Are you off your Joy? You monster.
Action / Adventure
Giant Cop: Justice Above All 07/24/16
Tyranny 06/22/16
Halo Wars 2 06/21/16
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III 06/20/16

Title Created Genre Publisher
Daylight 06/19/13 Horror Zombie Studios
Super Motherload 03/28/13 Action XGen Studios
Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers 06/13/14 Card Game Wizards of the Coast
Magic Duels Origins 03/04/15 Card Game Wizards of the Coast
Assault Android Cactus 08/30/15 Action Witch Beam
Super Dungeon Bros 08/29/15 Dungeon Brawler Wired Productions
Yuri Revenge 01/07/04 Real-Time Strategy Westwood/EA
Command And Conquer Generals 01/07/04 Real-Time Strategy Westwood / EA
Command And Conquer Renegade 01/07/04 Action Westwood / EA
Soul of the Ultimate Nation 03/28/06 MMORPG Webzen
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens 03/23/16 Action Warner Bros. Interactive...
Sequel to F.E.A.R. 07/27/07 FPS Warner Bros. Interactive
Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge 05/11/12 Action Warner Bros. Interactive
Batman: Arkham Origins 06/17/13 Action Warner Bros. Interactive
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 04/10/13 Action Warner Bros. Interactive
Dying Light 06/14/13 Action Warner Bros. Interactive
Dying Light 12/12/14 Action Warner Bros. Interactive
Batman: Arkham Knight 03/27/14 Action Warner Bros. Interactive
Batman: Arkham Knight 06/18/14 Action Warner Bros. Interactive
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin 08/01/08 Shooter Warner Bros.
Mad Max 06/16/13 Action Warner Bros.
Mad Max 06/19/15 Action Warner Bros.
LEGO The Hobbit 03/04/14 Action / Adventure Warner Bros.
Gauntlet 03/31/14 Action RPG Warner Bros.
Gauntlet 09/15/14 Action RPG Warner Bros.
LEGO Marvel Avengers 12/10/15 Action Warner Bros.
LEGO Jurassic World 03/16/15 Action Warner Bros.
Gotham City Impostors 12/12/11 Multiplayer FPS Warner Bros
Gotham City Impostors 12/19/11 Multiplayer FPS Warner Bros
Kingdom Come: Deliverance 06/22/15 Action Warhorse Studios
World of Warships 06/12/14 MMO
F.E.A.R. 06/20/05 First-Person Shooter VU Games
Half-Life 2 01/07/04 First-Person Shooter Vivendi
Evil Genius 08/16/04 Strategy Vivendi
World of Diving 03/19/14 Action Vertigo Games
Guild of Dungeoneering 06/21/15 Dungeon Crawler Versus Evil
Skyshine's Bedlam 06/21/15 RPG Versus Evil
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 09/01/11 FPS Valve
Mushroom 11 08/29/15 Puzzle / Platformer Untame
America's Army: Proving Grounds 08/28/13 FPS United States Army
Myst 3: Exile 01/07/04 Ubisoft
Brothers in Arms 05/17/04 Ubisoft
Splinter Cell 3 05/19/04 Ubisoft
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction 03/24/10 Action Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 06/18/10 Action / Adventure Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed: Revelations 09/30/11 Action/Adventure Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed III 03/26/12 Action / Adventure Ubisoft
ShootMania Storm 12/18/12 Action / FPS Ubisoft
Watch Dogs 06/11/12 Action Ubisoft
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist 03/23/13 Action Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington - Infamy 02/18/13 Action Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 02/27/13 Action/Adventure Ubisoft
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 04/11/13 Action / FPS Ubisoft
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot 05/17/13 Action / Strategy Ubisoft
Anno Online 05/06/13 City-Building Ubisoft
The Crew 06/16/13 Action / Racing Ubisoft
The Crew 04/12/14 Action / Racing Ubisoft
Child of Light 04/13/14 Action Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom Cry 12/13/13 Action Adventure Ubisoft
Valiant Hearts: The Great War 05/14/14 Adventure Ubisoft
Far Cry 4 06/19/14 Action Ubisoft
Far Cry 4 10/14/14 Action Ubisoft
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege 06/15/14 Action Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate 06/20/15 Action Ubisoft
