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REVIEWS Gal Gun Double Peace Review
A game about giving teenage girls orgasms for people who most likely never have given anyone an orgasm.

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs-Fo Review
When surrounded by multiple threats, this turns the screen into a Dance Dance Revolution song.
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Well I went down yonder to a place called Kyoto
It gets hotter than the Hotto Motto
We rode a few buses and hopped on the train
Felt a lotta joy and a little bitta pain

Comic-Con Smackdown: Resident Evil 7 vs. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul
Which game will make you want to play with the lights on?

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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...



Star Trek Online (PWE) Star Trek Online (PWE)
Archibald's Adventures 06/13/16
Lightopus 05/25/16
Corridor Z 05/04/16
Mad Bullets 06/15/16


CSR Racing 2 CSR Racing 2
Sport / Racing
Eden: The Game 07/22/16
SBK16 Official Mobile Game 07/22/16
Pocket Politics 07/20/16
Once Heroes 07/20/16

Title Created Genre Publisher
Babel Rising 05/31/12 Action / Puzzle Ubisoft
Babel Rising 3D 06/14/12 Action Ubisoft
Babonk 04/24/14 Arcade Ulf Vikström
Baby Dance Off 02/07/12 Action Angry Array
Baby Ninja Dance 05/29/12 Action ASteam
Baby Ninja JUMP 10/11/12 Action ASteam
Baby Nom Nom 08/01/13 Puzzle Playrise Digital
BabyFirstTVs Peek-a-boo 10/29/10 Edutainment BFTV, LLC
Backbreaker 2: Vengeance HD 06/22/12 Sports NaturalMotion
Backbreaker Football 10/08/10 Sport Simulation NaturalMotion
Backgammon Board HD 10/26/10 Board Jadestone
Backyard Battles 09/04/13 Strategy Naked Sky
Backyard Monsters: Unleashed 11/11/13 Strategy KIXEYE
Bacteria: Arcade Edition 01/18/13 Arcade SinisterSoft
Bad Apples: Battle Harvest 04/18/11 Puzzle The Metaversal Studios
Bad Bots 12/14/12 Action indiePub
Bad Candy 11/08/13 Puzzle Landshark Games
Bad Girl 3: Beach Party 05/24/11 Adventure Witchcraft Studios
Bad Girl Dirty Dance 04/20/11 Simulation Witchcraft Studios
Bad Hotel 08/23/12 Action / Tower Defence Lucky Frame
Bad Piggies 09/27/12 Action Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Badland 09/08/15 Action Frogmind
Badland 2 03/08/16 Action
Badly Drawn Faces 10/22/12 Action Sporcle, Inc.
Badly Drawn Movies 01/11/13 Puzzle Sporcle, Inc.
Bag It! 11/15/11 Puzzle Hidden Variable Studios
Bake Escape 10/01/15 Puzzle Chillingo
Bakery Story 05/17/11 Simulation TeamLava
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition 11/15/13 RPG
Ball Crushers: Extreme Dodgeball 04/11/12 Sports Feature Creep Studios
Ball on a Wall 02/09/12 Arcade SmallGreenHill
Ball on a Wall Pocket 04/05/12 Puzzle / Platformer Surprise Attack
Ball Rush 05/03/11 Arcade Alexander Bishop
BallFallDown Deluxe 03/25/11 Puzzle FlatPack Interactive
Ballistic SE 04/27/12 Arcade Radiangames
Balloon Blowout 06/21/13 Arcade / Puzzle EnsenaSoft
BAM! Battles and Monsters 11/14/14 Strategy Aeria Games
Banana Banzai 07/22/11 Arcade Darxabre
Banana Kong 11/14/12 Arcade FDG Entertainment
Band Stars 02/03/15 Rhytm / Music Halfbrick
BANG! 11/10/11 Board Palzoun
Banjo Piranha 08/24/11 Arcade Sauce Digital
Bank Escape 08/24/15 Arcade / Puzzle Kaarel Kirsipuu
Banzai Blade 07/02/12 Action TBS
Banzai Bugs 06/22/11 Arcade Devilish Developments
Barbarian 12/02/11 Action Anuman
Barcode Football 08/26/14 Sports PlayNext
Barcode Warz in Space 06/24/13 Quiz Assist Software Solutions
Bardbarian 01/21/14 Tower Defense Bulkypix
Barn Voyage 07/21/14 Simulation Fun+
Base Busters 10/22/14 Strategy Nexon M
Baseball Riot 11/25/15 Puzzle 10tons
Baseball Slam 07/23/13 Action Zynga Inc.
