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REVIEWS Resident Evil Revelations 2 -- E Review
In this second chapter we see the "survival" part of "survival horror" come charging into the forefront.

Screamride Review
If you've been wanting a game that makes you scream “WHOO!”, Screamride has just the ticket.
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PREVIEWS Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Preview
I'm not normally impressed with MMORPGs, or their expansion packs for that matter, but Heart of Thorns is one of the few exceptions.
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Release date: Out Now

Release date: 03/04/15

La Mulana Ex
Release date: 03/04/15

BLADESTORM: Nightmare (working title)
Release date: 03/17/15

LATEST FEATURES "PlayStation Looks on Top Right Now" Over Xbox for Indie Games
And the war for indie exclusives between Sony and Microsoft continues...

The Top 20 Custom Amiibo Ever Customized
Well, that was redundant. But these amiibo are still awesome, and not sold in traditional stores.

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A Means to Disseminate Honest-to-God Leaks
By oblivion437
Posted on 02/02/15
Wikileaks, though technically not a wiki, provides an easy means to disseminate information that some find it desirable to share against the wishes of those who find it desirable to keep secret. Aside from the morality of the leaking itself, such a service provides a look into the activities of...


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March 3, 2015 Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 2 Capcom
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March 10, 2015 Cities: Skylines Paradox Interactive
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March 10, 2015 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Devolver Digital
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March 17, 2015 Battlefield Hardline Electronic Arts
March 17, 2015 Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 4 Capcom
March 19, 2015 Worlds of Magic Wastelands Interactive
March 24, 2015 Grand Theft Auto Online Rockstar Games
March 26, 2015 Pillars of Eternity Not Available
January 29, 2015 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1 Idea Factory
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March 30, 2015 Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Tecmo
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Updated on 03/02/2015

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