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 06/21/15 Action Ubisoft
For Honor 06/26/15 Action Ubisoft
Watch Dogs 2 06/13/16 Action Ubisoft
South Park: The Fractured But Whole 06/14/16 RPG Ubisoft
Steep 06/15/16 Sports Ubisoft
America's Army 01/07/04 First-Person Shooter U.S. Army
America's Army 03/16/04 First-Person Shooter U.S. Army
Rift 02/18/11 MMORPG Trion Worlds Network
Defiance (2013) 03/13/13 Action MMO Trion Worlds
JumpJet Rex 01/14/15 2D Platformer TreeFortress
Incredible Crisis 01/07/04 Who knows? Titus
Evil Dead 01/07/04 Survival-Horror THQ
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/25/04 THQ
Frontlines: Fuel of War 07/27/07 FPS THQ
Homefront 11/22/10 FPS THQ
Metro 2033 02/26/10 FPS THQ
Red Faction: Armageddon 01/20/11 Action THQ
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 04/26/11 Action RPG THQ
Darksiders II 01/24/12 Action / Adventure THQ
South Park: The Stick of Truth 07/20/12 RPG THQ
Mekazoo 03/12/15 Platformer The Good Mood Creators
Pit People 07/14/15 Strategy The Behemoth
Jurassic Park 02/18/11 Adventure Telltale Games
Puzzle Agent 2 06/17/11 Adventure Telltale Games
The Walking Dead 04/16/12 Action / Adventure Telltale Games
Minecraft: Story Mode 08/29/15 Action / Adventure Telltale Games
Beyond Eyes 03/17/15 Adventure Team17
Beyond Eyes 06/18/15 Adventure Team17
Sheltered 06/20/15 Strategy Team17
Transistor 03/22/13 Action-RPG Supergiant Games
The Banner Saga 2 08/31/15 Adventure Stoic
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords 02/02/06 Strategy Stardock
Chrono Cross 01/07/04 RPG Squaresoft
Final Fantasy 9 01/07/04 RPG Squaresoft
Threads Of Fate 01/07/04 Action / RPG Squaresoft
Vagrant Story 01/07/04 Action / RPG Squaresoft
Dead Island 08/31/11 Action Square Enix
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 11/08/10 Action Square Enix
Dungeon Siege 3 02/22/11 Action RPG Square Enix
Hitman: Absolution 01/11/12 Action Square Enix
Sleeping Dogs 04/13/12 Action Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 02/22/13 Action Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 04/29/13 Action Square Enix
Murdered: Soul Suspect 06/13/13 Action Square Enix
Murdered: Soul Suspect 03/03/14 Action Square Enix
Thief (2014) 06/14/13 Action / Adventure Square Enix
Thief (2014) 01/24/14 Action / Adventure Square Enix
Nosgoth 02/05/14 Action Square Enix
Nosgoth 08/31/14 Action Square Enix
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris 08/29/14 Action Square Enix
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade 06/11/14 MMORPG Square Enix
Triad Wars 04/12/15 Action Square Enix
FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward 03/07/15 Action Square Enix
Just Cause 3 06/16/15 Action Square Enix
Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time 03/11/15 Adventure Square Enix
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 06/17/15 Action Square Enix
Parasite Eve 2 01/07/04 Action / RPG Square
Tiny Brains 10/25/13 Puzzle Spearhead Games
Stories: The Path of Destinies 12/21/15 Action / RPG Spearhead Games
Earth Eternal 03/04/10 MMORPG Sparkplay Media
Rentahero 01/07/04 Adventure South Peak
Warframe 06/16/13 Shooter Sony, Digital Extremes
PlanetSide 2 06/08/12 Action MMOFPS Sony Online Entertainment LLC
Pirates of the Burning Sea 07/20/07 MMORPG Sony Online Entertainment
Gran Turismo 3 01/07/04 Racing Sony
H1Z1 06/17/14 MMO Sony
Black Gold Online 06/12/14 MMO Snail Games
Pixel Galaxy 08/28/15 Arcade Sirenity Forge
Real War 01/07/04 Strategy Simon & Schuster
Throne of Darkness 01/07/04 RPG Sierra
Half Life Dc 01/07/04 First-Person Shooter Sierra
Timeshift 07/27/07 First-Person Shooter Sierra
World in Conflict 01/29/07 Strategy Sierra
Samba De Amigo 01/07/04 Musical Rhythmic Oddity Sega
Space Channel 5 01/07/04 Music, uh, thingy. Sega
The Club 07/27/07 Action Shooter Sega
Alpha Protocol 05/04/10 Action Sega
Renegade Ops 08/02/11 Action SEGA
Hell Yeah! 06/10/12 Action / Adventure Sega
The Cave 06/08/12 Adventure SEGA
Company of Heroes 2 09/06/12 Strategy Sega
