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Despite the name and online premise, fans know this isn't an MMO.

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Amiibo Crossing is (not very much) fun for the whole family!
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Release date: 12/01/15

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Eyes of Heaven
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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...



Hyperspace Pinball Hyperspace Pinball
Badland 09/08/15
Doodle God 09/25/15
Star Trek Online (iOS) 11/05/15
Space Hulk 10/15/15


Snowboard Party 2 Snowboard Party 2
Vlogger Go Viral 11/30/15
TruckSimulation 16 11/25/15
Baseball Riot 11/25/15
Headshot Heroes 11/25/15

Title Created Genre Publisher
PAC-ATTACK 10/26/10 Action Namco Networks America Inc.
Pac-Man 05/22/14 Arcade Bandai Namco
Pac-Man 256 05/26/15 Arcade Bandai Namco
PAC-MAN Bounce 07/20/15 Action / Platformer Bandai Namco
PAC-MAN DASH! 07/30/13 Arcade NamcoBandai Games Inc.
PAC-MAN Friends 08/21/14 Arcade Bandai Namco
PAC-MAN Lite 11/13/12 Namco Networks America Inc....
Pacific Rim 07/19/13 Action Reliance Big Entertainment...
Pactap: Capture the Ghosts 07/17/12 Puzzle CODESPOT
Pacxon: Legend is Back 05/11/12 Arcade Codespot
Pahelika: Secret Legends 03/05/14 Adventure Ironcode Software
Paint it Back 10/04/13 Puzzle Casual Labs
Paint Monsters 11/05/14 Puzzle SGN
Paintball Pro 12/13/13 Action Very Nice Studio
Pako - Car Chase Simulator 09/04/14 Action Tree Men Games
Panal Puzzle 08/18/14 Puzzle J&J Studios
Panda PandaMonium 09/02/14 Puzzle Big Fish Games, Inc
PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted 09/10/12 Arcade ENTROPY Project
Pandalicious!! 05/05/11 Puzzle Karma World LLC
Pandemic: The Board Game 10/09/13 Board F2Z Digital Media Inc.
Pangolin 12/17/12 Arcade / Puzzler Feedtank LLC
Panic Flight 11/14/12 Simulation Advanced Mobile Applications
Pantheon Legend 08/12/13 RPG Gamebox
Panzer Corps Wehrmacht 12/13/13 Strategy Matrix Games
Panzer Tactics HD 03/06/14 Strategy bitComposer
PanzerWars 08/09/13 RTS Xyrality
Papa Pear Saga 08/16/13 Puzzle King
Papa Penguin 04/18/11 Arcade Ideal Bureaucracy
Papa Sangre II 11/20/13 Action Playground Publishing B.V.
Papa's Freezeria To Go! 05/15/14 Simulation Flipline Studios
Paper Galaxy 12/21/12 Action Liquid
Paper Glider Crazy Copter 10/24/11 Action Neon Play
Paper Monsters 02/06/12 Action / Platformer Crescent Moon Games
Paper Racer 07/15/11 Action / Racing Black Coal Studio
Paper Titans 03/22/13 Puzzle Blitz Games Studios
Paper Toss 09/17/10 Simulation Backflip Studios
Paper Toss: World Tour 10/12/10 Simulation Backflip Studios
Paper Train Reloaded 10/28/13 Simulation isTom Games
Paper Train: Rush 08/17/15 isTom Games
Paperama 06/24/14 Puzzle
Papers, Please 12/16/14 Action 3909
PapiDrive 09/09/11 Arcade Sunflat
PapiJump 09/22/10 Action / Platformer Sunflat
Paradise Bay 08/11/15 Strategy Limited
Paradise Island 10/12/10 Simulation PalevoGames
Paradise Island 2 12/22/14 City Building Game Insight
Paragon Infinite 07/25/14 Mike Lasch
Parallel Kingdom 09/21/10 Role Playing PerBlue Inc
Paranormal State: Poison Spring 07/11/14 Hidden Objects Legacy Interactive
ParcelSorter 06/20/13 Puzzle ParcelSorter
Parigami 05/19/15 Puzzle Awesome Software, S.A
Parking Frenzy 2.0 06/12/12 Arcade Games2win
Parking Mania 02/13/12
Parking Mania HD 06/26/14 Arcade / Racing Chillingo Ltd
PartyMaster 02/16/11 Simu NHN Japan Corp.
