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Wish List for Fallout 4
By oblivion437
Posted on 11/24/14
So I promised that list and here it is.  It's late and it's not as thorough as I'd hoped.  I also wish I had images handy to illustrate every point where helpful.  So, in no particular order - a subjective set of desired features for Fallout 4: Things to...



Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja
Might and Magic: Duel of Champions 10/02/14
Order and Chaos Online 10/16/14
Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire 10/02/14
Star Trek Online (iOS) 11/13/14


Crystal Siege HD Crystal Siege HD
Tower Defence
Endless Doves 11/26/14
Monster Kingdom 2: Rise of the Grembles 11/26/14
For Eternity 11/25/14
Island of Mu 11/24/14

Title Created Genre Publisher
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 12/13/13 Action Activision
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 11/05/10 Action Activision Publishing, Inc.
Cadwallon: City Of Thieves 01/03/12 Board Cyanide
Cafe International 09/05/12 Board Application Systems Heidelberg
Cake Pop Maker 03/13/12 Action Fuller Studios
Calculicious 07/17/14 Arcade Cape Copenhagen
California Gold Rush 10/29/10 Simulation Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Caligo Chaser 09/17/10 Role Playing Com2uS Inc.
Calixa - Code Breaker 08/02/13 Puzzle
Call Connect 09/21/11 Action / Puzzle Walk Through The Clock
Call of Cookie 04/14/14 Action Ankama Games
Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land 06/18/12 Strategy / RPG Red Wasp Design
Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies 12/05/11 Action Activision
Call of Duty: Strike Team 09/06/13 Action Activision
Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies 09/17/10 Action Activision Publishing, Inc.
Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies II 09/23/10 Action / FPS Activision Publishing, Inc.
Call of Mini: Sniper 10/05/12 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Call of Mini: Zombies 06/23/11 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Call of Snakes 06/14/12 Magic Cube
Camelina Caper 06/04/14 Action Auroch Digital
Can Knockdown 2 03/30/12 Action Infinite Dreams Inc.
Canabalt 10/12/10 Action Semi Secret Software
Candies vs Hypnodeer 01/28/14 Puzzle Shake Well Games
Candy Blast Mania 09/30/13 Puzzle TeamLava
Candy Crush Saga 01/31/13 Puzzle Limited
Candy Crush Soda Saga 11/11/14 Puzzle King
Candy Town Seasons 04/04/12 Action INNERES AUGE COMPANY
CandyMeleon 05/13/13 Action Bulkypix
Cannon Cat 05/09/12 Action / Adventure Loqheart
Cannon Crasha 07/26/13 Action GangoGames LLC
Cannonball Commander 01/10/14 Arcade Crave Creative
Cap Frenzy 01/23/13 Action GetBonkers, Inc.
Capsized+ 09/05/12 Action / Platformer indiePub
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty 07/27/11 Action Marvel Entertainment
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 04/04/14 Action Gameloft
Captain Antarctica 06/28/12 FDG Entertainment
Captain Bubblenaut 04/15/14 Action Dean Tate
Captain Casual 10/02/13 Action Sway Software
Captain Cat 10/29/12 Action / Puzzle Digital Tentacle
Captain CupCake and the Donut Disaster 05/10/11 Action Astraware
Captain Puzzle 02/02/11 Spearhead Entertainment
Captain Skyro 04/25/12 Action / Platformer Team Pok Pok
Captain Squiddy's Jigsaw Quest 08/29/11 Arcade / Puzzle Captain Squiddy
Car City 05/04/11 Simulation Dream Cortex
Car Jack Streets 11/12/10 Action / Driving Tag Games Limited
CAR TOONS! 08/06/12 Action
Car Town Streets 11/16/12 Sports / Racing Cie Games
Carcassonne 02/11/13 Board TheCodingMonkeys
Card Dungeon 11/04/14 Strategy Playtap Games
Cardboard Castle 02/08/11 Action Bulkypix
Cardinal Quest 2 03/25/14 Action Kongregate
Cards and Castles 06/18/14 Strategy Bit Mass LLC
Cargasm 11/09/12 Action / Racing Candella
Carnage Racing 09/20/13 Action / Racing Jagex Games Studio
Carnivores: Ice Age 02/08/11 Action Tatem Games
Cartoon Defense: Space Wars 07/24/12 Strategy
Cartoon Wars 10/08/10 Action BLUE
Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes 10/22/10 Action BLUE GNC
Cascade 07/18/14 Puzzle Big Fish Games, Inc
Casino League 10/15/13 Casino Konami
Castle Age HD 03/29/12 MMORPG Phoenix Age, Inc.