Company of Heroes 2 12/06/12 Strategy Sega
Company of Heroes 2 04/29/13 Strategy Sega
Total War: Rome II 06/12/13 Strategy SEGA
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse 06/13/13 Platformer Sega
Total War: Arena 12/04/14 Strategy Sega
Total War: Warhammer 09/25/15 RTS Sega
Total War: Warhammer 03/25/16 RTS Sega
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III 06/20/16 RTS Sega
Postal 2 01/07/04 Action Running With Scissors
Torchlight II 09/04/12 Action RPG Runic Games
Ballistic 04/04/14 Action Rumble Entertainment
Max Payne 3 04/08/12 Action/Adventure Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 04/21/05 Action Rockstar
Orcs Must Die! Unchained 06/30/14 Action Robot Entertainment
Poncho 08/28/15 Puzzle / Platformer Rising Star Games
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III 05/13/15 RPG Reverb Triple XP
The Cosmos Is MINE! 04/23/15 RTS Reverb Triple XP
Ravaged 10/02/12 Action / FPS Reverb Publishing
Edge of Space 03/25/13 Action / Adventure Reverb Publishing
Sanctum 2 03/21/13 Strategy/FPS Reverb Publishing
Guncraft 03/24/13 Action Reverb Publishing
Beatbuddy 04/19/13 Action / Adventure Reverb Games
Beatbuddy 07/12/13 Action / Adventure Reverb Games
Outlast 06/14/13 Survival Horror Red Barrels
Outlast 2 06/15/16 Survival Horror Red Barrels
Firefall 10/06/12 MMO Red 5 Studios
Battleswarm: Field of Honor 12/21/09 RTS / FPS Reality Gap
Rising Thunder 07/21/15 Fighting Radiant Entertainment
Nom Nom Galaxy 04/23/14 Adventure Q-Games
Rocket League 05/21/15 Action Psyonix
Shadow of the Eternals 07/26/13 Action Adventure Precursor Games
Fairytale Fights 09/14/09 Beat Em Up Playlogic
Gothic 01/07/04 Action / RPG Piranha Bytes
Museum of Simulation Technology 03/26/14 Puzzle Pillow Castle Games
Nether 09/13/13 Survival MMO Phosphor Games Studio
Nether 02/28/14 Survival MMO Phosphor Games Studio
Perfect World International 08/18/08 MMORPG Perfect World Entertainment
Ether Saga Online 03/13/09 MMORPG Perfect World Entertainment
Heroes of Three Kingdoms 07/12/10 MMORPG Perfect World Entertainment
Blacklight Retribution 09/16/11 FPS Perfect World
Blacklight Retribution 03/29/12 FPS Perfect World
Star Trek (2013) 03/26/13 Action Paramount / Namco Bandai
Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim 04/15/09 Strategy Paradox Interactive
Magicka 2 12/22/14 Adventure / RPG Paradox Interactive
Pillars of Eternity 07/24/14 RPG Paradox Interactive
Stellaris 11/24/15 Strategy Paradox Interactive
Tyranny 06/22/16 RPG Paradox Interactive
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West 04/01/10 Shooter Paradox
Magicka 04/07/10 Action Paradox
Giant Cop: Justice Above All 07/24/16 Action Other Ocean Interactive
Reset Generation 05/29/08 Strategy Nokia Games
King's Bounty: Legions 08/03/11 Strategy Nival
Conkers 01/07/04 Platform/Adventure Nintendo
Randal's Monday 10/15/14 Adventure Nexus Game Studios
Tetropolis 03/18/14 Platformer Next Gen Parts
Dragon Nest 04/27/11 Action MMORPG Nexon America
Dirty Bomb 03/27/15 Action NEXON
Dirty Bomb 06/02/15 Action NEXON
LawBreakers 06/14/16 Action Nexon
Insurgency 12/12/13 Action New World Interactive
Bless 11/15/12 MMORPG Neowiz Games
EIN 11/19/12 MMORPG Neowiz
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 04/17/13 Action NeocoreGames
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II 03/27/14 Action / RPG NeocoreGames
Auto Assault 04/18/05 RPG NCsoft
Guild Wars 2 07/23/12 MMORPG NCsoft
WildStar 06/16/13 Fantasy MMORPG NCSoft
WildStar 03/12/14 Fantasy MMORPG NCSoft
Blade & Soul 06/23/15 MMORPG NCSOFT
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns 03/03/15 MMO NCSOFT
Master X Master 11/19/15 MMO/MOBA NCSOFT
Ridge Racer Unbounded 01/24/12 Action / Racing Namco Bandai
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition 08/15/12 Action RPG Namco Bandai
Dark Souls II 06/20/13 Action RPG Namco Bandai
Sword Coast Legends 03/04/15 RPG n-Space, Digital Extremes
Skyforge 03/25/14 MMORPG
Ori and the Blind Forest 01/20/15 Action / Platformer Moon Studios
Time Machine VR 03/17/15 Adventure Minority Media