Past Memories 10/18/13 Action Give me Five
Pathogen 02/19/14 Strategy Gameblyr
Paths 07/21/14 Puzzle Sync Interactive
Patrick Kane's Winter Games 02/13/14 Sports Distinctive Games
Payback 10/08/10 Action Apex Designs
Payback 2 10/24/12 Action James Daniels
PBR: Raging Bulls 11/18/14 Action RED Interactive Agency
Peakour 04/05/12 Puzzle Gotta Pea, LLC
Pebble Universe 03/07/12 Action Itatake
Peggle 09/28/10 Puzzle PopCap Games, Inc.
Peggle Blast 12/15/14 Puzzle Electronic Arts
PegGoo Pop 01/12/15 Puzzle Bulkypix
Penny Dreadful: Demimonde 08/12/15 Action / RPG Midverse Studios
Penny Parlor 10/10/11 Arcade Games Labs Apps
Penny Time 05/07/12 Action IV Motion
Pepi Ride 11/24/14 Adventure Pepi Play
Perfect Balance: Harmony 10/14/10 Puzzle ttursas Ltd
Perfect Balance: Inferno 11/09/10 Puzzle ttursas Ltd
Perfect Cell 04/06/11 FPS Mobigame
Perfect Hit! 08/30/13 Arcade ComboApp
Perfect Shift 09/18/15 Action / Racing Lextre
Perils of Man 04/30/15 Action / Adventure IF Games
Persuasion 08/24/11 Board ASutton
PES 2012 10/05/11 Sports Konami Digital...
PES Club Manager 06/05/15 Sports / Manager Konami
PES Manager 04/17/14 Sports Konami
Pet Beauty Salon 05/30/13 Arcade Ninjafish Studios
Pet Inn 08/12/11 D.I.O Game
Pet Petters 09/13/11 Simulation Kappboom
Peter & Wendy In Neverland 09/04/15 Action
Peter und Vlad 11/10/10 Adventure Dexoris
Petri-Dash 11/15/11 Action Distorted Poetry
Pets LIVE 09/16/10 Role Playing Storm8
Peugeot Pocket Racing 07/30/13 Action Measured Software
Phantasmat 03/08/11 Adventure Codeminion
Phantom of the Kill 06/10/15 Strategy gumi
Phantom Probes 06/20/11 Puzzle Entertailion
Phil the Pill 04/09/14 Puzzle Curious Media
Phoenix Wright 11/09/10 Adventure CAPCOM
Phrase Phrenzy 03/23/11 Board New Wave Digital Media
PHYSICS GAMEBOX 05/03/11 FDG Entertainment
Piano Tiles 05/12/14 Puzzle HU WEN ZENG
Pick 'n Chew 09/07/12 Action Tatem Games
Pick a Piggy 07/14/11 Action / Puzzle Dynamic Pixels
Pickpawcket 08/11/11 Action / Puzzle
Piclings 05/02/11 Action / Platformer PAN Vision
Picnic Mayhem 10/06/11 Action Gamebrausch
Picnic Raiders 05/15/12 Arcade Gamebowl
PICS Towers of Defense 04/08/14 Tower Defense Personae Studios
Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey 04/09/15 Action Salty Croc Interactive Inc.
Piece Corps 12/19/12 Puzzle Joe Doucet Studio
Pig Curling 09/29/11 Arcade CEMG
Pig Rush 05/16/11 Action ReignDesign
Piggy Biggy 10/07/13 Action Marmalade
Pigs in Trees 08/08/11 Action / Arcade PAN Vision
Pik Nic 11/10/10 Action Personae Studios
Pike & Shot 08/14/15 Strategy Matrix Games
PILE 03/25/14 Puzzle 1Button SARL
Pilot Winds 04/01/11 Action Two Lives Left
Pin Something 02/01/13 Arcade Big Blue Bubble
Pinball Block Breaker 01/06/14 Pinball Crave Creative
Pinball City: New York 11/24/11 Board Another War 2Play
Pinball HD 11/20/12 Pinball OOO Gameprom
Pinball Kid 01/10/13 Pinball Sauce Digital
Pinball Rocks HD 06/26/13 Pinball Sony Music Entertainment
Pinball Yeah 10/26/10 Pinball Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Pinch 05/10/11 Puzzle Coatsink Software
Ping Pong 3D 11/04/10 Board EivaaGames
Pinwar 02/19/13 Pinball Bulkypix
Pipe Dash 01/03/12 Arcade / Platformer Multiadaptor
PipeRoll 05/21/12 Puzzle Navigation-Info Kft.
PIRANHA 3DD 05/30/12 Action Flashman
Pirate Bash 08/26/14 Action DeNA Corp.
