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Bandai Namco resurrects the DB fighting franchise without the use of a Dragon Ball. Are the new features worth the sacrifice in combat depth?

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Review
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is adorably cute but frustrating to play.
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PREVIEWS Danganronpa Another Episode: Ult Preview
At NIS America's press event, the publisher revealed the third-person action side story to the Danganronpa series.
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NEW RELEASES Resident Evil Revelations 2
Release date: Out Now

Dragon Ball XenoVerse
Release date: Out Now

Release date: 03/03/15

BLADESTORM: Nightmare (working title)
Release date: 03/17/15

LATEST FEATURES BAMF Babes: Caroline Becker
Wolfenstein: The New Order had an amazing supporting cast but one of them stood out over the rest.

Developer Spotlight: Square Enix
Past, present, future.

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A Means to Disseminate Honest-to-God Leaks
By oblivion437
Posted on 02/02/15
Wikileaks, though technically not a wiki, provides an easy means to disseminate information that some find it desirable to share against the wishes of those who find it desirable to keep secret. Aside from the morality of the leaking itself, such a service provides a look into the activities of...


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