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Buccaneer - The Pursuit of Infamy Screenshots

Lyon, France, the 31st of July 2009 – Nobilis and Blitz Arcade are proud to provide you with an Interview of Stickman Studios responsible for the development of the PC game Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy and to reveal the first features of this game.

Buccaneer is a single and multiplayer game where players strive to become the most infamous pirate captain of all time and etch their name in The Hall of Infamy.

Game Features:

• Become a true battleship Captain: prepare your boat, recruit your crew, battle at sea…
• Benefit from a long and rich adventure with total freedom: over 50 missions to accomplish in any order you see fit!
• Enjoy the game instantly: have fun immediately after launching the game with the arcade-oriented gameplay of the game.
• Buy new ships and customize them for greater battle achievements: the player can choose from various classes of ships and equipment: speed, resistance, firepower…with 324 possible variations!
• Just sail for fun or join the hunt for Willy a mysterious pirate: great prizes await the player who will capture him.
• And more to come…

Interview of Stickman Studios:

Could you introduce your team and where you are from?

Stickman Studios is a two man team - Simon Nevill and Harvey Greensall. We are based in Leamington Spa in the UK, which is home to quite a number of English game companies.

Is it your first game?

Buccaneer is the first game developed by Stickman Studios, although we have both spent a number of years working in the industry prior to forming the company, so do have other game credits to our names.

How came the idea of Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy?

The original idea came while playing "Imperial Glory", a Napoleonic Wars game that had quite a nice naval battle mode. We liked the look and feel of the game, but it was point and click and the ships moved incredibly (and no doubt realistically) slowly. We thought that the battles could be made more fun and frantic by simply speeding them up and giving players direct control of a single ship, instead of a fleet. We also wanted to have the ships operating close to land to add extra interest, rather than simply having battles in the middle of a featureless ocean. After deciding that the ship was going to be the "character" in the game and that we wanted players sailing around a picturesque game world... the decision to make the game pirate themed was a simple one. In the majority of pirate films and stories the pirate ship itself is often as individual and flamboyant as the captain commanding it. And a Caribbean setting would give us the perfect opportunity to play around with some great lighting, which is crucial when you aim to make a game stand out visually.

What is your inspiration for Buccaneer? Sid Meier's Pirates? Monkey Island?

A number of people have likened the look of our game to Sid Meier's Pirates but we are rather ashamed to admit that neither of us have ever played it. So we can't really say that any other game has influenced the look or feel of our game - it just naturally evolved as we introduced new elements and constantly tweaked it. The only game that had any influence on the scale and feel of the game graphically was probably Age of Empires. While it is a completely different type of game, we were really impressed by the look and feel of the individual buildings and the almost "ultra bright" light that brings everythign to life.

What was your number one objective when you started the development of Buccaneer?

Our number one objective was definitely to release a game. When we decided to leave our regular jobs and have a go at creating our own game we were viewed by most as dreamers or fools and almost everyone we knew said that it couldn't be done. The popular view was that we would be back at our old jobs within a year with our tails between our legs with everyone saying "Told you so". It gave us an added determination to keep going when it would have been easier to give up. As a result our initial game design was quite modest and we intended to create a simple arcade style multiplayer game. It was only as the game came together and confidence grew in what we were creating that we chose to become more adventurous with our project. We still wanted to have an arcade feel to our game, rather than trying to create some kind of simulator, but we made the decision to add a single player campaign and more recently a 20 mission co-op mode.

What do you want the players to think about Buccaneer?

Ideally we would like players to have a positive experience when playing Buccaneer. Whether it's the sort of game they pick up and play for 15 minutes at a time or get immersed in for hours - the game should be fun. We wanted it to be easy to jump straight into - no need to read manuals or to familiarise yourself with strange controls. The ability to pick up and play was key.

In Buccaneer, what are you the most proud of?

A difficult question. We would be tempted to jump straight in and say that we were most proud of the graphics - we have had numerous comments from within the industry saying that the game doesn't look like an Indie game, that it doesn't look like it was put together by two guys in a back bedroom. But as we are both experienced artists, there was no excuse really for the game not looking good. So we guess what we are most proud of is that we have managed to create something that has become more than just a personal achievement for us. We have created something that has made others take notice and appreciate what we have achieved.

Why did you choose to include a Card Game?

During development it struck us how well Buccaneer would work as a card game so in our spare time (not that we have much) we have been developing a card game version. We decided to include 3 special cards in the box simply as a bonus for players who bought the PC game, to give them a better deck when the card game does eventually come out…

What is your next project?

We have a number of great designs that we are just itching to get started on and are currently debating which we would like to work on next. Each are wildly different and we would also like to think that they are quite original. The final decision, however, hinges on sales of Buccaneer, as we are self-funded and future development time will be dictated by the success of our first project.

Genre: Sea Battle / Pirates
Platform: PC
Publisher: Nobilis – Blitz Arcade
Developer: Stickman Studios
Release date: Europe – Q4 2009
Official website:
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