Pirate Empire 10/01/15 Adventure R2Games
PIRATE ERA 05/27/14 Action ComboApp
Pirate Jump 2 10/02/13 Action EnsenaSoft
Pirate Kings 01/12/15 Action Jelly Button Games Ltd
Pirate Legends TD 08/27/13 Tower Defense Super Hippo Studios Limited
Pirate Mania 06/29/12 Action Taploft
Pirate Master 3 10/13/10 Action / Platformer Four Corners Development Group
Pirate Plunder 11/06/12 Action Pixel Factory, LLC
Pirate Showdown 06/26/15 Action Captain Squiddy
Pirate Smash 08/29/12 Action Stark Apps
Pirate Sushi 12/12/12 Action Interactive Illusion
Pirate Treasure - Lost Islands 02/19/14 Action / Adventure Immanitas Entertainment
Pirate's Battle 03/17/11 Seed Studio Inc.
Pirates of Black Cove: Sink 'Em All! 02/03/12 Action Nitro Games
Pirates of Everseas 03/24/14 Strategy Glu Games Inc
Pirates vs Corsairs - Davy Jones' Gold 05/20/13 Action Anuman
Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas: Puzzle Wars 03/03/11 Puzzle PAN Vision
Pirbot 05/02/11 Puzzle IBERFOUR WORLDWIDE, S.L.
PITFALL! 08/10/12 Action Activision Publishing, Inc.
Pitman 02/08/12 RPG Rat King
Pivvot 08/16/13 Puzzle Whitaker Trebella
Pix'n Love Rush 05/23/11 Arcade Bulkypix
Pixel Gun 3D 10/07/13 Action Alex Krasnov
Pixel People 10/22/14 Simulation Chillingo Ltd
Pixel Racer 07/12/11 Action / Racing Indie Developer Consulting
Pixld 11/12/12 Puzzle Airtight Mobile
Pixoban 06/03/13 Action Mark Alexander
Piyo Blocks 2 05/08/12 Puzzle Big Pixel Studios
Pizza Vs. Skeletons 02/20/12 Action / Platformer Riverman Media LLC
Plague Inc. 12/09/14 Strategy Ndemic Creations
Planet Cracker 08/22/11 Arcade Sire Assemblies
Planet Diver 11/16/15 Action Fabraz
Planet Hidden 09/27/12 Hidden Object Ocean Media
Planet Jumpers 07/01/14 Action Dongdong Li
Planet of the Eyes 02/09/15 Action / Puzzler Cococucumber
Planktopop 2 03/21/13 Action Wrinkle-free Games
Plants vs. Zombies 09/17/10 Puzzle PopCap Games, Inc.
Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time 07/31/14 Puzzle Electronic Arts
Plants War 03/09/12 Action GAMEVIL Inc.
Platform Panic 02/09/15 Action Nitrome
Plax 05/06/14 Arcade Raphael Blanchet
Play Arrival: Village Kasike 11/08/12 Action AppLaunch
Play to Cure: Genes in Space 02/06/14 Action Guerilla Tea
Playing History: Vikings 11/10/14 Action Serious Games Interactive
PlayStation All-Stars Island 08/08/13 Action Sony
Playworld Superheroes 04/02/15 Action Starship
Please, Don't Touch Anything 10/15/15 Arcade Bulkypix
Plight of the Zombie 08/02/12 Action Spark Plug Games, LLC
Plopp! 10/25/11 Puzzle games2be
Plumber Crack 03/12/12 Arcade Fluik
Plunder Pirates 05/20/15 Action Rovio Stars Ltd.
