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Death be thy compass.
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Seems like Suda51 saw Frozen, played Dark Souls, and then got the lyrics mixed up.
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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...



Monster Loves You! Monster Loves You!
Fallout Shelter 02/17/17
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft 04/10/17
Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore 04/10/17
Motorsport Manager 02/17/17


Father and Son Father and Son
2D Side Scrolling
Clash Tank. io 04/28/17
Flip Grip 04/27/17
War of Crown 04/26/17
Postknight 04/26/17

Title Created Genre Publisher
D AlienAttack 11/05/10 Action / Adventure Indian Dreamers Software...
D.A.R.K. 07/15/13 RPG Chillingo Ltd
Da Vinci's Art of War 03/07/14 Strategy Matrix Games
Da Vinci's Quest 10/24/11 Action NUBEE PTE. LTD.
Daddy Long Legs 01/04/17 Action Set Snail
Daddy Was A Thief 09/16/13 Arcade Cezary Rajkowski
Daily Art Puzzle 05/18/11 Puzzle Daily App Dream
Daily Celebrity Crossword 05/22/15 Puzzle PuzzleSocial
Dalton - The Awesome! 07/11/11 Action Colorbox
Dan the Man 10/06/16 Action Halfbrick
DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars 02/19/13 Rhytm / Music Konami
Danger Alliance: Battles 12/19/11 Strategy TOME Studios
Danger Boat 03/28/13 Action / Racing Pixelocity Software LLC
Dangerzone 07/03/14 Action b10b Games
Dark Ascent 08/03/16 Action Cruel Byte
Dark Avenger 11/01/13 Action GAMEVIL Inc.
Dark Day LA 11/07/13 Action Gamious
Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition 04/25/12 Adventure Big Fish Games, Inc
Dark District 12/12/13 Tower Defense Kabam
Dark Gate 10/17/12 RPG Kemco
Dark Incursion 02/01/12 Action / Hack and Slash Big Blue Bubble
Dark Nebula - Episode One 10/08/10 Action 1337 Game Design
Dark Nebula HD - Episode Two 09/12/13 Action Free Lunch Design AB
Dark Ring 06/28/12 Collectible Card Game Capcom
Dark Star 12/23/15 Action That Wonderful Lemon Co.
Dark Summoner 02/23/12 Action Ateam Inc.
Darklings 03/13/14 Adventure Balloon 27
Darklings Season 2 05/22/14 Action Balloon 27
Darkstone (iOS) 09/26/14 Action / RPG Anuman / EA
DARTHY 11/17/15 Platformer
Dash Masters 04/06/16 Arcade Playmous
Dash Quest 12/23/16 JRPG Tiny Titan Studios
Dash Race 05/02/11 Sports / Racing Rombos
David Haye's Knockout 05/21/12 Grubby Hands
daWindci 07/17/14 Arcade Mimimi Productions
Dawn of Steel 09/24/15 RTS flaregames
Dawn of Titans 02/06/17 Strategy NaturalMotion
Dawnbringer 06/17/16 RPG Kiloo
DC Legends 02/06/17 Action Warner Bros.
DDTank Brasil 10/19/16 Action Proficient City
de Blob 11/12/10 Action / Platformer THQ Wireless Inc.
Dead Ahead 05/30/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 03/29/17 Action Mobirate Studio Ltd
Dead Among Us 06/04/15 Action Rolocule
Dead Center 12/21/15 Arcade NORMAN ROZENTAL
Dead City PLUS 06/15/12 Action Com2uS Inc.
Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak 12/03/13 Action Disrupted Logic Interactive
Dead Drop Blues 10/05/15 Puzzle Maurice Grela
Dead Effect 01/05/15 Action / FPS Bulkypix
Dead Effect 2 03/05/15 Action BadFly Interactive
DEAD EYES 05/19/15 Action LoadComplete
Dead Man's Draw 10/14/13 Action Stardock
Dead on Sight 07/29/13 Action Bombhead
Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself 03/24/17 Action Paulina Pabis
Dead Rising 10/13/11 Action Capcom
Dead Space for iPad 02/16/11 Action / FPS Electronic Arts
Dead Stop 09/27/12 Tower Defense Chillingo Ltd
Dead Strike 11/12/10 Adventure Psychoz Interactive
Dead Trigger 06/29/12 Action MADFINGER Games
DEAD TRIGGER 2 10/28/13 Action MADFINGER Games, a.s.
