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Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance Screenshots

E3, LOS ANGELES ⎯ May 18, 2005 — Capcom® today presented Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance™ for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft®. Set in the seedy underbelly of Las Sombras, players are immersed in an urban setting ruled by a criminal underworld of power, greed and corruption. This intense, urban action game features a twisting storyline filled with betrayal, warring cartels and hard-hitting battles. Players must use their wits and depend on their fists above all else, as they seek vengeance against their enemies. Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance includes multiple modes, diverse gameplay and an open format that offers players a high level of freedom. Capcom plans to release the game across North America next fall.

“Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance is Capcom’s new take on the fighting genre and features hard-hitting action in a visceral urban setting,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment, Inc. “As publishers of Street Fighter, the longest running fighting franchise in the industry, Capcom is certainly an authority in this category. We will use this expertise as we take a new direction in fighting games.”

In an area brimming with cartels battling for power and influence, no one comes close to Zanetti’s group, the strongest force in Las Sombras. When Zanetti learns of a rival clan’s drug deal, he dispatches five of his top mercenaries from his inner circle to intervene. When they arrive on the scene, they find their targets have already
been executed and to their surprise, they are ambushed by members of their own cartel. They were set up to appear as traitors who were out to nab the drugs and money for themselves. They had been double crossed, but by who? Was this some scheme by the cartel to exploit them as scapegoats? Did one of the five betray the others?
Outnumbered and pursued by both their previous cartel and law enforcement officials, the five are forced to split up and disappear into the shadows of Las Sombras.

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance puts gamers in the role of one of the five fugitives as they seek revenge against their foes. Betrayal comes at a high price and to survive in Las Sombras, you need power. With enemies everywhere, the only hope is to find the other four and build enough power to strike back. Using a low-key downtown bar as a hideout base, players will wander the town in search of information and add allies to their growing opposition. Taking different jobs around town will add much needed funds to fuel the growth of the posse. By proving themselves in street battles, effectively utilizing negotiation skills and using clever disguises, they will be able to build their influence on the mean streets. Soon no one will stand in the way of cold hard vengeance!

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance includes the following features:

Play as one of five characters:

Raven – a rough and tumble rebel with a short fuse and penchant for fighting

Jason G – an orphan whose second nature is fighting for survival and places high value on his friends

Gina – a stunningly beautiful assassin who’s been scorned by a secret lover and is out for revenge

Lola – a professionally trained assassin from South America with a strong military background

Aaron – the Machiavellian bastard love child of Zanetti, the head of the most powerful cartel in Las Sombras

Multiple game modes:

Single player story mode
• Progress through mission based objectives
• Battle with people around town one-on-one or in heated group battles
• Talk to people to find information on your missing friends and your enemies
• Negotiate to make new allies with the street brutes around town

Vs. mode
• Vs. Mode Normal where you can battle against characters in the game
• Vs. Custom Mode where you can battle with edited characters in your own customized team and also store your custom team on a memory card to pit them against a friend’s
• As you play through story mode, exploring new areas and meeting more people, options increase in vs. mode
• Open and diversified gameplay

Give them the beat down and let your fists do the talking - you can engage anyone you meet in a fight!

Use “negotiation” tactics instead of brawling in order to recruit allies or build more funds for your cause

Walk around town to get information on the whereabouts of the Zanetti cartel and police to avoid dangerous confrontations and possible arrest

Use clever disguises to blend in, enter locations undetected, or masquerade as others – keeping a lower profile will make it easier to proceed through the game

No holds barred street brawls – punch and kick, use objects in the environment like pipes or bottles, break open crates and bins to reveal hidden weapons, or even smash opponents against cars, barbed wire and more!

Team management - Make valuable allies and consider their individual characteristics to assemble the best team for each mission. Make friends with the right people to gain valuable resources like cars, money, connections and more.

Vast and dynamic environment
– a true living city with several distinct areas populated by AI characters, realistic urban buildings and streets

Technical enhancements – incredible graphics, fully animated 3D characters, realistic sounds that echo during fights and distorted camera effects that reflect impacts sustained in battle

Multiple endings – depending on which character you choose and how you play, there are different endings

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