Plunder! SD 11/09/12 Arcade Big Fish Games, Inc
PlunderNauts 06/23/14 Action Backflip Studios
Plush 02/13/15 Puzzle Red Head Games
Plushed 09/30/10 Adventure blacksmith games
Pocket Academy 07/27/11 Simulation Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Pocket Army 06/03/13 RPG Pine Entertainment
Pocket Climber 11/13/12 PunchBox Studios
Pocket Fireball 11/24/14 Action / Platformer Studio Pepwuper
Pocket Friend 04/28/15 Puzzle McPeppergames
Pocket Frogs 05/24/13 Action NimbleBit LLC
Pocket Garden 11/08/13 Puzzle Cobra Mobile Limited
Pocket God 05/20/11 Simulation Bolt Creative
Pocket God: Journey To Uranus 07/11/11 Action Bolt Creative
Pocket God: Ooga Jump 10/24/13 Action Bolt Creative
Pocket God: The Runs 12/16/11 Action Bolt Creative
Pocket Heroes 07/24/12 MMORPG Ayopa Games LLC
Pocket Knights 06/24/14 Card Game ZQGame
Pocket Land 08/13/13 Arcade Lusyo Entertainment
Pocket Legends 11/11/10 Role Playing Spacetime Studios, LLC
Pocket MapleStory 11/09/15 MMO
Pocket Planes 06/20/12 Simulation NimbleBit LLC
Pocket Platoons 08/12/15 Strategy En Masse Entertainment
Pocket Road Trip 10/17/14 Action Roofdog Games
Pocket RPG 09/05/11 RPG Crescent Moon Games
Pocket Sports: Track and Field 08/13/12 Sports Sector3 Games
Pocket Stables 12/02/13 Simulation Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Pocket Starships 03/12/14 MMO Spectacle Games
Pocket Summoner 09/20/13 Action
Pocket Tanks Deluxe 10/12/10 Action Blitwise Productions, LLC
Pocket Titans 10/17/13 Puzzle / RPG Kumotion
Pocket Trains 10/07/13 Strategy NimbleBit LLC
Pocket Troops Lite 01/28/14 Action Heyworks
Pocket Village 05/01/13 Simulation wooga
POH! 12/19/11 Arcade Geek on a Leash
Point Blank Adventures 05/18/15 Arcade BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment...
Pokédex 02/25/13 Arcade The Pokémon Company
Poker by Zynga 11/13/12 Zynga
Poker God 10/16/14 Card Game Poker God
Poker with Bob 02/08/11 Board Scary Robot Productions
Polar Puzzles 07/11/11 Puzzle Blue Frog Gaming
Police Chase Smash 02/29/12 Action / Racing Fun Time Games
Polyball 10/08/10 Arcade Richard Shinderman
PolyBlast 10/14/15 Arcade Game Cooks
Polynx 11/12/10 Puzzle Christopher Urbanek
Poncho 03/17/15 Puzzle / Platformer Delve Interactive
Pool Break 03/08/11 Table Games Kinetic Bytes
Pool Live Tour 04/30/13 Sports Geewa
Pool with Pals 10/22/14 Sport Tiny Castle Studios
Poopy Birdies 03/31/14 Arcade eBattalion
Poor Maya 01/03/13 Action Nurogames
Pop Bubble Pop 12/09/11 Arcade Appshen
Pop the Lock 09/30/15 Puzzle Simple Machine, LLC
Poptile 08/21/14 Puzzle 1Button SARL
Pora Ora 07/30/15 Arcade Caped Koala Studios
Pork Chop 07/20/12 Action Fat Fish Games
Portal 2: Box destruction 09/23/10 Puzzle Gorodohan
Positron 03/18/14 Puzzle Retroburn Game Studios
Potshot Pirates 12/17/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Pou 07/28/14 Arcade Paul Salameh
Pound for Pound 11/02/11 Sports Karkadann Games
Power Grounds 04/15/14 Strategy Diego Cathalifaud
Power Ping Pong 09/03/15 Sports Chillingo
Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville 06/25/14 Action Cartoon Network
Powerslide Penguin 06/23/11 Action / Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Precious Touch 10/07/10 Action TimeBom, LLC
Pretty Pet Pony 09/28/11 Action Dream Cortex
Pretty Pet Salon 04/06/11 Simulation Dream Cortex
Pretty Pet Salon Summer HD 08/11/11 Simulation Dream Cortex
Pretty Pet Tycoon 04/27/11 Simulation Dream Cortex
Prime World: Defenders 06/05/14 Tower Defense NIVAL, INC.
Prince Of Dragon 10/26/10 Adventure Charochai Suetrongsuwan
Prince of Persia Classic 10/27/11 Action Ubisoft
Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame 07/25/13 Action Ubisoft
Princess Lillifee and the Fairy Ball 12/11/14 Arcade Tivola
Princess Makeover 04/08/13 Arcade Ninjafish Studios
Prison Escape 07/12/11 Action Mogworks
Prison Mayhem 09/21/11 Action 99Games Online Private Limited
Prize Claw 07/20/11 Action Game Circus LLC
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 12/02/10 Sports Konami
Pro Pinball 09/27/12 Pinball
Pro Pinball: Timeshock 01/30/15 Pinball Barnstorm Games
Pro Zombie Soccer 04/06/11 Sports Chillingo Ltd
Pro. Police Training 2 01/24/12 Action Zing Games
Probe the Humans 06/18/12 Action GameResort LLC
Professional Darts Championship 10/11/11 Sports Appshen
Professor Dare's World of Wizardry Quiz 09/09/11 Board Wired Productions
Project 83113 06/15/12 Action NCsoft
Project Dragon: The Roar From The Dungeon 06/11/12 MMORPG WeMade
Project Peon 11/04/13 Puzzle Digital Fury
Project Phoenix 08/09/13 RPG Project Phoenix
Project: Holy Shield 08/16/12 Action Bulkypix
Propaganda Lander 09/30/10 Action SMASHWORX, LLC
Prose with Bros 03/06/13 Action Evil Laugh Games
Protect Teddy 05/05/14 Action Dilectus Games Sdn. Bhd.