Deadlock: Online 08/01/11 MMOFPS Crescent Moon Games
Deadly Association 06/19/12 Action / Adventure
Deadly Dash 10/29/14 Puzzle Glossarium, LLC
DEADMAN'S CROSS 07/14/14 RPG Square Enix
Death Dome 10/24/12 Action Griptonite Games Inc.
Death Race: The Game! 06/23/15 Action Genera Mobile
Death Rally 04/13/12 Remedy
Death Ray Manta 09/17/15 Action PsychicParrot Games
Deca Color Sudoku 11/05/10 Edutainment Uzo Software
Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians 08/01/16 Collectable Card DeNA
Decromancer 11/04/13 RPG Unit9
Deemo 12/10/13 Action Rayark Inc.
Deep Dungeons of Doom 06/05/13 Action Bossa Studios
Deep Loot 01/28/15 Adventure Monster and Monster
Deep Sea Deli 04/29/13 Puzzle PlayFirst
Deep Sea Fish Tycoon 03/24/11 Action JJSoft
Deep Space Lander 11/13/12 Arcade Hot Mustard Studios
Deep Town 04/19/17 Strategy Rockbite Games
Deep Under the Sky 09/01/14 Arcade Sarah Northway
Deepworld 12/13/12 MMO Bytebin
Deer Hunter 2014 09/25/13 Action Glu Games Inc.
Deer Hunter 2017 02/23/17 Action Glu Games Inc
Deer Hunter Reloaded 04/25/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Defend Your Castle 10/07/10 Action XGenStudios
Defender Chronicles 10/07/10 Strategy Chillingo Ltd.
Defender Chronicles II: Heroes of Athelia 05/30/12 Action Gimka Entertainment, Inc.
Defender Of Light 12/22/14 Action Red Splat Games
Defenders & Dragons 01/21/14 RPG Glu Games Inc
Defenders 2 01/12/16 Tower Defense NIVAL, INC.
Defenders of Ardania 03/09/11 RTS Paradox Interactive
Defense Technica 06/24/13 Action Com2uS USA, Inc
Defense Zone 01/18/12 Strategy Artem Kotov
Defense: Evolution 06/20/14 Tower Defense Adsumsoft
Delivery DumpTruck 11/04/10 Action 1Games
Demi Lovato: Path to Fame 03/03/17 Action Episode Interactive
Demolicious 01/20/12 Action / Puzzle Strange Games
Demolition Dash 12/09/11 Arcade Chimera Entertainment
Demolition Dash 2.0 08/05/11 Action / Platformer dreamfab
Demolition Master 03/30/12 Arcade AppMania
Demon Busters 07/02/12 Action NUBEE PTE. LTD.
Demon's Score 09/25/12 Action Square Enix
Demons Land 10/06/11 Adventure Anna Wesol
Dentist Office 04/22/13 Arcade Ninjafish Studios
DEO 08/10/11 Strategy Strapped to a Meteor
Deponia 07/13/15 Adventure Daedalic
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures 09/17/12 Action Biart
Derpbike 05/13/13 Action
Desert Crisis 11/05/10 Action / FPS ThumbBlade
Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein 07/02/14 Strategy Shenandoah Studio
Desert Quest 08/05/11 Sad Cat Software
Desert Stormfront 11/21/12 RTS Noble Master Games
Desert Zombie Last Stand 12/07/11 Action Eighth Wonder Studios
Deskplorers: Pirates 04/22/11 Action Bulkypix
Despicable Me: Minion Rush 01/06/14 Action Gameloft
Dessert Drop 08/01/11 Arcade Sunstorm Interactive
DESTINIA 05/10/12 Action GAMEVIL Inc.
