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So much more than war...
By shandog137
Posted on 04/18/14
The recent blog, Peace in the Era of Call of Duty  really made me think about war games that dig deeper than simply a kill streak reward. The first game that came to mind was Spec-Ops: The Line and although I haven’t played it, I began to wonder if it did the war genre as...



Might and Magic: Duel of Champions Might and Magic: Duel of Champions
MMO Card Battle Game
Putty Squad 04/17/14
Year Walk 02/14/14
Moebius: Empire Rising 03/21/14
Tekken Card Tournament 04/17/14


Strike Wing: Raptor Rising Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
Jet Car Stunts 04/17/14
Putty Squad 04/17/14
Tekken Card Tournament 04/17/14
PES Manager 04/17/14

Title Created Genre Publisher
Word Scramble 2 09/17/10 Puzzle Zynga
Wolf Toss 01/09/12 Arcade Zipline Games, Inc.
WWE Superstar Slingshot 04/11/11 Sports World Wrestling...
Wombi Detective 11/30/12 Action / Adventure Wombi Apps
Wombi Ice Cream 12/11/12 Action Wombi Apps
Wombi Airplane 12/18/12 Action Wombi Apps
Wipeout Dash 02/28/11 Puzzle Wired Developments
Wicked Devil 11/19/12 Action Wicked Little Games
World of Tanks Blitz 03/25/14 MMO
Wannabat Season Plus 09/14/12 Sports vitusoft
WordSearch Unlimited 01/29/13 Word Puzzle
Word Hex 12/07/12 Word Puzzle Very Nice Studio
World of Midgard 10/08/12 MMORPG Veraxon
Whale Trail 04/24/13 Action ustwo
WeeWaa: Rock On! 05/23/13 Arcade UI Digital
Way of the Samurai 3 11/12/10 Adventure UFO Interactive Games
Watch Dogs (iOS) 08/21/13 Action Ubisoft
Wisp 06/15/11 Action Triolith Entertainment
WarCorps: Genesis 10/05/12 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Wizorb 08/14/12 Arcade Tribute Games
Wave Wave 03/20/14 Arcade Tom Janson
Waking Mars 11/14/12 Action Tiger Style
WWE Wrestlefest 03/22/12 Sports THQ
Walking Dead: The Game 07/16/13 Action Telltale Inc
What it Takes 01/10/13 Word Puzzle Telepathic Gaming
Worms 09/22/10 Strategy Team17 Software Ltd
Worms HD 09/23/10 Strategy Team17 Software Ltd
Worms 2: Armageddon 04/09/13 Action Team17 Software Ltd
Worms Crazy Golf 01/27/12 Sports Team17
Worms 3 11/14/13 Strategy Team17
Word Poker 03/09/12 Board Synqua Games
World War 09/28/10 Action Storm8
Wizardlings 10/26/12 Adventure / RPG Square Enix
Warfare Incorporated 11/11/10 RTS Spiffcode, Inc.
Witch's Workshop: Open for Business 02/15/12 Puzzle Spark Plug Games
Wheel of Fortune Platinum 05/22/12 Puzzle Sony Pictures Television
Wave Rave 05/08/12 Puzzle Smappsoft
Wall Breaker 09/27/12 Arcade Small Things
World Cup Table Tennis 06/23/11 Sports Skyworks
Wrestling Manager 10/11/12 Sports / Simulation Serious Parody
Warhammer Quest 05/31/13 RPG Rodeo Games
Wind-up Knight 2 04/15/14 Action / Platformer Robot Invader
Warhammer 40,000: Carnage 04/09/14 Action / RPG Roadhouse Interactive
What's the Word 01/23/13 Word Puzzle RedSpell
World Zombination 10/30/13 Strategy Proletariat Inc.
Worm Air 10/09/12 Arcade Pod Cubed
Word Carnivale 12/12/12 Word Puzzle PlayScreen
Wawaland 04/06/12 Action / Platformer Play Fripp
Wawa Land 06/18/12 Action / Platformer Play Fripp
WORP 09/28/10 Board
We Come In Pieces 12/02/13 Action Pixcellent
Wizard Ops 10/25/11 Adventure Phyken Media
World War Z 06/03/13 Action Paramount Digital...
World in War 05/07/12 Strategy PAN Vision
What's My IQ? 08/27/12 Puzzle Orangenose Studios
Wild West Pinball 11/10/10 Simulation OOO Gameprom
World of Kingdoms 05/21/13 Action / Adventure Nurogames
Warring States 20 Gems 11/04/10 Role Playing Noumena
WHOT! 12/06/11 Card Game nKanika
World of Goo 04/19/11 Puzzle Nintendo
Wedding Day Makeover 04/22/13 Arcade Ninjafish Studios
We Rule 09/16/10 Action ngmoco, Inc.
We City 01/19/11 Adventure ngmoco
Whack and More 10/22/10 Edutainment NextGen Entertainment INC
Words With Friends 09/16/10 Logic Puzzle Newtoy Inc.
Wheels of Ages 07/06/12 Arcade Naoplay
War Grimoire HD 06/24/11 Action Nanjing Imohoo Information...
Word Demon 12/16/13 Word Puzzle Mole Mobile