Baseball Superstars 2010 09/22/10 Sports Simulation GAMEVIL Inc.
Baseball Superstars 2012 01/31/12 Sports GAMEVIL Inc.
Baseball Superstars 2013 02/13/13 Sports GAMEVIL Inc.
Baseball Town 02/06/12 Sports VITUSOFT
Bashi Blocks 07/14/11 Icon Games
Basket Pong Monkey 08/02/12 Puzzle Xing
Basketball 3D 11/20/13 Sports Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd
Basketball Showdown 2015 05/07/15 Sports Naquatic LLC
Basketball Stars 04/06/16 Sport
Basketball: Hoops Of Glory 01/06/12 Sports Synqua Games
Bastion 12/18/12 RPG Warner Bros.
Batman: Arkham City Lockdown 02/23/12 Action Warner Bros.
Batman: Arkham Underworld 07/18/16 Action Turbine
BATMAN: The Telltale Series 06/13/16 Action Telltale Games
Battle Academy 08/27/12 Strategy Slitherine
Battle Academy: Operation Sealion 12/17/15 Strategy Slitherine Software
BATTLE BEARS 10/07/10 Adventure SkyVu Pictures
Battle Bears Royale 09/06/12 Action SkyVu Pictures
BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! 07/18/11 Action SkyVu Pictures
Battle Camp 07/10/14 Puzzle PennyPop
Battle Camp HD 04/06/15 Arcade PennyPop
Battle Champs 07/14/16 RPG BlazeGames, Inc.
Battle Command 11/12/13 Strategy Spacetime Games
Battle Copters 11/19/15 Action Chillingo
Battle Decks 06/10/15 Card Game Chillingo
Battle Dragons 07/17/13 Strategy Spacetime Studios
Battle Dungeon 11/08/12 Strategy Hunted Cow
Battle Dungeon: Risen 04/01/13 Action Hunted Cow
Battle Earth 01/08/16 Strategy Triniti Stars
Battle Fleet 06/20/11 Strategy iPhoneStrategyGames
Battle Fleet 2 10/13/15 Strategy
Battle for the Sun 01/21/15 Action Appsolutely Studios
Battle for the Throne 12/15/14 Action / Strategy TOAST
Battle for Wesnoth 10/08/10 Role Playing Kyle Poole
Battle Fury XD 06/03/11 RPG Noumena
Battle Gems 03/25/14 Action / Puzzler Artix Entertainment LLC
Battle Group 2 06/13/14 Action Right Pedal Studios
Battle Line 04/05/13 Action / RPG GAMEVIL Inc.
Battle Nations 04/30/12 Action Z2Live, Inc
Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals 12/10/14 RPG Ubisoft
Battle of Puppets 10/28/10 Action Small Wonders
Battle of the Bulge 09/22/15 Action Shenandoah Studio
Battle Rides: Duel 07/22/14 Action Luderia
Battle Run 01/06/15 Action Game Hive Corp.
Battle Supremacy 12/20/13 Action Atypical Games
Battle Tankz 08/16/13 Strategy Iceberg Interactive
BattleBallz 04/29/11 Arcade TBA
Battlebow: Shoot the Demons 07/03/12 Action / RPG Buettner Games
Battlefield 3: Aftershock 08/22/11 Action EA
Battlefield Legend Infinity 01/18/12 Arcade GameSalad
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 06/02/11 FPS EA
BattleFriends at Sea Reloaded 08/13/13 Word Puzzle Tequila Games Sp. z o.o.
BattleFriends in Tanks 06/20/13 Action Tequila Mobile
BattleHand 01/08/16 RPG Kongregate
Battleheart 02/15/11 Role Play Mika Mobile
Battlehorn 10/01/13 Tower Defense iosoftware
Battleloot Adventure 11/23/11 RPG Digital Tales
Battlepillars 10/08/13 Action, Inc.