Destiny of Thrones 12/19/14 MOBA CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd
Destroy All Buttons 09/24/12 Arcade Trapped Labs
Destructamundo 02/09/15 Action Choice Provisions
Destructopus 09/01/11 Action GlitchSoft
Detective Agency 03/24/11 Puzzle Game Factory Interactive
Deus Ex GO 08/18/16 Puzzle Square Enix
Devil Maker: Tokyo 07/15/13 Card Game Palmple
Devil May Cry 4: Refrain 02/11/11 Action Capcom
Devil's Attorney 10/19/12 Strategy 1337 Game Design AB
Devil's Cove 10/11/12 Adventure Anarchy
Devil's Due Pinball 11/01/11 Arcade Smorpheus Games Laboratory
DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom 10/05/12 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Devils at the Gate: Pacific War 02/28/13 Towe Defence imohoo
Devious Dungeon 03/20/14 Action / Platformer Ravenous Games Inc.
Dexter Quiz 10/26/10 Game Show TapToUse
Dexter: Slice 11/15/16 Arcade Gazillion
Dexter: The Game 11/11/10 Action Adventure Marc Ecko Entertainment
dEXTRIS 05/12/14 Action Chaotic Box
Dhoom:3 The Game 11/20/13 Action 99Games
Diablo Canyon 10/06/16 Action Stressed Ape
Diamond Breaker 10/22/10 Puzzle mAPPn, Inc.
Diamond Dash 04/19/12 Puzzle wooga
Diamond Thief Getaway 04/25/13 Arcade Digital Online Media
Dice Match 07/21/11 Board Big Smash Studios
Dictator: Emergence 07/26/16 Strategy Tigrido 09/12/16 Action
Dig Dog Out 03/28/12 Arcade Xing
Digby Jump 04/21/17 Arcade 3 Sprockets
Digfender 10/13/15 Tower Defense Mugshot Games
Diggin' Dogs 02/16/12 Adventure Chillingo Ltd
Digimon Heroes! 02/17/16 Card Bandai Namco
Digit & Dash 05/26/15 Arcade Insomniac Games, Inc.
Digitanks 04/04/11 Action / Strategy Lunar Workshop
DigitBombs 10/22/10 Puzzle Lightning in a Bottle
Dimo Eggs HD 08/25/11 Puzzle CGMatic
Diner Dash 10/18/10 Puzzle PlayFirst, Inc.
Diner Dash Rush 06/27/13 Action PlayFirst
Diner Rush 04/20/11 Action xCube Labs.
Dingbats 09/21/11 Puzzle Blockdot, Inc.
Dingle Dangle 02/01/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Dino Gunship: Airborne Hunter 09/14/15 Action 2Beans Games & Apps
Dino Tales 02/05/15 Sim Kuato Studios
DinoFour 08/13/15 Action / Platformer CRAIGEATSCRAYONS
Dinosaur Slayer 09/17/10 Action Project Soul
Directional Dash 05/28/13 Puzzle Mike Hince
Disassembly 3D: Ultimate Stereoscopic Destruction 10/26/11 Puzzle Chin-Heong Khor
Disc Drivin' 03/22/11 Action / Racing Pixelocity Software LLC
Disco Dave 09/02/16 Action Amused Sloth
Disco Ducks 01/08/16 Puzzle Tactile Entertainment
Diskobolos 07/19/12 Arcade Conquering Bytes
Disney Checkout Challenge 07/03/14 Arcade Disney
Disney Crossy Road 12/02/16 Arcade Disney Interactive Studios
Disney Emoji Blitz 07/26/16 Puzzle Disney
Disney Fish Hooks 08/27/12 Puzzle Disney
Disney Hidden Worlds 01/06/14 Word Puzzle Disney
Disney Infinity 2.0 09/15/14 Action Disney Interactive Studios
Disney Infinity: Toy Box 11/01/13 Action Disney
Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 02/09/15 Action Disney
Disney Magic Kingdoms 04/07/16 Sim Gameloft
Disney Super Speedway 01/14/13 Action Disney
dither 05/06/15 Arcade xfunnyname
Dive for Treasures 07/19/13 Action Eccentricity
DiveBomb Chomp 12/03/13 Action Beau James Green
Diver Dash 08/27/15 Arcade Ezone
Diversion 05/23/11 Action / Platformer Ezone
Divine Academy 09/04/15 Strategy Realore Studios
Divine Space 10/11/12 Adventure Dodo Games