Web Swinger 04/25/11 Action / Platformer Mobile Game Studio
Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom 11/12/12 Arcade MobeLabb
Whirly Word 09/17/10 Puzzle Mighty Mighty Good Games
Wordament 04/17/13 Puzzle Microsoft Corporation
World Agent BRAC 03/18/14 City Bulding Strategy MiCMALi
Wildlings 09/02/11 Action Metamoki
Wiggle Web 06/21/13 Arcade Me,We Studios
Wurdy 12/05/13 Puzzle Marvelous AQL, Inc
Walking with Dinosaurs - Dino Run! 12/17/13 Action M5859 Studios
Wave Trip 02/01/13 Arcade Lucky Frame
Wingmen: World War 05/26/11 Action Labu Games
Wild Frontier 03/22/11 KTH
Watercolor War 11/04/10 Action Joseph Neuman
Wicked Stars 11/21/11 Arcade INTERMARUM
Wing It! 08/13/12 Arcade Huge Monster
Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf 08/19/13 Card Game HeroCraft
Way to Go 08/15/13 Action / Puzzle Headup
Westward 10/04/10 RTS Handmark, Inc.
War of Nations 06/25/13 Action GREE
Worm Run 02/22/13 Action Golden Ruby Games
World Series Poker Hold 09/30/10 Casino Glu
Wild Blood 09/13/12 Action Gameloft
Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue 11/02/12 Simulation Gameloft
Writer Rumble 12/04/12 Word Puzzle GameFly Games
Wedding Garden 11/30/12 Simulation Game Insight
War Thunder Mobile: Battle Skies 04/22/13 MMO Gaijin Entertainment
Word Bird Supreme 12/11/12 Action Funkitron
World Mosaics 10/20/11 Puzzle Fugazo
World War II: TCG 07/17/13 Card Game FrozenShard
Warpgate 10/05/10 Adventure Freeverse, Inc.
Wizard Words 02/06/13 Word Puzzle Flaming Mitten Studios Ltd
Waterslide 2 07/29/11 Action / Arcade Fishlabs
Wonder Fish 01/17/12 Simulation EzMoBo
Word Crack 01/16/13 Etermax
Wacky Escape 12/05/12 Action Entertainment is My Life B.V.
When Pigs Fly 09/15/11 Action EnsenaSoft
Wolfenstein RPG 09/23/10 Action / FPS Electronic Arts
Wild Surf 07/03/12 Action Eating My Hat
Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel 11/05/12 Word Puzzle dreamfab
Wordio 06/14/13 Word Puzzle DonkeySoft
World of Anargor 08/05/13 Action / RPG DNET Studio Games
Wingsuit Stickman 05/15/12 Djinnworks
Where's My Water? 09/29/11 Action / Puzzle Disney
Where's My Water? Cranky's Story 01/30/12 Puzzle Disney
Where's My Perry? 07/03/12 Puzzle Disney
Wreck-it Ralph 02/01/13 Arcade Disney
Where's My Holiday? 01/03/13 Puzzle Disney
Where’s My Summer? 05/31/13 Action Disney
Where's My Mickey? XL 07/01/13 Action Disney
Where's My Water? 2 09/17/13 Puzzle Disney
Word Explorer 04/10/14 Word Puzzle dimoso
Word Play! ONLINE 10/05/10 Board Devare!
World of Hidden Objects 10/22/13 Puzzle Darrel Flint
Wall Street Titan 05/11/12 Action Dark Tonic
Waterslide Extreme 06/06/11 Action Dare Digital Ltd
Wraithborne 11/12/12 Action Crescent Moon Games
Wizard Crusade: Rescue The Queen 01/14/14 Action Crave Creative
Wordsplosion 08/22/12 Word Puzzle Concrete Software
War Assault 11/10/10 Action / FPS Computer Software Corporation
World of Aircraft 09/09/13 MMO Come2you
War of Legions 07/16/13 RPG ComboApp
Woody Woodpecker 01/12/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Worm vs Birds 07/27/12 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Word Derby 12/05/12 Word Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Wake the Cat 01/16/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 10/13/10 Game Show Capcom Interactive, Inc.
When Ian Fell In The Machine 08/08/13 Puzzle Bumpkin Brothers
Wizardous: An Apprentice’s Betrayal 11/01/13 Action / Puzzle Broken Crayon Games
Wasabi Sudoku 11/21/11 Board Blockdot
Waa Cha! 12/02/11 Action Big Bunker Studio
West Legends 02/22/13 RPG Axion Logic
Wizard's Castle 06/21/11 Puzzle Asgard Studios
Warlords RTS 12/05/13 RTS Armor Games
Word Fusion 06/20/12 Word Puzzle AlgoCrunch, Inc
Word-Drop HD 10/28/10 Board Adam Jones Productions
Wipeout 08/31/12 Action Activision Publishing, Inc.
Warp Tunnel 12/04/12 Action 11:11 Studios
World of the Living Dead 12/13/13 MMO
Wanderer: War Song 01/31/13 RPG
World Torch Challenge 2013 05/01/13 Arcade
Title Created Genre Publisher
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