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Jean-François Dugas

Lead Game Designer

1 - Two great factors of freedom in FC PC were the incredible view distance and the wide spectrum of weapons, allowing the player to choose between long range shooting and close combat melee …Have you managed to keep this element of freedom on Far Cry Instincts?

Absolutely. Our goal was to stay true to the PC version for all the best aspects even with the long and short range shooting.


2- Was the freedom of movement and approach (ie combining straight-up combat with stealth) a move to get beyond the feel of earlier FPSs?

I think we have an edge over most FPS on that matter. In general, FPSs are straightforward shooters. Far Cry Instincts' setting gives us an opportunity to really give the players the tools to play the way they want.


3- Will the game favor stealth gameplay, or is Far Cry more action oriented? What kind of tactics and inventory management will there be?

FCI is more of an action shooter. The first part of the game (~ 2-3 maps) is more stealth oriented. We'll progressively give the player the tools to play it more frantic. And even though we're giving a lot of freedom to players as tactics are concerned, all the choices will result in simple actions. There is not much inventory management to deal with per say. We kept it very minimal.


4- Far Cry must have the largest environments we have ever seen in any game. How was the game designed to achieve this? Could you tell us a little about it, and how you have managed to make it work?

The challenge was more technical than anything else. So, obviously, FCI maps have been created with the console limitations in mind which means less polys, lower textures resolution, etc. The largest maps were created in this optic so we were carefully thinking about where to put the goods or not.

I'm not the most technical person on the team but let's say that LOD tricks were among our best friends.


5- What types of environments will we see, and what is the approximate ratio between indoors and outdoors gameplay? Also, will there be day and night gameplay?

You'll see a variety of lush environments. From beach landscapes to the depth of the jungle, from cliffs to caverns, players will never battle in 2 similar levels although they'll look consistent from the beginning to the end. Since gorgeous landscapes are central to the FCI experience, I would say that outdoor environments make up for around 70% of the game. Some areas will be played at day while other at dawn or night. It will create various levels of tension.


6- There are many weapons available in Far Cry Instincts…but there are also plenty of vehicles…could you please give us some details on them?

We have around 15 weapons to choose from. It goes from the simple butterfly knife to grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers.

For vehicles we got 7 of them. We have land vehicles such as the ATV, water vehicles such as the water scooter and we have an air vehicle, the glider.


7- How much of a role will vehicles play in the game?

Vehicles are mainly used in chase sequences although players will be able to find some other creative uses out of them.


8- In addition to this large array of weapons and vehicles it was revealed at this year's edition of E3 that you added an innovative trap system to Far Cry Instincts…. Could you please present it briefly to us? What will it bring to the gameplay in your opinion?

We got the branch whip to install on trees and the claymore mines which are not a trap per say but we might come up with an interesting twist for it. J

The goal with the traps (especially the branch whip) was to give the player a stronger sense of being trapped in a wild environment where he must use the best of it to overcome the challenges. Traps can be installed almost everywhere in the maps.

I think this will give some spontaneous fun back in the FPS type of games, not only for solo play but for multiplay as well.


9- In terms of enemies and enemy tactics, what can we look forward to? Do enemies have business to go about, or are they generally just on guard duty?

It's a mix of both. We want our enemies to look like they're real men. They will complain about their conditions or even tell jokes; they will be scared by things, they will guard, etc.

In combat, they might try to flank you; the leader will give orders, etc. We want them to feel organic as much as possible. We'll also have some scripted behaviours in some places to create more spectacular stuff but in the end, the goal is to make players believe they're fighting people instead of robots.


10-finally would you say that Far Cry Instincts' huge, open-ended levels offer a new type of gameplay to FPS gamers?

To me, it feels fresh. And when you play it, you'll see that it has some cool toys to experiment with that expand on the gameplay possibilities. Far Cry Instincts is not your average shooter.


Finally, is there anything else you'd like to add?

If you want to play a shooter that really feels and play different while keeping the classical stuff intact, get Far Cry Instincts end of next September. J

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