Division Cell 12/17/13 Puzzle Evgeni Gordejev
Dizzy Prince of the Yolk Folk 12/08/11 Codemasters
Dizzypad - Frog Jump Fun 05/04/11 Action / Platformer NimbleBit
Djinn Caster 02/21/17 Action Kemco
DK Quiz 10/04/12 Quiz Dorling Kindersley
Docking Sequence 01/09/15 Arcade Quantum Sheep
Doctor Life 02/07/14 Simulation Wigu Games Studio
Doctor Who: Legacy 04/22/14 Puzzle / RPG Seed Studio
Doctor Who: Say What You See 11/18/13 Puzzle Big Ideas Digital
Dodge This! 09/12/13 Action Chillingo
Dodo Master 11/13/14 Action / Platformer Semir Saleh
DOFUS: Battles 07/29/11 RTS / RPG Ankama Games
DOFUS: Battles 2 04/13/12 Action Ankama Games
Dog Pile 09/02/11 Arcade ArtWitz Design and JoshOClock
Dog Sled Saga 09/23/16 Action Dan FitzGerald
DogBiscuit 12/16/15 Arcade Tivola
Dogfight 04/16/14 Action Echoboom Apps
Doggins 10/07/14 Adventure
DogHotel 02/23/15 Arcade Tivola
Dojo Danger 04/08/13 Strategy Kihon Games
Dokuro 12/16/13 Action GungHo Online...
Dolphin Paradise 10/04/12 Simulation HappyGiant
Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends 10/19/12 Simulation HappyGiant
DomiNations 04/07/15 Strategy NEXON M Inc.
Domino Arena 11/27/13 Arcade Gamieon
Dominoes Pro 02/08/16 Board Maysalward
Dominoes Striker 07/13/16 Board Game Maysalward
Domo The Journey 01/31/13 Action Horse Feathers llc
Don't Fall Off! 06/24/11 Action EA
Don't Fry the Frog 02/16/12 Arcade Blacktorch Games
Don't Get Wet 01/09/15 TwoDoor Games
Don't Make Them Fly 10/24/14 Arcade Jumping Pixel Games
Don't Run With a Plasma Sword 12/05/11 Action XperimentalZ Games
Don't Shoot Yourself! 12/05/13 Puzzle Ayopa Games LLC
Don't Starve: Shipwrecked 01/27/17 Action Klei Entertainment
Don't Tap The White Tile 04/29/14 Puzzle Ayumu Kinoshita
Don't Touch The Spikes 07/29/14 Puzzle Ketchapp
DONUT GET! 10/29/12 Arcade
Donut Pirate 04/28/14 Action
Doodle Army 03/28/11 Action Chad Towns
Doodle Boat 02/03/12 Arcade Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.
Doodle Cover 10/22/10 Strategy GOJOY CO.,Ltd
Doodle Devil 11/28/11 Action JoyBits
Doodle Ducks 11/21/12 Action
Doodle Dummies 12/21/11 Action eBattalion
Doodle Fit 03/15/11 Action
DOODLE FIT 2 08/02/12 Puzzle Namco Bandai
Doodle Fit 2: Around the World 08/19/13 Action NamcoBandai Games Inc.
Doodle God 12/16/15 Board JoyBits Ltd.
Doodle Hangman 06/15/11 Board PageNet
Doodle Jump 06/28/13 Action / Platformer Lima Sky
Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes 11/07/14 Arcade Lima Sky
Doodle Jump SpongeBob SquarePants 05/06/14 Action Nickelodeon
Doodle Moto Race 09/09/11 Arcade easygame
Doodle Plane 07/29/11 Action Chitralekha Productions Pvt...
Doodle Pool 2: The Chalk of Destiny 11/12/13 Sports Big Head Games
Doodle Snake 03/30/12 Arcade NER Brothers
Doodle Truck 03/12/12 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Doodle Truck 2 11/20/12 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Doodlebug 04/11/11 Action / Platformer Mobile Amusements
DOOM Classic 10/08/10 Action / FPS id Software
DOOM II RPG 10/28/10 Action / FPS id Software
Doom Warrior 02/06/14 Action Creaky Corpse
Doom: Resurrection 11/11/10 Action / FPS id Software
Doomdark's Revenge 02/11/14 Action Chilli Hugger Software
Doomsday Preppers 07/30/13 Action G5 Entertainment
DOOORS - room escape game 03/30/12 Puzzle 58works
Doors & Rooms 2 04/02/14 Puzzle Gameday Inc.