Castle Champions 03/01/13 RPG Gamenauts
Castle Clash 11/13/14 Strategy
Castle Doombad 01/13/14 Action [adult swim]
Castle Frenzy 10/15/10 Action Gameloft
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (iOS) 11/25/13 Action Disney
Castle Raid 10/02/12 Strategy Arcticmill
Castle Story 11/03/12 Strategy TeamLava
CastleStorm 03/11/14 Action ZEN Studios
CastleStorm 05/09/14 Tower Defense ZEN Studios
CastleVille Legends 09/30/13 Simulation Zynga Inc.
Cat Gym 07/30/14 Puzzle Birgit Stock
Cat Gym Black 08/19/14 Action / Platformer von Birgit Stock
Cat on a Diet 09/26/13 Puzzle Chillingo
Cat Physics 09/23/10 Edutainment Donut Games
Cat Pirates 11/09/12 Action Triolith Entertainment
Cat Story 01/08/14 City Bulding Strategy Game Insight
CataGugl 08/01/11 Arcade
Catan 11/10/10 Board USM
Catapult King 06/07/12 Arcade
Catball Eats It All 11/22/11 Broken Compass Studios
Catch 22 03/01/12 Action Mango Down
Catch a Fly 07/29/13 Action / Puzzle FriedCroc
Catch a Ghost 11/04/10 Edutainment Paul Schreiber
Catch Sheeps&Pigs 10/13/10 Adventure MystoneGame Inc
Catch the Airplanes 03/13/12 Action Giovanni Balestra
Catch the Ark 07/02/12 Arcade Surprise Attack
Catch the Candy 10/07/11 Action Bulkypix
Catch The Match 04/10/13 Arcade Application Systems Heidelberg
Catch the Princess 12/20/11 Puzzle Robots and Pencils
Catcha Catcha Aliens 03/04/13 Action Hotsauce Interactive
Catcha Mouse 09/22/10 Adventure Odasoft
Cato and Macro 11/06/14 Strategy Amuzo Games Ltd
Cats Away 11/28/12 Action ZigZaGame Inc.
Catzy Bubble Blast 10/21/14 Puzzle Livezen
Causality 06/25/14 Puzzle Unexpect3rd
Cave Bowling 07/11/11 Arcade Donut Games
Cave Diver 11/26/12 Action Thumbstar Games
Caveboy Escape 02/18/14 Puzzle Appxplore
Caveman Craig 2 05/14/12 Strategy Parabox Games
Caveman Wars 02/21/14 Tower Defense
Cavemania 09/24/13 Puzzle Yodo1 Games
Cavorite 3 10/15/13 Adventure / Platformer Cascadia Games LLC
Celebrity Brawls 11/05/10 Role Playing Patelware LLC
Cell Bound 06/17/11 Action / Puzzle Hothead Games Inc.
Celleste 07/30/14 Puzzle Elevator Games
Celtic Heroes 06/05/14 MMO One Thumb Mobile
Celtic Tribes 11/01/12 MMOG Xyrality
Celulo 04/26/13 Puzzle Wizcorp
Centipede: Origins 06/22/12 Action Atari
CF Defense 10/15/10 Action / Shooter OF-Games
Chain Chronicle 11/12/14 RPG gumi
Chalkboard Stunts Pro 09/22/10 Action Manta Research
Cham Cham 04/25/14 Action Deemedya M.S. Ltd
Championship Manager 2011 10/26/10 Sport Simulation Eidos Interactive Ltd
Championship Manager 2015 10/08/14 Sports Square Enix
Champs: Battlegrounds 08/09/13 MMO Quark Games
Chaos Domain 11/19/13 Arcade
Chaos Ride 06/19/14 Arcade Sc0tt Games
Chaos Rings 07/25/13 Role Playing Media.Vision Inc.