Battleplan: American Civil War 08/20/14 Strategy The Mustard Corporation
BattleSheep! HD 11/04/10 Role Playing AppMania
Bayla Bunny 05/06/15 Action EnsenaSoft
Bazzle 05/12/11 Puzzle Capcom
BBBBombs! 01/14/14 Puzzle Tony Colley
BBQ Frenzy 09/05/13 Arcade AMA (Advanced Mobile...
Be Together 02/28/13 Arcade / Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Beach Buggy Blitz 11/08/12 Sports / Racing Vector Unit
Beach Buggy Racing 10/29/14 Action / Racing Vector Unit
Beach Games 09/03/15 Action Joyful Works
Beach Rush 10/28/10 Action CrowdCafa
Beach Whale 11/09/12 Action Dingle LLC
Beamed 11/04/10 Board glimmerWave software
Bean Boy 01/12/15 Arcade Tyson Ibele
Bean Dreams 04/07/15 Action Kumobius
Bean's Quest Final 04/06/12 Arcade Surprise Attack
Bears vs. Art 03/10/14 Puzzle Halfbrick
Beast Boxing 3D 11/04/10 Sport / Boxing Goodhustle Studios, Inc.
Beast Squad 09/22/11 Action / Puzzle Cyclone Kick Studio
Beasts vs Bots 06/25/15 Real-Time Strategy Nexon M Inc
Beasty Birds 12/05/11 Action / Arcade ASteam
Beat Enigma 01/23/12 Puzzle Francisco Padilla
Beat Gather 01/29/13 Rhytm / Music Konami Digital Entertainment
Beat Hazard Ultra 04/22/14 Shooter Cold Beam Games
Beat Sneak Bandit 02/21/12 Action Simogo
Beat Sports 12/18/15 Sports
Beatdown! 12/04/12 Action Ravenous Games Inc
Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2 10/26/10 Role Playing Mobileking Inc.
Beauty Makeover Salon 04/08/13 Arcade Nicola Wagner
Bebbled: The XMAS Challenge 09/21/10 Board Discussion Works
Because Zombies 02/05/15 Tower Defence DoubleSmoked Software
Bedlam 04/13/12 MMORPG
Bee Brave 05/21/12 Arcade MobileSoftJungle Ltd
Bee Brilliant 10/17/14 Puzzle Tactile Entertainment
Bee Farm 05/18/11 Arcade / Puzzle Vivid Games
Bee Wars 09/07/12 Strategy Gameshastra Inc.
Beeing 04/05/12 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Beejumbled 06/11/13 Puzzle 2K Games
Beekyr 07/03/14 Action / Adventure KaleidoGames
Beetle Breaker 11/14/13 Puzzle Chillingo
beHEXed 09/05/13 Puzzle BBG Entertainment
Bejeweled 04/23/12 Puzzle PopCap
Bejeweled 2 10/04/10 Puzzle PopCap Games, Inc.
Bejeweled Blitz 07/26/12 Puzzle PopCap
Bellyfish 05/14/13 Action Duello Iletisim Hizmetleri...
Ben 10 Game Generator 3 10/22/12 Action Niffler
Ben 10: Alien Escape 08/23/12 Action Turner EMEA
Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered 09/28/10 Adventure Revolution
Berry Jump 10/22/10 Action / Platformer United Command International
Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business 12/19/14 Action / Adventure Rumpus Animation
Best Fiends 05/19/15 Action Seriously
Best Park In the Universe 07/19/13 Action Cartoon Network
Betty Boop Color Cross 10/10/11 Puzzle Little Worlds Studio
Beware Planet Earth! 04/14/14 Tower Defense Lightmare Studios
Beyond Space 03/11/14 Action Bulkypix
Beyond Ynth 09/27/12 Action / Platformer FDG Entertainment
Bibi's Stardust Chase 01/02/15 Action Nurogames
Bicolor 05/07/14 Puzzle 1Button SARL
Big Action Mega Fight! 11/14/13 Action Execution Labs
Big Boss 03/04/11 Action Chillingo Ltd
Big Brain Morris 10/26/10 Board Zariba Ltd.