Doors & Rooms 3 07/29/15 Puzzle Gameday Inc.
Doors of the Mind 08/01/11 Adventure Big Fish Games, Inc
Doors&Rooms 11/29/12 Puzzle gameday Inc.
Doppler 08/04/14 Arcade My Go Studio
Doraemon Gadget Rush 02/05/15 Puzzle Animoca
Dot Line 05/04/12 Puzzle #App
Dota Heroes 09/21/10 Role Playing Travis Loh
Dots & Co 07/26/16 Puzzle Playdots, Inc.
Dots Ball 03/16/12 Arcade Egozoo Games
Dots: A Game About Connecting 06/10/13 Puzzle Betaworks One
Double Barrel 03/20/14 Action Widget Revolt
Double Dragon iPhone 08/01/11 Action Aksys
Doug dug 05/20/14 Arcade The Electric Toy Company
Down The Mountain 07/22/15 Arcade sven magnus
Downfall: Clash of Factions 01/29/13 Strategy Playlore, Inc.
Downhill Riders 06/29/15 Action Happymagenta
Downhill Xtreme 10/29/12 Sports Distinctive Games
Downtown Showdown 01/14/16 City Building COLOPL Inc.
Downwards 10/10/11 Puzzle Studio Downwards
Downwell 03/02/15 Action Devolver Digital
Dr. Seuss Band 02/24/12 Rhythm / Music Oceanhouse Media
Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon 05/23/13 Action / Adventure Anuman
Dracula: Resurrection - Part 1 09/05/11 Microids
Dracula: Resurrection - Part 2 09/05/11 Adventure Microids
Dracula: The Last Sanctuary 03/09/12 Adventure Anuman
DragNDrop 11/09/10 Action Ownage Studios
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 07/20/15 Action Bandai Namco
Dragon Blaze 05/11/15 RPG GAMEVIL Inc.
Dragon Coins 05/08/14 Arcade Sega
Dragon Eggs 09/29/11 Action / Puzzle RGH Games LLC
Dragon Era - Slots Adventure 10/01/13 Slots playmage
Dragon Eternity 06/25/12 MMO Q1 Online
Dragon Eternity Online HD 04/08/13 MMORPG Game Insight, LLC
Dragon Fantasy 07/31/13 Action The Muteki Corporation
Dragon Finga 09/25/13 Action Another Place Productions Ltd
Dragon Friends 04/10/14 NHN
Dragon Friends: Green Witch 04/02/15 City Building Innospark
Dragon Island Blue 11/16/12 RPG ZigZaGame Inc.
Dragon Jump 07/01/15 Action Ketchapp
Dragon Land 04/07/16 Action / Platformer Social Point
Dragon Mania Legends 01/19/15 Sim Gameloft
Dragon Nest: Labyrinth 05/05/15 RPG
Dragon Portals HD 09/08/11 Puzzle 10tons
Dragon Quest 10/09/14 JRPG Square Enix
DRAGON QUEST III 01/02/15 RPG Square Enix
Dragon Quest IV: The Chapters of the Chosen 08/08/14 RPG Square Enix
Dragon Raiders 07/21/14 Action / Adventure Team Chaos LLC
Dragon Skies 09/21/12 Simulation Breaktime Studios
Dragon Slayer Quest 01/21/14 Crave Creative
Dragon Storm 02/27/13 MMO Griptonite Games Inc.
Dragon Story 05/21/12 Simulation TeamLava
Dragon Summoner 04/02/13 Card Game Gameloft
Dragon Swarm 05/08/13 RTS Spicy Pixel
Dragon Sword RPG 09/22/10 Role Playing Minoraxis, Inc.
Dragon Warlords 10/02/14 Strategy Game Insight
Dragon's Watch 01/11/17 RPG The Secret Police
Dragon, Fly 12/02/13 Action Four Pixel Games
DragonBox 06/01/12 WeWantToKnow AS
DragonHeart 06/01/15 Puzzle alteus soft
Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon 08/20/13 Kabam
Dragons vs Goblins 3D 09/20/13 Arcade Smackall Games
Dragons: Rise of Berk 05/27/14 Action Ludia
DragonVale 01/29/12 Action Backflip Studios
Dragonwood Academy: A Game of Stones 06/03/14 Arcade XMG Studio Inc.
