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REVIEWS Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Review
Amiibo Crossing is (not very much) fun for the whole family!

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review
[Update] Mario’s latest tennis game can be a multiplayer blast, but the single player experience is pretty shallow.
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Paradox Interactive turns their lends from history to space, with their 4X/grand strategy hybrid.
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NEW RELEASES MOP: Operation Cleanup
Release date: 12/01/15

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Eyes of Heaven
Release date: 12/17/15

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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...


November 2015 Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations Little Orbit
November 2015 Nintendo Badge Arcade Nintendo
December 3, 2015 Pokemon Picross Nintendo
December 2015 SteamWorld Heist Image & Form International AB
Q4 2015 Stella Glow Atlus
TBA 2015 G.G Series - Vector Genterprise
TBA 2015 I Am An Air Traffic Controller: Airport Hero Narita Sonic Powered Co. Ltd.
TBA 2015 The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup Gory Detail
TBA 2015 Treasurenauts Renegade Kid
TBA 2015 Moon Chronicles Episode 2: Unknown Source Renegade Kid
TBA 2015 Shutshimi: Seriously Swole Choice Provisions
TBA 2015 Monster High: New Ghoul In School Little Orbit
TBA 2015 Excave II: Wizard of the Underworld Teyon
TBA 2015 Ninja Usagimaru – The Gem of Blessings ARC System Works
TBA 2015 Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburbs #1 Sonic Powered Co. Ltd.
TBA 2015 I Love My Dogs BigBen Interactive
TBA 2015 Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails Big John Games
TBA 2015 G.G Series - Score Attacker Genterprise
TBA 2015 Wizdom Moving Player
TBA 2015 Shift DX Choice Publishing
TBA 2015 Comic Workshop 2 Collavier Corporation
TBA 2015 Monkey Mofo Not Available
TBA 2015 Gunslugs 2 OrangePixel
TBA 2015 Blast 'Em Bunnies Nnooo
TBA 2015 Best of Board Games: Chess BigBen Interactive
TBA 2015 SEGA 3D Classics Series - Gunstar Heroes SEGA
TBA 2016 Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice SEGA
January 22, 2016 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Nintendo
January 26, 2016 LEGO Marvel's Avengers Warner Bros. Games
January 26, 2016 Final Fantasy Explorers Square Enix
February 16, 2016 Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale Xseed Games
February 16, 2016 Project X Zone 2 Bandai Namco Games
February 19, 2016 Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Nintendo
February 19, 2016 Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Nintendo
February 23, 2016 Mega Man Legacy Collection Capcom
February 27, 2015 Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition Nintendo
February 27, 2015 Pokemon Blue Version Nintendo
February 27, 2015 Pokemon Red Version Nintendo
February 2016 Fire Emblem: Fates - Special Edition Nintendo
March 25, 2016 Hyrule Warriors Legends Nintendo
Q1 2016 Terraria 505 Games
Q2 2016 Mighty No. 9 Deep Silver
Q2 2016 Langrisser Re:Incarnation -Tensei- Aksys Games
August 2016 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Nintendo
TBA 2016 Bravely Second: End Layer Square Enix
TBA 2016 Dragon Quest XI Square Enix
TBA 2016 Dragon Quest VIII Square Enix
TBA 2016 Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Square Enix
TBA 2016 Metroid Prime: Federation Force Nintendo
TBA 2016 Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation Nintendo

Updated on 11/29/2015

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