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REVIEWS Boss! Review
PlayStation Vita owners looking to exercise a little frustration can look to this rather low-fi title about creating a monster and destroying everything in your path.

Part 2 of Square-Enix and Disney's cooperative compilation cash-cow is ready to milk the series for another go, but does the milk taste sweet or is it spoiled?
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PREVIEWS Evolve Preview
With multiplayer action set as its focus, Evolve surprised us earlier this month by introducing a single-player campaign mode where you can switch between mercenaries.
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Release date: Out Now

Persona 5
Release date: 12/31/14

Motorcycle Club
Release date: 01/01/15

Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk
Release date: 01/14/15

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I don’t even care all that much for the Lords of the Rings brand, which makes the content falling under Shadow of Mordor’s Season Pass a pleasant surprise.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Gamers
If this awful trend is going to persist, you may as well do it your way.
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Looking to score the most bang for your buck the day after Thanksgiving? Well look no further! Our Black Friday guide is just the tool you need.

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RIP Ralph Baer (1922-2014)
By KevinS
Posted on 12/07/14
RIP Ralph Baer (1922-2014) I really, really hate writing obits. I really do. But I take it as a personal honor to be able to say good things about the men and women I respect, whether in this industry or just in my life, and Ralph Baer is the reason all of this exists in the first...



Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja
Might and Magic: Duel of Champions 10/02/14
Order and Chaos Online 10/16/14
Plague Inc. 12/09/14
Badland 12/18/14


Top Farm Top Farm
Managament / Simulation
Secret Files: Tunguska 12/18/14
Top Gear: Extreme Parking 12/18/14
Badland 12/18/14
The Falling Dead 12/17/14