Big Buck Safari 10/07/11 Action Merge Interactive
Big Builder 04/23/12 Arcade Heath Richards
Big Business Deluxe 10/15/13 Strategy Game Insight
Big Cup Cricket 02/18/11 Sports Eidos Interactive Ltd
Big Fish Casino 01/23/13 Casino Big Fish Games, Inc
Big Fishing 04/26/11 Action Thumbstar Games
Big Hit Baseball 02/17/11 Sports Eidos Interactive Ltd
Big Time Gangsta 07/19/11 Action Glu Games Inc.
Big Win Baseball 07/03/12 Sports Hothead Games Inc.
Big Win Football 10/04/12 Sports Hothead Games Inc.
Big Win Hockey 04/11/12 Sports Hothead Games Inc.
Big Win NHL 12/18/13 Slots Hothead Games
Big Win Racing 12/13/13 Action / Racing
Big Win Soccer 04/13/12 Sports Hothead Games
BigFest 08/22/13 Simulation Sony
Bike Baron 10/19/11 Action Mountain Sheep
Bike Dash 08/31/15 Sports Twindigo
Bike Mania Turbo 08/12/11 Sports
Bike or Die 2 10/12/10 Action / Biking Chillingo Ltd
Bike Race Free 04/04/12 Sports Top Free Games
Bike Race Pro 01/16/13 Top Free Games
Bill Killem 05/22/14 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Billionaire Blitz 08/27/14 Puzzle CKS Games
Bina Blocks 05/20/14 Puzzle KeitGames
Binary Challenge 10/06/15 Puzzle increatly
Bingo Bash 01/23/13 BitRhymes Inc.
Bingo Vegas 01/16/13 TiniDream Studios
Bingo Words 09/17/12 Word Puzzle win interactive
Bingo: World Games 07/16/14 Board Shark Party
Bio Carnage: Birth 11/12/10 Adventure GMS
Bio Inc 03/25/15 Strategy DryGin Studios
BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak 09/17/10 Action Resolution Interactive AB
BioShock (iOS) 08/29/14 FPS 2K
Biplane 10/15/10 Action / Flight GameResort LLC
Bird Mania 3D 04/10/13 Action Teyon
Bird Strike 10/11/10 Action PikPok
Bird Up! 11/16/12 OmniMotion Technology
Bird Zapper! 03/28/11 Action Namco Networks America Inc.
Birds on a Wire 10/04/12 Action HeroCraft Ltd.
Birzzle Fever 06/16/14 Puzzle Halfbrick
Bish Bash Bus 10/31/14 Action Light Arc Studio
BIT.TRIP RUN! 10/31/13 Action Gaijin Games
Bitstream 10/18/12 Arcade ProjectorGames
Bitter Sam 02/21/12 Action / Puzzler Moon Active
Black Boxes 12/11/15 Puzzle UOVO
Black Ops : MC Mini FPS Game 10/07/13 Action wang wei
Black Tomcat 11/05/10 Action / Flight SHORTENTERTAINMENT
Black Viper: Sophia's Fate 05/23/14 Hidden Objects Microids
Black Water 09/27/12 Action Brisk Mobile Inc
Blackjack! Buzz 04/12/13 Card Game Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Blackout 06/27/13 Arcade Adrenaline Amusements
Blacksmith Lab 02/02/16 Sim GamesButler
Blackwell Series 07/10/14 Adventure Wadjet Eye Games
Blade Lords 02/14/14 Action Playsoft
Blade: Redemption 09/04/15 Action / RPG 4:33 Creative Lab
Blade: Sword of Elysion 01/21/16 RPG 4:33 Creative Lab
Blade: The Age of Blood 02/03/15 RPG
Bladelords - Fighting Revolution 07/21/14 Action Playsoft
Blades of Fury 10/11/10 Action / Fighting Gameloft
Bladeslinger Ep.1 12/05/12 Action Kerosene
Blast Monkeys 06/23/11 Action / Platformer Yobonja
Blast Your Way 07/14/14 Tower Defense C4 Gaming Studio
Blast-A-Way 09/05/12 Puzzle Illusion Labs
