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Jak 2 Screenshots

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Producer/Designer: Naughty Dog Inc.
Genre: Action-Adventure
Players: Single-player
Platform: PlayStation_2 computer entertainment system
Peripherals: DUALSHOCK™ analog controller, standard digital controller,
Memory card (8MB) (for PlayStation 2)
Launch Date: October 14, 2003
Target Age: 13 +
Rating: “T” for Teen

Created and developed by Naughty Dog, Inc., Jak II™ is the follow-up to their Greatest Hits
PlayStation®2 debut title, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Jak II is an action-adventure
game combining a variety of genres including adventure, action-platform, puzzles, strategy,
racing and exploration into one vast, epic interactive experience. Destined to be one of the
hottest titles of the year and kicking off the holiday season with an October 2003 launch, Jak II
will stun players with its innovative character designs and animations, superior technology and
spectacular graphics.

Jak II features familiar faces Jak, Daxter, Samos, Keira, as well as the introduction of many new
characters in an all-new adventure with a darker look, tone and theme. Jak II will catapult
players into an exhilarating epic journey, as themes of friendship, betrayal, self-discovery and
revenge are unveiled along the way. As drastic and amazingly radical transformations take
place, gamers will be swept away to a future alive with drama, conflict, uncertainty and endless
possibilities that will forever transform the action-adventure genre.

The legendary duo returns in Jak II, where Jak has grown into a mature young hero with a
cynical attitude and hardened edge. Following the finale of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor
Legacy, Jak and Daxter investigate a strange energy portal that propels them 500 years into the
future where they find themselves in a foreign city. The city, under siege and ruled by the
tyrannical Baron Praxis, is surrounded by a dark wasteland on the brink of destruction with
menacing Metal Heads destroying the land. Upon arriving in the city, Jak is immediately
captured by the Baron’s guards and thrown into prison where he is experimented on with Dark
Eco, where even he doesn’t realize the full extent of the hazardous substance. But with Daxter
assisting in Jak’s prison escape, the two begin their quest to find out where they are, what has
happened and ultimately seek revenge on the Baron. Along the way, Jak and Daxter will
encounter numerous diverse characters greatly impacting the adventure they face ahead, while
they brace themselves for the foes lurking within the shadows of the city.


•Jak II fully integrates an intriguing plot with the gameplay – every mission in the game has a
direct impact that drives the story forward, rewarding players for completing tasks and
missions with meaningful cinematic cut-scenes.

•Players will enjoy more than 95 minutes of movie quality in-game cinematics, top-notch
voice talent and a truly dynamic musical score. Each movie is rendered in real-time, meaning
that any real-time weather effects that take place within the game will also appear in the
movies, depending on when and where they are taking place.

•Gamers will meet a cast of brilliantly designed characters, each playing a significant role in
this elaborately written and highly immersive drama. Players may have a difficult time
detecting friend from foe as personal agendas, entangled motives and mysterious
relationships emerge.

•Players are in for a fast-paced experience as they are transported to an enormous and
seamless adventure from past to future and through a massive metropolis that is 20 times as
large as any level within the entire world of the original Jak and Daxter. In addition, there
are more than 15 areas outside of the city walls that Jak and Daxter must explore.

•Gamers will enjoy enhanced graphical detail with visually stunning and intricately detailed
character and environmental models. Characters are made up of 15,000 polygons per model,
versus 4,000 polygons in the original Jak and Daxter.

•Take over any vehicle to get from place to place, or to escape the Baron’s clutches. Each
vehicle features a real physics engine, enabling players to severely damage their vehicle or
even blow it up if it hits an object hard enough.

•With the addition of four powerful weapons, players expand their move set and will embrace
the freedom to use them at any time.

•Transform into Dark Jak to open up a whole new move set and even new weapons that are
upgradeable throughout the game.

•Once players gain the Jet-Board, they can take it out at any time and ride across the
expansive city, or take their time grinding rails and performing tricks. There is even a Jet-
Board Park found in the city’s stadium where the player can enter a trick challenge to rack up
the highest score.

•Gamers will experience innovative technology and incredibly intelligent AI, allowing for not
only smarter enemies with dozens of distinctive animations, but also for the possibility to
fight alongside NPCs during certain missions.

•Never see the same citizen twice with a technology that generates distinct NPCs throughout
the entire city.

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