Dragorena 04/04/14 RPG ComboApp
Drain Brain 09/05/11 Puzzle Ragdoll Game Studio
Drake's Tower Ultimate Adventure 02/06/12 Action Brisk Mobile Inc
Drakerider 09/06/12 RPG Square Enix
Draw 'n' Go: Awesomeness! 07/19/11 Action AlphaWeb Plus LLP
Draw and Roll 08/30/12 Puzzle Codespot
Draw Destruction 11/19/13 Puzzle Nextino
Draw Jump 05/20/11 Action / Platformer EA
Draw Rider 04/22/13 Action Anton Vazhinsky
Draw Slasher 11/02/15 Action Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.
Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies 11/12/10 Adventure Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.
Draw Slasher: The Quest 08/31/11 Action / Adventure Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.
Draw Something 03/21/12 Puzzle OMGPOP
Draw Something 2 04/03/13 Drawing Zynga
Drawn to Life 06/09/14 Action 505 Games (US), Inc.
Drawn to Light 11/17/15 Puzzle B5Studios
DrawRace 2 HD 02/05/13 Sports / Racing Chillingo Ltd
DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved 05/06/11 Sports / Racing RedLynx Ltd.
Drawtopia 11/03/14 Puzzle Super Smith Bros
Dream Chamber 11/04/13 Action / Adventure Microids
Dream Chaser 04/22/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Dream City Idols 03/08/17 Sim 37Games
Dream Defense 02/13/17 Action Altitude Games
Dream Dresses 05/08/12 Simulation Breaktime Studios
Dream Drop (iOS) 06/29/15 Action 505 Games (US), Inc.
Dream Flight 01/21/14 Action JQ Software
Dream Gym 03/25/15 Sim Tatem Games
Dream Heights 02/28/12 Arcade Zynga
Dream League Soccer 12/08/11 Sports First Touch Games
Dream League Soccer 2017 03/27/17 Sport First Touch Games Ltd.
Dream of Pixels 12/13/12 Puzzle Dawn of Play
Dream PetHouse 02/27/12 Simulation Zynga
Dream Skate 10/04/11 Sports Fugazo, Inc.
Dream Track Nation 01/30/13 Sports Chillingo Ltd
Dreamland Chronicles 04/03/14 Card Game Protobird Games
Drift Girls 08/19/15 Action / Racing TOAST
Drift Legends 02/08/11 Action / Driving Convergent Online Media Ltd
Drift Mania Championship 04/10/12 Sports / Racing Ratrod Studio Inc.
Drift Mania Championship 2 10/10/12 Sports / Racing Ratrod Studio Inc.
Drift Mania: Street Outlaws 10/10/13 Action / Racing Ratrod Studio
Drift Spirits 06/15/15 Action / Racing BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment...
Drift'n'Drive 11/10/14 Kimmo Lahtinen
Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong 08/30/13 Arcade APPatheia
Drip Drip 04/06/12 Action Imminent Games
Drive Ahead! 05/26/15 Sports / Racing Dodreams Ltd.
Drive on Moscow 11/28/13 Strategy Shenandoah Studio
Driver Speedboat Paradise 03/20/15 Action / Racing Ubisoft
Driving School 2016 02/23/17 Arcade Alexandru Marusac
DroidArcade 01/17/14 Action Kyttaro Games
Drone 2 Air Assault 03/09/17 Action Reliance Big Entertainment...
Drone: Shadow Strike 10/02/14 Action Reliance Games
Drop Agent 351: Logic Bomb 08/01/11 Action Architeq
Drop Cop 08/05/11 RPG
DROP NOT! 04/19/17 Puzzle Oddrok Oy
Drop Out Adventures 05/09/12 Puzzle Digital Poke
Drop That Candy 10/29/13 Puzzle Greenfly Studios
Drop the Bird 05/11/12 Action Quattro
Drop The Chicken 09/23/11 Puzzle Sharp Creative Agency
Drop Wizard 01/02/15 Arcade Neutronized
DROP'd 02/24/17 Arcade GalacticThumb
Drop7 10/07/10 Puzzle Area/Code
DropBlox 02/09/16 Arcade Go Games
Dropchord 08/16/13 Puzzle Double Fine Productions, Inc.
