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Posted on 07/28/14
       We've all been there. Everyone remembers that mission. You and your partner are climbing up the mountains in the snow, striving to pull some slick clandestine operation about getting some intel on a bad guy, or something similar (because let's face...

Nba 06 Screenshots

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Platform: PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system
Genre: Sports
Players: TBD
Peripherals: DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller, memory card (8MB) (for PlayStation 2), Network Adaptor (Ethernet/Modem) (for PlayStation 2) or a network-ready PlayStation 2 system, EyeToy™ USB Camera (for PlayStation 2), USB Headset (for PlayStation 2)
Launch Date: Fall 2005
Cover Athlete: TBD
Target Age: 17-34
Rating: Rating Pending (RP)

Engineered from the ground up to take advantage of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, NBA '06 debuts on the hardwood including entirely new game design, innovative gameplay features, and exclusive modes of play. Introducing an all-new "Showtime Gameplay" system, gamers affect real-time attributes for the player and teammates by mastering this game within the game. The objective is to maintain a delicate balance of teamwork, skill, and entertainment from the perspectives of team and individual.

In addition, NBA '06 provides an insider look at the association experience with "NBA Life: Volume I", where players go behind the scenes to experience the excitement being an NBA player from draft night in NYC and everything along the way to The Finals. Full season gameplay features more than a dozen types of training camp drills and mini-games plus tons of crunch time scenarios including complete game contests. A PlayStation Skills Challenge allows players to compete individually or against others – online and offline – to hone their real-life NBA skills. Additionally, state-of-the-art graphical and animation enhancements through the new Character Fidelity Engine allow NBA '06 to create the most realistic characters to date. With Eye-Toy™ functionality along with all-new music, NBA '06 is poised to bring basketball gaming fans a truly unique taste of NBA glory on and off the courts.


•  All-New "NBA Life: Volume I" – Go behind the scenes and experience life in the NBA from rising draft-day star to the heights of NBA glory. Gamers play through a thrilling season and are exposed to successes and failures through injuries, trades, press conferences, endorsements, and other major events that are par for the course with being an up and coming NBA prospect.

•  Compelling Storyline Deep variety of game play with combined elements of sports simulation, adventure, and RPG. Every player has a different story and takes a different path as they make their way through the league.

•  Gameplay Experience A variety of mini-games, drills, and clutch-win scenarios help players build experience levels, expanding their skill sets and overall attributes.

•  Character Development – Evolve a character in the game and unlock his star potential. Play well and balance interaction with the coach, agents, teammates, family, and rivals to earn respect and progress through the league.

•  Professional Agents and Endorsements – Perform well on the court and get rewarded off court. Work with an agent through the story and earn special endorsements for quality play.

•  Film Production Quality – Utilizing movie industry film/camera direction, script development, professional voice talent, and a film-like musical score, NBA '06 is an immersing cinematic experience within the game.

•  More Than A Dozen Mini-Games – New mini-games and training camp drills are available for players to test their skills in one player, versus, and online modes. Including:

•  Own the Court – Rack up the most points possible in a two-minute drill of shots from various sections of the floor.

•  Shout Out – Coaches will "shout out" special moves, dunks, and shots to execute and gamers will attempt each one as they are called.

•  21 – Gamers can play a straight game of "21" with up to two other opponents.

•  Top Rung – The classic game of "21" with a twist: once a player wins they must beat two other teams to reach the top rung in the ladder.

•  Exclusive PlayStation Skills Challenge – Players can hone their passing, dribbling, and shooting skills in mini-game challenges and competition as they build their reputation.

•  More Online Gameplay Depth – Compete in a variety of online tournaments and head-to-head action or just build a player in Epic Mode through online competition.

•  Showtime Gameplay – Brand new Showtime Gameplay challenges your ability to manage knowledge of the game, temperamental crowds, eager teammates, and individual basketball skills.

•  Control the game: Utilize a risk/reward system to execute increasingly difficult moves, earning Showtime points that boost attributes for individuals and the team.

•  Control the arena: Experience the raw energy of being on an NBA floor by influencing the crowd with a combination of Showtime moves and teamwork.

•  Passing system: No-looks, alley-oops, behind the back – passing options are nearly limitless for a true hoops fan. Successful passes lead to easier, highlight-reel baskets. Failure leads to turnovers, team dissension, and a hostile crowd.

•  EyeToy Functionality – True hoops fans and gamers alike can literally get in the action by taking a snapshot and putting their face on an NBA player utilizing the EyeToy USB camera for a network-ready PlayStation 2 system (sold separately).

•  Character Fidelity Engine NBA '06 delivers a unique signature 3D look for each character including everything from facial mapping, head shape and size to hairstyle, expressions, disposition, features, skin, and eyes.

•  Advanced Animation – Incorporating the most modern animation data from state-of-the-art equipment and actual basketball players resulting in player movements that are more lifelike than ever before.

•  SoundTrack – Including a movie-like score for the story mode and new original music for the in-game experience, NBA '06 will host a soundtrack sure to match the drama and excitement of the game.

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