Chaos Rings Omega 08/01/11 Role Play Square Enix
Charge Your Brain 12/21/11 Puzzle Unusual Things
Charlie, The Steak 02/18/14 Arcade DynamicDust s.r.o.
Charm King 10/14/14 Puzzle PlayQ Inc
Chasing Yello 08/13/12 Action dreamfab
Chasing Yello Friends 05/17/13 Arcade dreamfab
Cheating Tom 08/28/14 Arcade TabTale
Check: Chapter One 07/11/14 Action / RPG Polygon Gaming
Checkpoint Champion 11/12/14 Action / Racing Protostar
CheeseAPult 11/05/10 Action Soap Creative
Cheezia: Gears of Fur 02/23/12 Action / Platformer Attido
Chef City 03/31/11 Simulation PlayMesh, DBA
Chef de Bubble 03/28/14 City Bulding Strategy GAMEVIL
Chefs Attack 10/21/10 Puzzle Phure Studios
Chefs Diner: Food Rush 06/03/14 Simulation Animoca Collective
Chemistry Club: Navigator 08/01/14 Action Offbeat Entertainment
Chess Rose 10/13/10 Board mAPPn, Inc.
Chick Farm - Tappi Bear 10/21/10 Action Taplay
Chicken Balls HD 03/29/11 Action Endloop Systems Inc.
Chicken Cha Cha Cha 10/17/13 Board Coding Monkeys
Chicken Doom 06/28/12 Action Bulkypix
Chicken Dynamo 01/28/13 Arcade Selectsoft
Chicken Frenzy 09/14/11 Action Mandelform Studios
Chicken Raid 07/30/12 Puzzle FDG Entertainment
Chicks vs. Kittens 04/25/11 Action GameDigits Ltd
Chicky Duo 11/10/14 Adventure / Puzzle Kurechii
Chimpact 08/10/12 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Chimpact 2 Family Tree 08/22/14 Action Yippee Entertainment
Chimpact Free 03/28/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Chin Up 04/02/12 Arcade Digital Harmony Games
Chip Chain 11/09/12 Board AppAbove Games LLC
Chip Master EX 10/30/13 Puzzle Kiyat Games
Chocolate Tycoon 02/15/11 Simulation Com2uS Inc.
Chop Block 10/07/14 Action / Platformer Vital Zigns LLC
Chop Chop Ninja 09/17/10 Adventure Gamerizon
Chop Chop Ninja World 11/30/12 Action Gamerizon
Chop Chop Runner 10/14/10 Action Gamerizon
Chop Chop Tennis 07/20/11 Action Gamerizon
Christmas Match Game 10/21/10 Puzzle Red Hammer Software
Chroisen 06/15/11 RPG KTH
Chromanoids 05/12/11 Action / Shooter Hothead Games Inc.
Chromasphere 01/04/13 Action redmotion games
Chrono TicTacToe 11/05/10 Board Esquilax Games
Chrono Trigger 11/22/11 RPG Square Enix
Chrono&Cash 06/18/12 Action / Platformer OrangePixel
Chubby Chicken 09/30/14 Arcade Beelieve
ChuChu Rocket! HD 11/04/10 Puzzle SEGA
Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain! 10/12/10 Action Ludigames
Chuck's Challenge 11/11/13 Puzzle Niffler
Chuggington Traintastic Adventures 10/25/12 Adventure Budge Studios
Cinderella: Shapes & Patterns 03/20/13 Action Disney
Circadia 02/28/12 Puzzle Simple Machine, LLC
Circuit Chaser 11/19/13 Action Ink Vial Games
City Bird - Flappy Flyer 02/24/14 Arcade Markku Virtanen
City Birds 11/05/13 Action
City Conquest 10/19/12 Strategy Intelligence Engine Design...
City Friends HD 02/28/12 Simulation Funverse
City of Secrets 05/04/11 Adventure / Puzzle Aidem Media
City of Splendors iOS 06/27/13 MMOSLG ComboApp
CityVille Hometown 07/14/11 Simulation Zynga
Civil War II: 1862 11/05/13 Strategy Hunted Cow
Civil War: 1864 06/26/14 Strategy Hunted Cow
Civilization Revolution 10/08/10 Strategy Firaxis Games.