Dropimals 06/29/12 Arcade Ragtag Developments
Dropple 11/27/12 Action Foundation Games
Dub Dash 09/18/15 Action Headup Games
Ducati Challenge 04/26/11 Sports Digital Tales
Duck Commander: Duck Defense 11/14/14 Tower Defence Activision
Duck Destroyer 02/27/14 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards HD 10/28/13 Action A&E Television Networks Mobile
Duckstruction 10/28/10 Simulation Timaware
DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot 09/24/13 Action Disney
Dude On Fire 10/19/16 Action isTom Games
Dude Perfect 03/31/11 Arcade Action Black Box Interactive
Duel Beats 03/27/17 Rhythm / Music Kiz Studios
Duel of Fate 06/06/12 Board GAMEVIL Inc.
DuelPoker 10/17/11 Board Neowiz Entertainment
Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 05/31/12 Board Wizards of the Coast
Duet Game 08/14/15 Arcade Kumobius
Duke Nukem 3D 11/11/10 Action / FPS MachineWorks Northwest
Duke Nukem II 03/15/13 Action 3D Realms
Dumb Ways to Die 06/07/13 Arcade Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd
Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games 09/12/16 Arcade Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd
Dune Rider 06/23/11 Action / Racing Geek Beach
Dungenious 12/02/15 Dungeon Crawler Noizoo Games
Dungeon Battles: Heroes of the Throne 04/14/15 Action / Strategy Digital Dinosaur Games (DDG)
Dungeon Boss 09/23/15 Action / RPG Big Fish Games, Inc
Dungeon Crawlers 04/27/15 RPG Drowning Monkeys
Dungeon Defiler 10/08/12 Action The Game Kitchen
Dungeon Gems 06/24/14 Puzzle Gameloft
Dungeon Hearts 03/28/13 Puzzle Devolver Digital
Dungeon Highway 02/13/14 Arcade Substantial Inc.
Dungeon Highway Adventures 04/28/15 Action / Racing Substantial
Dungeon Hunter 09/23/10 Action / Role Playing Gameloft
Dungeon Hunter 2 12/16/10 Action/Role Playing Gameloft
Dungeon Hunter 3 12/21/11 Action / RPG Gameloft
Dungeon Hunter 4 05/07/13 RPG Gameloft
Dungeon Hunter 5 04/06/15 RPG Chillingo
Dungeon Keeper (iOS) 01/31/14 RPG EA
Dungeon Legends 09/03/15 RPG Codigames
Dungeon Link 05/05/15 Puzzle KONG STUDIOS
Dungeon Mini 02/02/17 Action Ynnis Interactive
Dungeon Monsters RPG 04/04/16 RPG Mana Cube
Dungeon of the Endless (iOS) 08/24/15 Dungeon Crawler Amplitude Studios
Dungeon Quest 09/29/10 Role Playing Moblyng
Dungeon Rushers 03/19/14 Action Gobelinz Studio
Dungeon Story 10/22/12 Puzzle / RPG Dungeon Story
Dungeon Tap 10/22/10 Action / Platformer Beebe Games
Dungeons & Aliens 09/02/16 Action Kool2Play
Dungeons of Evilibrium 10/01/15 Card Game Zillion Whales
Dunkers 07/26/16 Arcade Colin Lane
Durango 11/29/16 MMORPG NEXON M Inc.
Dust Fighter 05/06/13 Arcade Cybertime
Dust Those Bunnies 08/22/11 Action Gamers Rejoice
Dust: An Elysian Tail (iOS) 09/16/16 Action Humble Hearts LLC
Dustoff Vietnam 12/03/14 Action
Dwarven Den 04/22/14 Puzzle Backflip Studios
DYING: Sinner Escape 08/15/13 Action / Adventure Nekcom Entertainment
Dynamite Jack 08/21/12 Action Hassey Enterprises, Inc.
Dynamite Slots 03/27/12 Board Dynamite Games
Dynasty Warlord 03/06/14 RPG GAMEVIL
Title Created Genre Publisher
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