Pollen 08/31/15 Adventure Mindfield Games
Blacksite: Area 51 07/27/07 Action Midway Games
Halo 01/07/04 Action Microsoft
Freelancer 01/07/04 Adventure Microsoft
Dungeon Siege II 07/14/05 RPG Microsoft
Dungeon Siege 01/07/04 RPG Microsoft
Crimson Skies 01/07/04 Sim Microsoft
Motocross Madness 2 01/07/04 Racing Microsoft
Impossible Creatures 01/07/04 Strategy Microsoft
Midtown Madness2 01/07/04 Racing Microsoft
Freelancer Update 01/07/04 Action / Adventure Microsoft
Mechcommander2 01/07/04 Real-Time Strategy Microsoft
Age of Empires III 10/25/05 Strategy Microsoft
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends 12/15/05 Strategy Microsoft
State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition 01/21/15 Action Microsoft
Halo Wars 2 06/21/16 Strategy Microsoft
Gigantic 06/18/15 Action Micorosft
Warlords: Battlecry 01/07/04 Real-Time Strategy Mattel Interactive
Foul Play 09/05/13 Action Mastertronic
Star Wars Knights Old Republic 01/07/04 RPG LucasArts
Star Wars: The Old Republic 01/29/10 MMORPG LucasArts
Star Wars 1313 06/11/12 Action LucasArts
Clandestine 02/20/15 Action / Adventure Logic Artists
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations 06/25/15 Action/Adventure Little Orbit
Divinity: Original Sin II 08/29/15 Action / RPG Larian Studios
Puzzle Chronicles 06/09/09 Puzzle Konami
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 06/06/12 Action Konami
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 09/24/13 Sports Konami
Dynasty Warriors Online 10/11/10 MMORPG Koei Tecmo
Don't Starve 04/05/13 Survival Klei Entertainment
Invisible, Inc. 09/12/14 Strategy Klei Entertainment
Smashmuck Champions 09/01/13 MOBA KizStudios
Space Engineers 07/09/14 Simulation Keen Software House
Dungeons 11/15/10 Action Strategy Kalypso Media
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action 12/19/11 Strategy Kalypso Media
DARK (PC) 11/19/12 Action / RPG Kalypso Media
Omerta - City of Gangsters 09/13/12 Action Kalypso Media
Rise of Venice 08/02/13 Strategy Kalypso Media
Illbleed 01/07/04 Action/Adventure Jaleco
Transformers Universe 04/28/14 MMORPG Jagex Game Studio
Giants: Citizen Kabuto 01/07/04 Action Interplay
Sacrifice 01/07/04 Strategy Interplay
Baldurs Gate2 Throne Bhaal 01/07/04 RPG Interplay
Rising Generals 06/19/14 MMO InnoGames
Neverwinter Nights 01/07/04 RPG Infogrames
Civilization 3 01/07/04 Strategy Infogrames
Master Of Orion 3 01/07/04 Turn-based strategy Infogrames
Brick-Force 02/12/13 Action / FPS Infernum Productions
Tyto Online 07/19/14 Immersed Games
Blacklight: Tango Down 06/16/10 Shooter Ignition Entertainment
Nosferatu 01/07/04 First-Person Shooter iGames
Starpoint Gemini 2 01/16/14 RPG Iceberg Interactive
StarDrive 04/15/13 Action Iceberg Interactive
Gas Guzzlers Extreme 09/26/13 Action / Racing Iceberg Interactive
Horizon 12/11/13 Strategy Iceberg Interactive
Inside My Radio 03/03/15 Action / Platformer Iceberg Interactive
Killing Floor 2 08/19/14 Action Horror Iceberg Interactive
Killing Floor 2 04/07/15 Action Horror Iceberg Interactive
Into the Stars 06/10/15 Simulation, Management Iceberg Interactive
Blue Estate 03/31/14 Action HESAW
Hyper Light Drifter 10/08/14 Retro Heart Machine
The Golf Club 05/27/14 Sports HB Studios
Breach & Clear: DEADline 09/08/14 Action Gun Media
The Solus Project 08/31/15 Action Grip Games
Path of Exile 09/03/10 Action RPG Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile 10/04/13 Action RPG Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile: Awakening 04/10/15 PC Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile: Ascendancy 12/09/15 RPG Grinding Gear Games
Paparazzi 06/10/14 Adventure / Puzzle gogii
Tales From The Borderlands 06/12/14 Adventure Gearbox Software
Serious Sam 01/07/04 Action Gathering of Developers
Clockwork Empires 03/21/14 Sandbox / Adventure Gaslamp Games
Clockwork Empires 08/19/14 Sandbox / Adventure Gaslamp Games
Guitar Rising 02/29/08 Rhythm GameTank
Magnetic: Cage Closed 03/12/15 Action / Puzzler Gambitious Digital...