Civilization War 11/02/11 Strategy GameZen
CKZ Origins 04/02/13 Action Glu Games Inc
Clash of Clans 08/06/12 Strategy Supercell
Clash of Puppets 12/17/13 Action Crescent Moon Games
Classic Hits CyberScramble 11/05/10 Rhythm / Music AirGame Entertainment, LLC
Clay Jam 12/04/12 Action Zynga
Clear It All 10/21/10 Board iMobile Softwares
Clear Vision 04/04/12 Action FDG Entertainment
CleverMonkey 01/16/13 Puzzle xiaoming liu
Cling Thing 06/26/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Clippox Exodous 03/27/12 Action / Adventure Gametopia Games
Clockwork Racers 12/13/12 Action / Racing Opposable Games
Cloud Breaker 02/27/14 Action Axis Sivitz
Cloud Factory 05/08/14 Arcade Cloud Factory Team
Cloud Raiders 02/05/14 Strategy Game Insight
Cloud Spin 09/06/13 Action Skytrain Studios
Cloud Village 05/01/13 Simulation Sneaky Games
Cloudbreakers 02/14/14 Action Jan Tom
Clouds and Sheep 11/21/12 Arcade HandyGames
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Foodimal Frenzy 09/23/13 Puzzle PlayFirst, Inc.
Clowns in the Face 04/11/13 Action 10tons
Club Penguin 04/29/14 Simulation Disney
Clumsy Bob 04/06/11 Action / Platformer
Clumsy Cat 10/10/12 Action Dingo Games
Clumsy Ninja 11/26/13 Action NaturalMotion
Coaster Crazy 12/05/12 Action Frontier Developments Ltd
Coaster Crazy Deluxe 11/21/13 Action Frontier
Cocktail Mania 03/19/12 Arcade Maysalward
Cocky Roach 05/30/12 Arcade S Games
Coco Loco 03/09/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Cognitile 01/04/13 Puzzle Express Media
Cognition Episode 2 08/26/13 Action / Adventure Phoenix Online Studios
Coin A Phrase 01/18/13 Word Puzzle Petroglyph
Coin Dozer 09/10/12 Arcade Game Circus LLC
Coin Dozer Pro 03/29/11 Arcade Game Circus LLC
Coin Drop 05/03/11 Puzzle Full Fat
Coin Tycoon 11/06/12 Puzzle Tzai Entertainment
Coin-Quest 10/03/13 RPG Superflat Games
Coldfire Keep 03/11/14 Dungeon Crawler Crescent Moon Games
Colin McRae Rally (iOS) 06/27/13 Sports / Racing The Codemasters Software...
Collision Effect 03/04/11 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Colonies Online 06/24/13 Iron Bit
Color Zen 08/19/13 Puzzle Large Animal Games
Colords 10/27/14 Puzzle MassiveFun3D
Colorflys 03/31/11 Puzzle iGotIt Games
Colorpickle 02/05/14 Arcade Allon Games & Flavour
Colossatron: Massive World Threat 01/10/14 Action Halfbrick Studios
Colosseum 10/28/10 Action / Role Playing Biscuit Games
Colosseum Defense 04/05/13 Action GAMEVIL Inc.
Colosseum Heroes 12/08/11 GAMEVIL Inc.
Combat Arms: Zombies 01/06/12 Action / FPS NEXON
Combat Mission: Touch 04/02/12 Action
Combat Monsters 08/14/13 Card Game Rubicon Development
Combo Crew 06/03/13 Action The Game Bakers
Combombo 08/28/12 Arcade Wales Interactive
Command & Conquer Red Alert 09/29/10 RTS Electronic Arts
Commander Air Group 02/21/14 RTS L2 Games
Commando Jack 07/27/12 Action Colossal Games
Commando: Going Commando 10/26/10 Action Pocket Monkey Games
Companions 06/06/11 Fantasy RPG Smuttlewerk Interactive
Conjurer: Awoken 12/11/13 RPG Novy PR
Conka 10/01/13 Action Think On!