Blaster Simulator 05/14/12 Arcade UIG Entertainment
Blaster Tank 04/27/11 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Blastpoints 12/07/12 Action Surprise Attack
Blastron 07/23/13 Action Kabam
BlazBlue: Battle Cards 05/26/15 Card Game Metaversal Studios
Blazing Star 07/26/12 Action SNK
Blek 12/17/13 Puzzle Denis Mikan
Blendoku 04/11/13 Puzzle Lonely Few LLC
Blendoku 2 11/19/15 Puzzle Lonely Few
Blimp - The Flying Adventures 10/14/10 Action Craneballs Studios
Bling Drop 05/14/15 Puzzle Mobile Amusements
Blitz Brigade 05/15/13 MMO Gameloft
Blitz Racing 11/12/14 Action / Racing Sudhir Singh
Blobster 07/18/11 Action / Platformer Chillingo Ltd
Blobsy 10/05/15 Arcade RamminSpeed Entertainment
Block Bash 05/11/15 Puzzle 1Touch Games
Block Block Block 07/02/13 Puzzle Noodlecake Studios Inc
Block Breaker Deluxe 2 10/05/10 Action Gameloft
Block Crush Saga 07/30/14 Puzzle Crave Creative
Block Fortress 03/27/13 Action Foursaken Media
Block Fortress: War 03/11/14 Action Foursaken Media
Block Invader 10/22/12 Arcade Illogical Games
Blockadillo 06/24/15 Arcade Blockadillo
Blocker 04/02/12 Board Groundcontrol ApS
Blocksworld 01/25/13 Simulation Boldai
Blocksworld HD 08/14/13 Action Linden Research, Inc.
Blockwick 06/27/12 Puzzle Kieffer Bros.
Blocky Hockey All-Stars 01/27/16 Sports Gogii Games Corp.
Blocky Roads 11/14/13 Action Dogbyte Games Kft.
BLOCnog 12/11/15 Puzzle Robert Koehler
Blokout 04/25/16 Puzzle Natty Games
Bloks Game 01/19/15 Puzzle Bulkypix
Blood & Glory: Legend 09/05/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Blood and Glory 02/29/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Blood Battalion 09/20/13 RPG DeNA
Blood Beach 11/10/10 Action Coresoft Inc.
Blood Bowl 07/02/14 Sports Focus Home Interactive
Blood Bowl (iOS) 07/02/14 Sports Focus Home Interactive
Blood Brothers 09/11/12 RPG Mobage, Inc.
Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy 08/14/15 RPG DeNA
Blood Guts & Glory 12/19/12 Action / FPS Candella
Bloodline 10/14/15 Card Game Cherry Credits
Bloodmasque 12/10/13 Action Square Enix
Bloodshed Ninja 03/01/11 Arcade Action Aruba Studios GmbH
Bloodstroke 02/11/14 Action Chillingo Ltd
Bloody Aliens 08/17/15 Action Crywolf Digital
Bloody Bunnies 09/01/11 Action / Platformer Mentalwarp Games
Bloody Epic 01/31/13 Action Tio Atum
Bloody Harry 06/26/13 Action FDG
Bloom Box 05/21/13 Puzzle Nexx Studio
Bloons TD 09/21/10 Action Digital Goldfish Ltd
Bloons TD 4 04/27/11 Arcade Digital Goldfish Ltd
Bloons TD 5 08/28/13 Tower Defense Ninja Kiwi
Bloons Tower Defense 10/08/10 Action / Puzzle Digital Goldfish Ltd
BLOSICS 09/29/11 Arcade FDG Entertainment
Blosics Free 02/29/12 Arcade FDG Entertainment
Blow Your Way 12/01/14 Action Immanitas Entertainment
Blowfish Meets Meteor 05/01/14 Arcade Sky Tyrannosaur, LLC
Blue Eden 02/21/14 Adventure Skoobie Games
Blue Giant 07/15/11 Peter Levine
Blue Libra 10/17/11 Strategy Orator Games
Blueprint 3D 12/12/11 Puzzle FDG Entertainment
BMX Boy 03/06/15 Action Gamer Newsrooms
BMX Jam 10/11/12 Sports Vivid Games