Hard West 08/31/15 Strategy Gambitious
Hero: 108 04/06/10 MMORPG Gamania Digital Entertainment
Lucent Heart 08/02/11 MMORPG Gamania Digital Entertainment
Tiara Concerto 09/15/11 MMO Gamania Digital Entertainment
Dream Drops 09/09/11 MMORPG Gamania Digital Entertainment
Langrisser Schwarz 09/15/11 MMORPG Gamania Digital Entertainment
Core Blaze 09/16/11 MMORPG Gamania Digital Entertainment
Upshift StrikeRacer 08/07/07 Racing Gala-Net
bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien 01/04/13 Platformer Gaijin Games
Mafia 01/07/04 Action G.O.D.
4x4 Evolution 01/07/04 Racing G.O.D.
Kingdom Under Fire 01/07/04 Strategy G.O.D.
LEGO Minifigures Online 03/27/14 MMO Funcom
Tacoma 06/17/16 Adventure Fullbright
Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power 05/25/15 Action Frozenbyte
Elite: Dangerous 12/10/14 MMO Frontier
SOMA 06/21/15 Action Frictional Games
Faery: Legends of Avalon 10/27/10 RPG Focus Home Interactive
Bound by Flame 04/01/14 Action / RPG Focus Home Interactive
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments 04/04/14 Adventure Focus Home Interactive
Nevermind 03/10/15 Biofeedback Enhanced... Flying Mollusk
Shadowrun 02/23/07 Action FASA
Fortnite 09/01/12 Action Epic Games
Fortnite 06/08/15 Action Epic Games
Paragon 02/18/16 MOBA Epic Games
Goliath 06/18/15 Action / Adventure Encore Entertainment
ZMR: Zombies Monsters Robots 04/02/14 MMO Shooter En Masse Entertainment
Motorcity Online 01/07/04 Online Racing Electronic Arts
Medal of Honor: Airborne 07/27/07 FPS Electronic Arts
Left 4 Dead 07/27/07 Action Electronic Arts
Tiberium 02/15/08 FPS Electronic Arts
BattleForge 03/20/09 RTS Electronic Arts
Dragon Age: Origins 08/01/08 RPG Electronic Arts
Dragon Age Origins: Awakening 02/18/10 RPG Electronic Arts
Crysis 2 04/16/10 FPS Electronic Arts
The Sims Medieval 08/16/10 Virtual Life Electronic Arts
Darkspore 08/19/10 Action RPG Electronic Arts
Medal of Honor: Warfighter 03/08/12 FPS Electronic Arts
SimCity (2013) 06/11/12 Simulation Electronic Arts
Dead Space 3 06/06/12 Action Electronic Arts
Dead Space 3 08/06/12 Action Electronic Arts
Mass Effect 3: Leviathan 08/03/12 Action RPG Electronic Arts
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill 08/07/12 FPS Electronic Arts
Dragon Age: Inquisition 06/11/14 RPG Electronic Arts
Dragon Age: Inquisition 07/11/14 RPG Electronic Arts
Dragon Age: Inquisition 11/03/14 RPG Electronic Arts
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Ultimate Speed Pack 12/18/12 Racing Electronic Arts
The Sims 3 University Life 02/15/13 Simulation Electronic Arts
Battlefield 4 03/26/13 FPS Electronic Arts
Battlefield 4 06/17/13 FPS Electronic Arts
Battlefield 3: End Game 03/01/13 Shooter Electronic Arts
The Sims 4 06/11/14 Simulation Electronic Arts
The Sims 4 08/03/14 Simulation Electronic Arts
Titanfall 06/17/13 FPS Electronic Arts
Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) 06/21/15 Action Electronic Arts
Battlefield Hardline 06/10/14 Shooter Electronic Arts
Battlefield Hardline 01/26/15 Shooter Electronic Arts
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 06/16/15 Action Electronic Arts
Half-LIfe 2: The Orange Box 07/27/07 FPS Electonic Arts
Fear Effect2 Retro Helix 01/07/04 Action/Adventure Eidos Interactive
Just Cause 2 11/13/09 Action Eidos Interactive
Battlestations: Pacific 03/06/09 RTS Eidos Interactive
Batman: Arkham Asylum 04/10/09 Action Adventure Eidos Interactive
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 01/28/10 Shooter Eidos Interactive
Project Eden 01/07/04 Action Eidos
Deus Ex 01/07/04 RPG/action Eidos
Startopia 01/07/04 Sim Eidos
Anachronox 01/07/04 RPG Eidos
Commandos2 01/07/04 Strategy Eidos
Hitman 01/07/04 3D Action/Adventure Eidos
Earth & Beyond 01/07/04 EA/Westwood
FIFA 13 06/10/12 Sports EA Sports
Mirror's Edge 04/23/08 Shooter EA Games