ConnecticOns 03/05/12 Puzzle Pocketeers
Conquer Online 01/12/12 MMO NetDragon
Conquest Age 12/05/13 Action / RPG Marvelous AQL, Inc
Conquist 2 05/31/13 MMO Schmeuk Studios
Conquist Tournament 07/29/13 Strategy Schmeuk Studios
Contra: Evolution 08/23/13 Action CocoaChina
Contract Killer 04/27/11 Action Glu
Contract Killer 2 10/31/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Contract Killer Zombies 2 12/04/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Contract Killer: Zombies 02/08/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Contre Jour 08/29/11 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Cookie Dash HD 10/21/10 Edutainment Afzainizam Zahari
Cookies Menu Match 08/12/11 Action Mobile Amusements
Cooking Fever 08/21/14 Simulation Nordcurrent
Cooking Mama 10/18/10 Edutainment TAITO Corporation
Cooking Wicca 10/21/10 Simulation Riffel Interactive Media
Cool Word 11/04/10 Puzzle Hill Stone Animation Studios
Cooties 03/25/11 Action Chillingo Ltd
Cordy 2 02/28/13 Arcade SilverTree Media
Cordy Sky 04/05/12 Action / Adventure SilverTree Media
Core Dive 07/02/13 Puzzle Risen Games
Corpse Granny 11/10/11 Action Bulkypix
Cosmic Bump 09/26/12 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Cosmic Cab 11/21/11 Action Sybo Games
Cosmic Clean-Up 06/28/13 Action Ripstone
Cosmic Colony 08/24/12 Gameloft
Cosmonauts 10/18/11 Action Superplay Games
Cosmophony 09/26/14 Arcade Bento
Costume Quest (iOS) 10/15/13 RPG Double Fine Productions, Inc.
Couch Terror 04/02/13 Arcade ComboApp
Count to a Billion 06/07/12 Arcade RAWR! Interactive
Covenant of Solitude 06/04/13 Action Kemco
Cover Orange 03/14/11 Puzzle FDG Entertainment
Cowbeam 08/10/12 Arcade Digital Dreams
Cows vs Aliens 12/13/12 Action XMG Studio
CowTopia 11/05/10 Edutainment DHG Games
Crabitron 04/19/13 Arcade Two Lives Left
Crack O Lantern A Smash Hit! 10/11/10 Action ARTISAN DREAM
Cracking Sands 02/01/13 Action / Racing Polarbit
Cradle of Empires 06/24/14 Puzzle Awem Studio
CraftedBattle 01/23/13 Action C-Apps
Crafty Creatures 09/25/12 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Crash Course 10/28/10 Action DFC Games
Crash Drive 2 11/25/13 Action / Racing M2H
Crash Dummy 12/20/12 Action Immanitas Entertainment
Crash Nitro Kart 3D 11/11/10 Racing Activision Publishing, Inc.
Crasher 08/12/11 Arcade D&D Dream Corp.
Crate 360 08/02/12 Puzzle Stumpytree Ltd
Crayon Canyon 07/18/11 Action Cavernicola Games
Crazy Basketball 05/03/11 Arcade Action YOMEN, Inc.
Crazy Belts 06/18/14 Action Immanitas Entertainment
Crazy Boss 10/25/12 Action Cybergate Technology
Crazy Bowl 12/04/12 Sports Brainy Robot Entertainment
Crazy Cars 10/09/12 Action Anuman
Crazy Cat Lady 05/15/13 Action SmallRock Software
Crazy Chipmunks 02/22/11 Action WuZla
Crazy Cow 07/29/11 Arcade KTH
Crazy Escape 01/19/12 Puzzle Bulkypix
Crazy Hedgy 06/22/12 Action IEM Consulting
Crazy Horses 03/15/12 Action Nice Touch Games
Crazy Horses: Unstabled! 11/18/13 Action Nice Touch Games
Crazy Island Golf 03/25/13 Sports Assyria Game Studio
Crazy John 11/05/10 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Crazy Kangaroo 04/30/12 Action Gamelion
Crazy Lazy Runner 10/15/13 Action / Platformer G4M3 Studios
Crazy Monster Bowling 05/09/13 Arcade NEONFIVE STUDIO
Crazy Monster Truck 07/05/12 Action
Crazy Monster Whack 02/20/13 Action NEONFIVE STUDIO
Crazy Penguin Catapult 09/23/10 Action Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Crazy Pirate 02/12/14 Action No Logic Needed
Crazy Pirate Slots 10/05/10 Action Clever Fox
Crazy Snowboard 06/01/12 Sports
Crazy Taxi 10/19/12 Action SEGA
Crazy Taxi: City Rush 08/07/14 Action Sega
Crazy Tribes 01/18/13 MMO Xyrality
Crazy UFO 02/23/11 Action Avallon Alliance Ltd.
