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City of Heroes Screenshots

Have you ever wanted to be hero? To soar between towering skyscrapers? To command the elements? To become a champion of justice – idolized by millions? Realize your comic book dreams in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is home to an entire universe of super-powered heroes and villains. Build your own unique hero from millions of possible character combinations and venture into Paragon City to discover all the danger, wonder and excitement that await you!

Developed by Cryptic Studios, based in San Jose, California, City of Heroes offers a whole new experience in playing with thousands of other gamers online – it offers the first and best comic book genre-based action MMORPG.Paragon City was once the leading metropolis of the United States; it is, in fact, the birthplace of masked heroes. Since its founding several centuries ago, Paragon City has been a shining beacon for commerce, industry and learning. Criminals, mercenaries and villains have always been attracted to Paragon City’s bright lights, in the hopes of despoiling this symbol of all that is true and just. But Paragon City’s heroes have always rallied to save her, the country, and the world.Then, the mysterious alien Rikti invaded Earth from another dimension. The creatures used Paragon City as a base of operations, from which they launched attacks across the globe.

Humanity’s very existence was endangered until Earth’s heroes, and even some villains, joined forces to repel the Rikti invasion force. In spite of great losses, mankind triumphed and the Rikti were forced out. Paragon City, however, was decimated. Even worse, many heroes that she had depended upon were now casualties. Paragon City needs new protectors. This is where the players come in; they are Paragon City’s only hope! Players first choose their hero’s origin – in other words, how they got their amazing powers. Next up is the hero’s archetype, which roughly corresponds to the role that the hero plays.

Each archetype has a certain set of powers to choose from so that everyone can create their own personalized hero. Then, players choose from TRILLIONS of color, mask, geometrical and pattern combinations for the head, chest, arms, boots, legs and belt. Practically every look and style of comic book hero is captured in these costume options; heroes of all shapes and sizes will fill the streets – and sky – of Paragon City.Once a player has completed designing his or her hero, it is time to venture into the stunning world of Paragon City. Skyscrapers of steel and glass reach to the clouds. Sprawling landscaped parks filled with flora, fauna, and statuary offer a relaxing break from the sidewalks and passing traffic. Colorful signs, billboards, and banners decorate the streets, and a high-speed monorail snakes by overhead to complete the modern city skyline.

Now comes the hard part; defending the city from the threats that lurk in the ashes of the Rikti invasion. Nearly a dozen villain groups, some ancient, some new, are now actively plotting to take advantage of Paragon City’s momentary weakness. Only the players stand between these dire threats and the city’s doom. The Fifth Column, an old organization whose roots stretch back to World War II, has been reborn with a goal nothing short of planetary domination. The diabolical Circle of Thorns believes that it has come tantalizingly close to unraveling the enigma of the city hidden deep below the bowels of Paragon City; once it does, all mankind will pay the price. The Freakshow have no such lofty goals; vandalism, robbery and extortion are their only aspirations. And with their black market cybernetic enhancements, the police cannot stop them.

The Rikti haven’t entirely disappeared, either; their presence is continually seen throughout the city. These are just a few of the threats that the players will face when they step into Paragon City. Perhaps the most intriguing element in City of Heroes is its Story Arcs. Heroes can randomly patrol the city and stop petty crimes in their tracks – but there is so much more that draws the player into the story of the city. Contacts – people that the hero discovers and gets to know – will request and guide the hero on tasks against the various active villain groups. Some tasks take the hero, and his or her comrades, into personalized missions in a number of unique environments.

Other tasks will point the hero into lawless areas of the city, where crime is rampant. Along the way, a hero will earn Nemeses – individual villains who will come to haunt the hero’s every step. And as the hero moves along his adventures, the overarching schemes of the villains will reveal themselves.Heroes need not stand alone; they can form and join a super group, where players pool their resources in the ongoing fight against evil. As the group grows in size and influence, so too does it gain its own set of Contacts and Story Arcs. City of Heroes – the first MMORPG where players bring the world of comic books alive.

Key Features

• Massively multiplayer online game where players take on the role of a super-powered hero
• Play and live in Paragon City’s visually stunning 3-D world
• Costume creation system that allows for trillions of different costume combinations including costume colors, patterns, textures, hair and facial features
• Hundreds of powers to choose from to make your hero unique
• Form a team of heroes to fight the menaces that plague Paragon City
• Go on personalized missions and rid the city of its numerous evil organizations and hundreds of enemies

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