Title Created Genre Publisher
LYNE 01/15/14 Puzzle Thomas Bowker
Luxuria Superbia 11/05/13 Arcade Tale of Tales
Luxor 10/07/10 Action / Puzzle MumboJumbo
Lunata Rescue 11/01/13 Action / Platformer Insignia Games
Lunar Eclipse 01/04/13 Action Pixel-Punch
Lums HD 08/08/13 Puzzle Vladimir Hrincar
Lumo Deliveries Inc 10/30/14 Sim Lumo Developments
Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild 08/05/13 Action Koloss Interactive
LuckyLoot 10/28/10 Adventure Ravenmyth Interactive Studios
Lucky Battle 09/25/12 Action 6waves Lolapps
Luck O' The Irish 02/03/14 Arcade iDor Interactive
Lub vs Dub 08/14/13 Action Jon McKellan
Love and Dragons 10/23/13 Puzzle Game Insight
LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias 05/10/12 Action Frontier Developments Ltd
LostWinds 12/21/11 Platformer Frontier Dev.
LostStar Tactics 06/20/12 Strategy RPG James Pawliuk
Lost Yeti 01/08/14 Puzzle Neutronized
Lost Underworld 09/09/11 Action EM Publish GmbH
Lost Toys 01/13/14 Puzzle Barking Mouse Studio, Inc.
Lost Echo 10/09/13 Action / Adventure KickBack
Lost Cubes 01/08/13 Puzzle PocketPlayLab
Lost Civilization 05/08/14 Adventure / Puzzler Phoenix Online Publishing
Lost Cities 08/27/12 Board TheCodingMonkeys
Lords of Waterdeep 12/02/13 Board Playdek, Inc.
Lords of War 12/14/11 MMO Veraxon
Lord of Zombies 11/18/13 Action Freyr Games
Lord of the Dragons 09/28/12 Action KLab Global Pte. Ltd.
Loot Raiders 09/02/14 Action Team Chaos LLC
Loot Hero 02/04/14 RPG VaragtP
Loopy Laboratory 10/28/10 Puzzle Bas Tossings
London 2012 - Official Mobile Game 07/24/12 Sports NEOWIZ Internet Corp.
Lollipop 3: Eggs of Doom! 01/17/14 Action Moonbot Studios
Lola’s Alphabet Train 02/18/11 Edutainment BeiZ Ltd.
Logos Quiz Game 05/04/12 Quiz AticoD
Loco Motors 03/24/14 Action Minority Media Inc.
Llama Or Duck?! 01/16/13 CodProd
Liverpool Shootout 03/10/11 Bright AI
Live Poker by Zynga 10/04/10 Casino Zynga
Little Things Forever 06/12/12 Action KLICKTOCK
Little Rockets 03/05/12 Action FARCOM
Little Nick 06/13/13 Action Bulkypix
Little Luca 05/24/13 Puzzle Glowingpine Studios
Little Inferno 02/27/13 Action Experimental Gameplay Group
Little Galaxy 12/04/14 Action Bitmap Galaxy
Little Empire 12/10/13 RPG Camel Games
Little Conquest 09/19/12 Simulation BattleBit
Little Bit Evil HD 12/03/13 Tower Defense CP Decision Limited
Little Bird 10/18/12 Action Robert Beluso
Little Amazon 01/18/13 Action / Platformer Bulkypix
Little 3 Kingdoms 06/07/12 Strategy Asnet
ListenUp! 12/21/12 Rhytm / Music ComboApp
Lionheart Tactics 05/20/14 Action Kongregate
Lion Pig 10/16/14 Arcade Selosoft
Linkin Park: 8-Bit Rebellion 10/08/10 Adventure Artificial Life, Inc.
Linkin Park Recharge 06/09/14 Action kuuluu
Linkies 09/06/12 Puzzle VisualDreams Handelsbolag
LinkDots 11/24/11 Puzzle Yumiwi
Link Together 08/04/14 Puzzle Lola Game Labs
Link The Slug 09/16/13 Action Bulkypix
Lingo Zoo 09/29/11 Action Mindshapes
Lines Deluxe 10/15/10 Action / Puzzle Colorbox
Lines 04/04/14 Puzzle That Wonderful Lemon Co.
Line Surfer 06/02/11 Arcade Action Robert Szeleney
Line Runner 03/29/11 Action Robert Szeleney
Line Of Defense Tactics 02/13/14 MMO 3000AD, Inc
Line Knight Fortix 01/13/14 Action Bulkypix
Line Jumper 06/23/11 Action / Arcade Robert Szeleney
Line Birds 07/11/11 Arcade Robert Szeleney
LIMBO Game 07/19/13 Action Playdead
Lilt Line 12/07/10 Rhythm / Music Gaijin Games
LilRacerz 10/08/10 Action / Racing Blast One
Lili 09/24/12 Adventure/RPG BitMonster Games
Lil' Kingdom 05/09/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Lil Smasher 02/28/14 Puzzle MooseMouse Media
Lightspeed Hero 04/04/14 Arcade Squideo Games
Lightopus 06/11/12 Action Bulkypix
Lightning Was Here: My Puzzle Book 06/02/11 Puzzle Disney Publishing Worldwide...
Lightning Fighter 2 HD 08/14/13 Action Uwan Studio
LightGuardian 10/31/11 Action LightGuardian
Lightbringers: Saviours of Raia 04/04/14 Dungeon Crawler Frima Studio
Light The Flower 04/09/12 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Light in the Dark 07/21/14 Puzzle Dreamgate Studios
Light Hero 03/27/13 Action iNCEPTIONAL
Light Byte 06/27/12 Puzzle Ayopa Games LLC
Life of Pixel 05/09/13 Arcade Super Icon
Life is Magic 01/04/13 MMO Red Robot Labs Inc.