Crazy Vampires 12/07/12 Action / Puzzle CBE software s.r.o.
Crazy Wheel Rider HD 11/14/13 Action NuOxygen
Crazy Word Sushi 05/01/13 Arcade MEDITA
CrazySmasherLite 07/14/11 Action D&Tech7, Inc.
Createrria 12/06/13 Arcade Incuvo
Creatorverse 12/17/12 Action Linden Research, Inc.
Creature Battle Lab 05/13/14 Action Dojo Arcade
CreaVures 04/05/12 Action / Puzzle Muse Games
Creepy Slots Halloween 09/27/11 Arcade Mobile Amusements
Crime & Puzzlement 2 05/06/13 Adventure AppEndix
Crime City 09/23/11 Simulation / Action Funzio, Inc
Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle 12/06/11 Sports Digital Artists Entertainment
Critical Missions: SPACE 05/16/13 Action / FPS Critical Force Entertainment
Critter Crunch 10/05/10 Action Starwave
Critter Escape 08/23/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Cro-Mag Rally 11/11/10 Racing Pangea Software, Inc.
Cross Fingers 06/11/12 Puzzle Mobigame
Cross the Line 12/06/12 Puzzle Chilibite Entertainment
CrossWire 01/09/12 Puzzle Blockdot, Inc.
Crossword Buddies 07/30/12 Puzzle Playdemic
Crouching Panda Hidden Swine 06/23/11 Action Mail.Ru
Crow 10/07/14 Action / Adventure Sunside Inc.
Crusaders Kingdom 09/26/13 Strategy Exozet
Crushin' Robots - NYC 04/19/13 Action Falling Objects Entertainment
Crystal Caverns 11/06/12 Puzzle AppLaunch
Crystal Defenders 09/30/10 TBS SQUARE ENIX Co., LTD.
Crystal Reign 05/08/14 Action Hunted Cow
Crystal Reign Pocket 10/08/14 Tower Defense Hunted Cow
Crystal Siege 11/11/14 RPG FDG
Crystal Siege HD 11/26/14 Tower Defence FDG Entertainment
CSI: Hidden Crimes 10/29/14 Hidden Object Ubisoft
CSR Racing 07/02/12 Action / Racing NaturalMotion
Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love 07/09/14 Adventure Doppler Interactive
Cube Racer 03/19/12 Action Ertal
Cube Runner 09/17/10 Action Andy Qua
Cubemen 03/29/12 Action / Tower Defence 3 Sprockets
CubeSmash 10/10/11 Action / Puzzle CubeSmash
Cubicity 06/26/13 Platformer / Puzzle Brush and Code
CubicWorld 10/25/12 Puzzle ColorCube Studio
Cubimon 10/08/10 Puzzle Imaginatr
Cubo 03/03/11 Puzzle GD8 Games
Cuboid 07/06/12 Puzzle TikGames
Cubyrinth 12/07/11 Arcade Dust.Bit.Games
Cultures 08/01/14 Strategy THQ
Cut the Buttons 02/06/12 Action Open Name Ltd
Cut the Rope 10/27/10 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Cut The Rope 2 12/06/13 Puzzle ZeptoLabs
Cut the Rope: Experiments 03/26/12 Puzzle ZeptoLab UK Limited
Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD 04/23/13 Puzzle ZeptoLab UK Limited
Cyklus 06/04/12 Action eastasiasoft
Cyto 03/20/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Cyto's Puzzle Adventure 05/23/13 Puzzle Room 8
Cytus 08/26/13 Action Rayark Inc.
Title Created Genre Publisher