Board Defenders 11/23/15 Puzzle Ludus Studio
Bob's Action Racing 10/24/11 Action / Arcade VariaMedia GmbH
Bobbing 04/08/13 Arcade / Puzzle Little Bobby
Bobble Boxers 11/12/10 Action Spiked Bat Apps
BoboBua 10/07/10 Action Tripod Games
Bogey Wogey: Ghost Busters 02/27/14 Arcade Sphulling Arts
Bogo's Good Habits 03/11/14 Puzzle QWERKY Communications
Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game 11/07/13 Adventure IDEA
Bomb Buds 04/11/14 Arcade Perfect World Entertainment
Bomb Panic 08/27/12 Arcade Orangenose Studios
Bomb the Monsters! 05/30/14 Immanitas Entertainment
Bomb the ‘Burb 08/20/14 Puzzle Thundersword Games
Bomba 09/15/11 Puzzle Games Labs Apps
Bombing Bird 03/16/12 Action FoofaStudios
Bombs 04/30/15 Action / Strategy
Bombshells: Hell's Belles 09/10/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Bone Headed HD 10/26/10 Adventure David Tillotson
Bonecruncher Soccer 11/04/10 Sport / Football Distinctive Developments Ltd
Bongo Jungle Race 11/16/12 Action ThunderBull Entertainmen
Bonsai Blast 02/22/11 Puzzle Glu
Bonza Word Puzzle 04/07/15 Puzzle Minimega Pty Ltd
Boogey Boy 09/30/14 Action / Runner Goon Studios LLC
Book of Heroes 12/05/11 Board Venan Entertainment
Bookworm 09/22/10 Logic Puzzle PopCap Games, Inc.
Bookworm Heroes 04/22/13 Action PopCap
Boom Beach 02/19/14 Strategy Supercell
Boom Boat 2 11/22/13 Action Razoric Studios
Boom Boom Football 09/21/15 Sports Hothead Games
Boom Boom Gems 03/22/11 Puzzle Ezmobo
Boom Brigade 2 04/23/12 Action 10tons
Boom Bugs 12/07/11 Puzzle Playerthree
Boom Dots 04/09/15 Mudloop
Boom Goes The Boat 06/15/15 Crave Creative
Boom Town 02/05/13 Simulation thePodge
Boom! Tanks 09/12/13 Action The Codemasters Software...
Booommm 08/28/14 Arcade WhiteSponge Pte. Ltd.
BOP IT! SMASH 06/25/12 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Bopscotch 07/15/14 Arcade Leda Entertainment
Borderlands Legends 10/31/12 Action 2K Games
Boson X 10/04/13 Arcade Ian MacLarty
Boss Battles 02/03/12 Action Backflip Studios
Boss Monster 04/08/15 Action / Platformer Plain Concepts
BotBlast Pro 11/27/12 Action Zanderation
Bottle Cap Blitz 04/08/13 Arcade Big Pixel Studios
Boulder Bridge 06/24/11 FromPix
Boulder Dash: 30th Anniversary Edition 01/31/14 Action First Star Software
Bounce the Bunny 09/23/11 Arcade
Bouncedown 10/28/10 Action / Platformer Jagex Games Studio
Bouncy Squirrel 02/19/14 Action Csharks
Bounden 05/27/14 Rhythm / Music Game Oven
Bounder's World 08/29/11 Arcade Urbanscan
Bounty Arms 07/18/13 Action Kerosene Games
Bounty Bots 04/19/12 Action MunkyFun, Inc.
Bounzy 03/28/13 Action Bounzy
Bow Hunter 2015 08/10/15 Strategy iEntertainment
Bowl With Me 03/06/14 Sports Meg
Bowling Wizards 01/03/12 Sports Next Wave Multimedia
Boxhead - The Zombie Wars 09/21/10 Action MEDL MOBILE
BoxPlots 10/23/12 Puzzle Ingot Games
Boy Loves Girl 03/22/12 Grubby Hands
Brain Fit 2 09/09/11 Board Karma World LLC
Brainsss 05/21/12 Action Lonely Few LLC
Brat Attack 12/17/12 Action Jean-Luc Calouro
Brave Frontier 07/24/14 RPG gumi Inc.