ProtoSlice HD 11/04/11 Puzzle Activision Publishing, Inc.
Protoxide: Death Race 08/15/13 Action / Racing HeroCraft Ltd
Proun + 12/01/14 Action / Racing Engine Software
Prune 09/23/15 Puzzle Joel McDonald
pShoot 03/24/11 Arcade Nicholas Fuller
Psych 02/10/15 Arcade Christian Baumgartner
Puckerz! 05/04/11 Groundbreaking Games
Pudding Panic 06/15/11 Action / Puzzle kunst-stoff
Puddle (iOS) 08/14/13 Action Neko Entertainment
Puddle Puzzles 08/29/11 Puzzle ChaosTrend
Puerto Rico HD 08/05/11 Action Ravensburger Digital GmbH
Puffer Fish 03/31/14 Action Crave Creative
PuffOut 10/03/12 Action / Adventure Maysalward
Pug Run 04/04/13 Action Tic Toc Games
Pulma 3D Puzzle 09/18/12 Puzzle Pulma Games
Punch Hero 05/11/12 Sports GAMEVIL Inc.
Punch Quest 11/05/12 Arcade Rocketcat Games
PuppetShow: Destiny Undone HD 10/27/14 Hidden Object Big Fish Games, Inc
Puppy Palooza 11/11/10 Action Rock Ridge Games, LLC
Puppy Sanctuary 08/22/12 Simulation Clockwork Pixels
Puppy Wings 09/24/14 Arcade Saito Games
Purrocket 07/29/14 Arcade Justin Davis
Push Panic 05/23/11 Puzzle Appular
Push-Cars 07/21/11 Action / Puzzle RaLight Solutions
Pushing Jell 08/28/12 Puzzle PlusMX
Pussy Flip 09/04/12 Board Kwalee Ltd
Putty Squad 04/22/14 Action / Adventure System 3
Puzkend 05/10/12 Puzzle 10tons
Puzzle & Glory 09/25/15 Puzzle Sega
Puzzle Agent 2 06/17/11 Adventure Telltale Games
Puzzle Coaster 11/27/13 Puzzle Marvelous AQL, Inc
Puzzle Craft 08/24/12 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Puzzle Expedition 07/25/11 Puzzle Merge Games
Puzzle Knights 01/17/14 RPG Mojaro
Puzzle Lines 10/29/12 Puzzle CODESPOT
Puzzle Mania 10/26/10 Puzzle Emantras Inc
Puzzle Paint 10/04/10 Puzzle Thomas Schoeps
Puzzle Pirates 06/20/13 MMO Sega
Puzzle Retreat 02/25/13 Puzzle The Voxel Agents
Puzzle Rocks 06/20/11 Puzzle Cinemax
Puzzle Slots 02/14/14 Slots Game Insight
Puzzle Tale 07/10/14 Puzzle Renatus Media
Puzzle Tracks 07/14/15 Puzzle Torres Labs
Puzzle Trooper 09/16/13 RPG Kabam
Puzzled Rabbit 12/04/11 Puzzle Pixel Elephant Pty Ltd
Puzzledrome 06/03/15 Puzzle Asinine Games
Puzzlejuice 04/27/12 Puzzle Colaboratory
PuzzleManiak 11/10/10 Puzzle Alexandre Minard
Puzzler Colors 05/07/12 Puzzle Reload Game Studio
Puzzles and Pixies 10/02/14 Puzzle 10tons
Pyramid Solitaire Saga 07/15/14 Puzzle Limited
Pyramid Threes 05/19/14 Puzzle No Power-up
Pyramidville Adventure 04/02/12 Action Bulkypix
Pyramus 06/06/13 Strategy Hunted Cow
Pyro Jump 02/06/14 Action Pinpin Team
Pyro! 12/01/14 Action DynamicDust
Title Created Genre Publisher
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