Uo2 01/07/04 RPG / Online EA / Origin
Black And White 01/07/04 Strategy / Role-Playing EA / Lionhead Studios
Medal of Honor Allied Assault 01/07/04 Action EA
Battlefield 2 05/27/05 First-Person Shooter EA
Nfs Motor City 01/07/04 Online Racing RPG EA
Battlefield 2: Special Forces 07/27/05 First-Person Shooter EA
Spore 05/26/05 Sim EA
Crysis 07/27/07 First-Person Shooter EA
Mass Effect 2 12/18/09 RPG EA
Bulletstorm 01/03/11 Shooter EA
Medal of Honor (2010) 08/02/10 FPS EA
Dragon Age 2 02/08/11 Action RPG EA
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 12/09/11 RPG EA
Shift 2 Unleashed 11/22/10 Racing EA
Battlefield 3 06/11/11 FPS EA
Mass Effect 3 10/27/11 RPG EA
The Secret World 07/15/11 MMORPG EA
The Sims 3 Generations 04/05/11 Virtual Life EA
The Sims 3 Pets 07/27/11 Simulation EA
Dragon Age 2: Legacy 07/20/11 Action RPG EA
Syndicate (2012) 10/03/11 FPS EA
Shank 2 10/07/11 Action EA
Command & Conquer (2013) 06/15/13 Strategy EA
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters 03/14/12 Action EA
Crysis 3 04/24/12 Action EA
The Sims 3 Supernatural 08/06/12 Simulation EA
The Sims 3 Seasons 08/06/12 Simulation EA
Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) 10/12/12 Racing EA
FIFA 14 04/17/13 Sports EA
Need for Speed Rivals 06/18/13 Racing EA
Shadow Realms 08/31/14 RPG EA
Need for Speed (2015) 06/18/15 Action / Racing EA
Titanfall 2 06/16/16 Action EA
Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis 10/27/09 RPG dtp
ArcaniA: Gothic 4 06/18/10 RPG DreamCatcher
Strike Suit Zero 09/14/12 Arcade / Shooter Doublesix
Disney Infinity 04/03/13 Action Disney Interactive Studios
Split/Second 04/03/09 Racing Disney Interactive
G-Force 07/15/09 Action Disney Interactive
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 05/01/14 Action Disney Interactive
Disney Infinity 3.0 06/04/15 Action Disney Interactive
Tron 2.0 01/07/04 Action Disney
Broforce 07/01/14 Action Devolver Digital
Always Sometimes Monsters 05/12/14 RPG Devolver Digital
Enter The Gungeon 08/31/15 Dungeon Crawler Devolver Digital
Shoot Many Robots 03/21/11 Action RPG Demiurge Studios
Hand of Fate 07/21/14 Card Game Defiant Development
Ride to Hell 02/23/10 Racing Deep Silver
Dead Island: Riptide 03/23/13 Action Deep Silver
Saints Row IV 06/17/13 Action Deep Silver
Mighty No. 9 06/18/15 Action Deep Silver
Metro Redux 06/10/14 FPS Deep Silver
Homefront: The Revolution 06/02/14 Open-World FPS Deep Silver
Homefront: The Revolution 01/29/16 Open-World FPS Deep Silver
Dead Island 2 06/10/14 Survival Horror Deep Silver
Agents of Mayhem 06/14/16 Action Deep Silver
Shadow Blade: Reload 08/04/14 Platformer Dead Mage
Forge 10/22/12 FPS Dark Vale Games
Blackguards 08/12/13 Strategy Daedalic Entertainment
The Devil's Men 06/19/14 Adventure Daedalic Entertainment
Fire 06/19/14 Adventure Daedalic Entertainment
Silence: The Whispered World II 11/13/14 Adventure Daedalic
AER 03/03/15 Action / Adventure Daedalic
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 03/16/16 RTS Daedalic
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix 07/22/08 Puzzle D3
Muse 05/10/14 Music Current Circus
Warface 03/15/13 Action Crytek
Duelyst 03/11/14 Strategy Counterplay Games
We Happy Few 07/26/16 Action / Adventure Compulsion Games
Clive Barker's Jericho 07/27/07 Action Codemasters
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty 07/27/07 FPS Codemasters
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 09/14/09 Shooter Codemasters
Operation Flashpoint: Red River 04/08/11 Shooter Codemasters
F1 2012 06/08/12 Sports Codemasters
F1 Race Stars 10/23/12 Sports / Racing Codemasters
GRiD 2 02/14/13 Action / Racing Codemasters
District 187: Sin Streets 08/15/12 MMO FPS CJ Games Global
Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII 08/18/11 Action City Interactive