Brave John 05/08/15 Action / RPG NextFloor
Brave: Storybook Deluxe 06/15/12 Action Disney
Braveheart 01/12/12 Action / RPG Gaijin Entertainment
Braveland 04/01/14 Tortuga Team
BraveSmart 06/21/12 Action flaregames
Bravo Force: Last Stand 04/30/12 Action Neon Play
Bravura - Quest Rush 09/24/13 RPG Playground Publishing B.V.
Breach And Clear 07/30/13 Action Gun.
Breach TD 05/28/15 Tower Defence
Bread Puppies 11/18/13 Simulation Bake450, Inc.
Breakbeat Alley 05/07/14 Rhythm / Music Dojotron, LLC
Breaking Eggz 06/27/12 Action RedDreamStar
Breakout: Boost 12/15/11 Action Atari
Breakout: Boost+ 01/24/12 Arcade Atari
Breitling Reno Air Races 08/03/11 Action Breitling
Brick Breaker Marathon 03/05/12 Arcade MobileMediaCom
Brick People 09/29/11 Action Sega
Brick Roll 08/13/13 Arcade Gavina Games
Brick Wars 01/08/13 Arcade neveS
Brickout Deluxe 05/04/12 Arcade Fat Fish Games
Bricks 06/24/14 Arcade Konstantin Gonikman
Bricks Buster 10/26/10 Action TopLineSoft Systems
Bricks Trouble Origins 05/07/12 Arcade 2P Games
BricksItOut 11/04/14 Puzzle newbieCAT
Bridge Constructor Medieval 05/06/14 Strategy Headup Games GmbH & Co KG
Bridge Constructor Stunts 09/15/15 Sim Headup Games
BridgeIT 10/29/10 Board Offshore
Bridgy Jones 06/04/13 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Brigand 04/06/15 Action Mark Damon Hughes
Brigands and Barbarians 06/25/13 Dynamic Adventures Inc.
Briquid 10/21/13 Puzzle Gamious
Briquid Mini 10/29/14 Puzzle Gamious
Broken Sword Director's Cut 06/28/12 Adventure Revolution
Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse 02/21/14 Adventure Revolution
Brothers In Arms 2 10/14/10 Action / Fps Gameloft
Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War 01/05/15 Action Gameloft
Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes 10/28/10 Action / FPS Gameloft
Bruce Lii - Hit and Run 08/26/13 Action Immanitas Entertainment
Brush Master 03/30/15 Arcade Frank P Placeres
Brutal Digger 09/28/15 Arcade
Brutal Fire 12/19/12 Action Boyojoy
Brutus & Futee 05/04/15 Action
Bubblanche 08/01/12 Puzzle Kolograph
Bubble Birds HD 02/13/12 Arcade XIMAD
Bubble Blaze 04/24/15 Puzzle Outplay Entertainment Ltd
Bubble Bubble 2 03/28/11 Action The Green
Bubble Chronicles 06/09/14 Puzzle Renatus Media
Bubble Dreams 03/01/11 Puzzle SuperFunPlay
Bubble Fest - Crush The Saga 05/23/13 Puzzle Bram Smit
Bubble Fins 05/07/13 Puzzle Iddiction
Bubble Force 09/05/12 Puzzle Lunagames
Bubble Genius 12/03/15 Outplay Entertainment
Bubble Heroes 12/04/14 Puzzle Fat Fish Games
Bubble Heroes - Starfish Rescue 01/16/15 Puzzle Fat Fish Games
Bubble in Paradise 02/16/12 Puzzle
Bubble Island 12/04/12 Puzzle wooga
Bubble Jump 09/27/10 Action / Role Playing Branavets
Bubble Kung Fu Xmas 12/03/12 Arcade Bedtime Studio
Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess 06/23/14 Puzzle
Bubble Mania 07/27/12 Puzzle TeamLava
Bubble Shooter Chef 08/11/15 Puzzle Roaring Bull Studios
Bubble Shooter Free 05/04/11 Arcade Hidden Sweet
Bubble Shot - Reflect 11/09/11 Arcade Gravity
Bubble Shot! 09/07/12 Arcade / Puzzle Fat Fish Games
Bubble Trolls 04/05/11 Arcade Action Broken Switch Studios
Bubble Universe 11/08/11 Puzzle Tequila Mobile
Bubble Witch Saga 07/26/12 Action
Bubble Witch Saga 2 05/21/14 Puzzle King
Bubblee 10/26/10 Board Vimukti Technologies Pvt Ltd
Bubblee Mini 10/22/10 Board Vimukti Technologies Pvt Ltd
Bubbly Pop: Soap Bubbles Fun 06/25/15 Arcade Reliance Big Entertainment...