Lie Swatter 04/09/13 Action Jellyvision Games, Inc.
Leviathan: Warships 03/15/13 Action Paradox Interactive
LEVEL 22 09/27/13 Action Noego
Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery 02/11/14 Hidden Objects G5 Entertainment
Letterpress 12/17/12 Word Puzzle atebits
LetterHero 07/17/14 Puzzle Multiple Codes
Letter UP: Live Word Game HD 10/28/14 Word Puzzle Flow State Media
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey 03/03/14 Word Puzzle Mark Smith
Letter Land Mahjong 2 04/15/13 Puzzle EnsenaSoft
Letris 3 11/22/13 Puzzle Ivanovich Games
Lethal Lance 06/30/14 Platformer Bulkypix
Let's Skate 03/22/13 Action Immanitas Entertainment
Let's Golf 10/08/10 Sport Simulation Gameloft
Let's Eat Sweets 05/25/12 Arcade Temporal Games
Let Me Loose 11/21/13 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Les Miserables: Jean Valjean 06/04/14 Hidden Objects Anuman
Lep's World 3 11/08/13 Action / Platformer nerByte GmbH
Lep's World 2 10/08/12 Action / Platformer nerByte GmbH
Lep's World 04/05/12 Action / Platformer NER Brothers
Leo's Fortune 04/29/14 Adventure / Platformer 1337 & Senri LLC
Lemonade Tycoon 11/11/10 Simulation Electronic Arts
LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles 05/02/13 Action LEGO
LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters 01/30/14 Action Warner Bros.
LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt 03/28/12 Action LEGO Systems, Inc
LEGO Ninjago - The Final Battle 03/25/13 Action The LEGO Group
LEGO Legends of Chima: Speedorz 04/05/13 Racing Warner Bros. Interactive
LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below 12/17/13 Action
LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack 03/29/13 Action LEGO Group
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 08/23/12 Action / Adventure Warner Bros.
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 02/28/12 Action Adventure Warner Bros.
LEGO Friends Story Maker 09/30/13 Simulation The LEGO Group
LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes 05/02/13 Action Warner Bros.
Legions of Steel 10/01/14 Strategy Matrix Games
Legends of Ooo - Adventure Time 08/12/13 Action Cartoon Network
Legends of Loot 10/26/12 Action Majesco
Legendary Wars 04/01/11 Action Strategy Liv Games
Legendary Outlaw 12/05/11 FPS Game Tongue Software
Legend of the Fish of Fury 09/20/11 Action T-Enterprise
Legend of the Cryptids 07/31/12 RPG Card Game Applibot Inc.
Legend of Master Online 10/10/14 RPG GAMEVIL
Legend of Grimrock 08/25/11 Arcade Almost Human
Legend of Fat Ninja 10/18/12 Action Zephyr Games
Legena: Union Tides 07/01/14 JRPG Grandpa Pixel
Legacy: Mystery Mansion 12/05/11 Puzzle Daily App Dream
Leaving 12/11/12 Action Mimicry Games
Leaping Legend 06/28/13 Action Everplay
League of War 12/17/13 Strategy MunkyFun, Inc.
League of Mages 07/26/13 Action i-Free Innovations
League of Heroes 10/23/12 Action Gamelion
League of Evil 3 07/02/13 Action / Platformer Ravenous Games Inc.
League of Evil 2 02/20/12 Action / Platformer Ravenous Games
Le Vamp 04/01/13 Action High Voltage Software
Lazy Raiders 11/16/12 Action Namco Bandai
Lazy Mouse 04/17/13 Arcade YoYo Games
LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM 09/05/13 Adventure Level-5
Layton 7 08/27/13 Puzzle Level-5
Lawless 12/10/13 Arcade / Action DeNA
Law & Order: Legacies 01/23/12 Adventure Telltale Games
Laundry Rush 10/11/11 Action / Arcade Tagged Software
Last War 12/02/11 Strategy GAMEVIL
Last Survivor on the Roof 05/25/11 Arcade Action HL Tec
Last Stand Stan 08/19/11 Action GreenBean Games
Last Inua 10/10/14 Adventure / Platformer Creative Mobile Games
Laser Room 11/01/12 Action Ari Levi
Laser Dolphin 05/03/11 Action Dingo Games
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light 12/15/14 Action Square Enix
Lap Uranus 09/21/11 Arcade Lap Uranus
Lane Splitter 03/28/11 Arcade Action fractiv, LLC
LandGrabbers 02/06/12 Strategy Nevosoft
Land-a Panda 03/07/11 Action Big Pixel Studios
Lady Gaga Revenge 11/11/10 Rhythm / Music Tapulous
Labyrinth 2 10/08/10 Puzzle Codify AB
Labyrinth 10/08/10 Puzzle Codify AB
LabRATory 05/07/14 Arcade Tivola
Lab Bunnies 10/26/12 Action Skejo Studios
LA Skater - Roller Rivals 02/06/14 Action Lunagames
Title Created Genre Publisher