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 12/13/12 FPS City Interactive
Lords of the Fallen 06/14/13 Action RPG City Interactive
Lords of the Fallen 09/01/13 Action RPG City Interactive
Lords of the Fallen 04/22/14 Action RPG City Interactive
Enemy Front 04/21/14 Action / FPS City Interactive
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 06/16/13 RPG CD Projekt RED
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game 06/19/16 Card Game CD Projekt RED
Power Stone 2 01/07/04 Fighting Capcom
Dark Void 12/21/09 Action Capcom
Dead Rising 2 10/07/09 Shooter Capcom
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 10/31/11 Action Capcom
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record 09/30/11 Action Capcom
Resident Evil 6 06/11/12 Action / Horror Capcom
Lost Planet 3 09/03/12 Action Capcom
DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall 02/13/13 Action Capcom
Strider 01/23/14 Action Capcom
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony 10/31/14 Action Capcom
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony 01/21/15 Action Capcom
Street Fighter V 06/11/15 Action Capcom
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition 04/20/15 Action Capcom
Resident Evil 0 (2016 Remaster) 06/20/15 Action Capcom
Mega Man Legacy Collection 06/20/15 Compilation / Platformer Capcom
Resident Evil 7 06/17/16 Horror Capcom
Firewatch 12/07/15 Adventure Campo Santo
Jolly Rover 05/21/10 Adventure Brawsome
Crypt of the NecroDancer 09/03/13 Rhythm Platformer Brace Yourself Games
DayZ 06/20/13 Action Bohemia Interactive
Diablo 2 01/07/04 Action/RPG Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm 07/27/10 MMORPG Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft 07/07/04 MMORPG Blizzard
Warcraft3 01/07/04 Real Time Strategy Blizzard
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade 05/17/06 MMORPG Blizzard
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty 07/07/10 RTS Blizzard
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor 04/12/14 MMO Blizzard
Overwatch 03/08/15 Action / FPS Blizzard
Betrayer 09/09/13 FPS Blackpowder Games
Air Conflicts: Vietnam 08/01/13 Action bitComposer
Rage 08/12/11 FPS Bethesda Softworks
Hunted: The Demon's Forge 03/30/10 Action Bethesda Softworks
Dishonored 04/26/12 FPS Bethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls Online 06/15/12 MMORPG Bethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls Online 03/22/13 MMORPG Bethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls Online 05/22/13 MMORPG Bethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls Online 02/07/14 MMORPG Bethesda Softworks
The Elder Scrolls Online 02/14/14 MMORPG Bethesda Softworks
Doom (2016) 06/17/15 Shooter Bethesda Softworks
Echelon 01/07/04 sim/flight Bethesda
Fallout 3 07/01/07 RPG Bethesda
Fallout 3: Broken Steel 04/27/09 RPG Bethesda
Brink 04/18/11 FPS Bethesda
Fallout: New Vegas 05/06/10 RPG Bethesda
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 06/16/11 RPG Bethesda
Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall 03/22/13 Action Bethesda
The Evil Within 05/20/13 Action Horror Bethesda
The Evil Within 04/12/14 Action Horror Bethesda
Wolfenstein: The New Order 05/20/13 Action Bethesda
Wolfenstein: The New Order 04/12/14 Action Bethesda
BattleCry 05/28/14 Action Bethesda
BattleCry 06/12/14 Action Bethesda
Chroma Squad 03/20/14 Tactics Behold Studios
High Strangeness 04/18/15 RPG Barnyard Intelligence
Supernova 02/26/15 MOBA Bandai Namco Games America
Supernova 09/02/15 MOBA Bandai Namco Games America
GRID Autosport 04/22/14 Racing Bandai Namco
Rise of Incarnates 04/22/14 Action Bandai Namco
Project CARS 02/02/15 Sports / Racing Bandai Namco
Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul 04/12/15 Fighting Bandai Namco
Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul 06/21/15 Fighting Bandai Namco
F1 2015 04/15/15 Racing Bandai Namco
Necropolis 08/30/15 Action RPG Bandai Namco
Necropolis 02/29/16 Action RPG Bandai Namco
The Looking Glass Wars 10/07/09 Card Automatic Games
Indigo Prophecy 08/23/05 Adventure Atari
Champions Online 08/12/09 MMORPG Atari
Star Trek Online 12/15/09 MMORPG Atari
Test Drive Unlimited 2 12/03/10 Racing MMO Atari
Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime 03/15/11 Action Atari
Minimum 05/03/14 MOBA Atari
Alone in the Dark: Illumination 11/07/14 Action / Adventure Atari
Gothic 3 08/11/06 RPG Aspyr
Through the Woods 08/29/15 Adventure / Horror Antagonist
Particle Mace 05/29/14 Shmup Andy Makes
Endless Legend 04/28/14 Strategy Amplitude Studios
Armored Core 2 01/07/04 3D Mech combat Agetec
Scarlet Blade 03/04/13 MMORPG Aeria Games
Diablo III 04/23/12 RPG Activision Blizzard
Rome: Total War 08/27/04 Strategy Activision
Rome: Total War 08/27/04 Strategy Activision
Tenchu2 01/07/04 Action Activision
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 07/27/07 First-Person Shooter Activision
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 07/27/07 First-Person Shooter Activision
Prototype 02/25/08 Adventure Activision
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 10/29/09 Action Activision
James Bond 007: Blood Stone 09/22/10 Action Activision
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 09/02/11 FPS Activision
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 05/21/12 FPS Activision
Call of Duty: Black Ops III 06/16/15 Action Activision
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG 08/30/15 JRPG Ackk Studios
Rock of Ages 06/16/11 Strategy ACE Team
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 01/07/04 BMX Action Acclaim
Skara 06/23/14 MOBA 8 Bit Studios
Sniper Elite 3 04/16/14 Action 505 Games
Defense Grid 2 08/30/14 Tower Defense 505 Games
ADR1FT 06/20/15 Sports / Racing 505 Games
Portal Knights 02/29/16 Sandbox/Adventure 505 Games
Exgenesis 11/12/14 Action 48h Studio
BioShock 06/01/06 Shooter / RPG 2K Games
Mafia II 09/25/09 Adventure 2K Games
Borderlands 08/13/09 Shooter 2K Games
Sid Meier's Evolution 04/01/10 Virtual Life 2K Games
Duke Nukem Forever 02/09/11 Shooter 2K Games
The Darkness II 06/21/11 Action/Adventure 2K Games
Borderlands 2 06/11/12 FPS RPG 2K Games
Civilization V: Gods and Kings 03/19/12 Strategy 2K Games
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 06/09/12 Strategy 2K Games
Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage 11/16/12 Shooter RPG 2K Games
Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep 06/19/13 FPS RPG 2K Games
XCOM: Enemy Within 09/04/13 Action 2K Games
Evolve 02/11/14 FPS 2K Games
Evolve 12/17/14 FPS 2K Games
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 04/12/14 FPS 2K Games
Battleborn 06/19/15 Action 2K Games
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage and Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 03/08/15 FPS 2K Games
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 05/25/16 Strategy 2K Games
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth 06/12/14 Strategy 2K
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth 08/28/14 Strategy 2K
XCOM 2 12/10/15 Action 2K
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide 07/22/15 Strategy 2K
Jazz Faust 01/07/04 Adventure 1C Company
Nuclear Union 07/29/13 Action 1C Company
Captain Blood 08/11/10 Action 1C
This War of Mine 06/13/14 Action 11 bit studios
This War of Mine 09/01/14 Action 11 bit studios
This War of Mine 10/13/14 Action 11 bit studios
Dreadnought 06/20/14 Action
Close Castles 06/10/14 Arcade
UemeU 07/31/14 Sandbox / Adventure
Salt and Sanctuary 06/22/15 Action
Hob 09/01/15 Action/Adventure
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