Bubo Drop 05/15/14 Puzzle Marvelous AQL UK
Buck Rogers Begins 03/21/12 Arcade SquidJuice
Bucket Knight: River Adventures 05/14/15 Action Trollpants Game Studio
Bucketz 07/30/12 Arcade Picnic Hippo Studios
Bucketz Ride 06/13/13 Picnic Hippo
Buddha Finger 10/29/12 Action Lady Shotgun
Buddy And Me 10/07/13 Action Sunbreak Games
Buddy Rush 10/03/11 Role Play Company 100 Inc.
Buddy Rush: The Legends 03/30/16 Action Company 100 Inc.
Buddyman: Halloween Kick 2 HD 11/05/14 Arcade Crazylion Studios Limited
Bug Blitz 05/11/12 Puzzle Justnine Co. Ltd
Bug Invasion 07/02/12 Action Steel Steed Studio
Bug Princess 2 04/10/12 Arcade CAVE CO.,LTD.
Bug Village 04/25/11 Action Glu
Bug Wings 08/05/11 Action DR Studios
Buggy Puzzle 05/08/13 Puzzle Soft-Industry
Bugs Wars 02/17/11 Action Chillingo Ltd
Bulb Boy 09/08/15 Adventure BulbBoyTeam
Bull Running 11/05/10 Adventure Twins Games
Bullet Time 09/28/11 Action Kiloo
Bulletrisk 07/25/13 Action Justin Towell
Bullistic Unleashed 04/24/12 Puzzle Surprise Attack
Bumpin' Uglies 02/04/13 Action Ham in the Fridge
Bumping Bears 04/04/12 Action LoadComplete
Bumpy Road 05/19/11 Action Simogo
Bunker Constructor 05/02/13 Action Headup
Bunny Bonker 08/30/13 Arcade Cococucumber
Bunny Cannon 11/28/12 Action Not Doppler
Bunny Farm 04/06/12 Arcade Poppin Games
Bunny Ninjas 06/03/11 Action YayNinjas LLC
Bunny Reaper 11/10/11 Action / Platformer Daily App Dream
Bunny the Zombie Slayer 05/10/11 Action Hothead Games Inc.
Buoy Boy 05/11/15 Puzzle Headup Games
Burds 04/17/14 Puzzle Tiny Marble
Burger Cat 04/25/12 Puzzle Ravenous Games
Burn It All 04/12/11 Arcade Bulkypix
Burn the Ants 04/13/12 Action eBattalion
Burn The Boards 07/27/15 Puzzle Causa Creations
Burn The City 05/01/12 Arcade JoshOClock
Burn the Rope 09/13/11 Action Big Blue Bubble
Burn the Rope 3D 11/27/13 Puzzle Big Blue Bubble
Burn the Rope Worlds 04/06/12 Puzzle Big Blue Bubble
Burn Zombie Burn (iOS) 03/17/15 Action Kavcom
Burney 06/21/11 Puzzle KDS Investments
Burnout CRASH! 04/18/12 Action EA
Burrito Bison 10/22/12 Action Ravenous Games Inc.
Burst All 10/22/10 Board GoldStar App
Burt Destruction 02/22/13 Action RunWilder
Bust-a-Move Islands 01/15/15 Puzzle gumi
But to Paint a Universe 01/16/15 Puzzle
Button Men 10/21/10 Board Thrust Interactive
Button Smasher 09/12/11 Arcade OmNom Apps
Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager 11/04/14 Sim Slitherine Software
Buzz Killem 07/15/14 Action / Platformer Everplay
Buzzhole 05/23/11 Board Blockdot
BZRK the Game 02/10/12 Action The Shadow Gang
Title Created Genre Publisher
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