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REVIEWS Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop Review
Become the Overseer and carry out your own sadistic/benevolent experiments.

Quadrilateral Cowboy Review
Three awesome ladies hack the world in this 1980s cyberpunk adventure.
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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...



DC Universe Online DC Universe Online
Elsword 05/19/16
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 07/27/16
Tera 07/08/16
Star Wars: The Old Republic 05/09/16


Shiny Shiny
Battlerite 07/28/16
Call of Duty: Black Ops III 07/27/16
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 07/27/16
Warhammer: End Times Vermintide 07/27/16

Title Created Genre Publisher
Rusty Hearts 09/24/12 MMORPG Perfect World Entertainment
Rustbucket Rumble 03/18/15 Action Reactor Zero
Russian Front 09/18/14 Strategy Hunted Cow
Rush for Glory 03/14/14 Tower Defense Immanitas Entertainment
Rush for Berlin 04/08/06 Strategy Deep Silver
Rush Bros 05/14/13 Platformer XYLA Entertainment
RUSH (WiiU) 12/13/13 Action / Puzzle
RUSH 12/10/10 Puzzle Two Tribes
Runespell: Overture 05/06/11 RPG Mystic Box
RuneScape 04/20/16 MMORPG Jagex Ltd
Runes of Magic 06/01/12 MMORPG Frogster Interactive
Runes of Camelot 03/02/15 Puzzle Fingerpunch Games
Runers 09/03/14 Action Mastertronic
Runemaster 01/23/14 RPG Paradox Interactive
Rune 01/07/04 Action G.O.D.
Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle 12/13/06 Adventure CDV
Runaway: A Twist of Fate 03/20/13 Adventure Focus Home Interactive
Rumble Fighter 05/21/14 Action OG Planet
Rugby Union Team Manager 2015 11/10/14 Sport Alternative
Rugby League Team Manager 2015 05/28/15 Sports / Manager Alternative
Rugby Challenge 3 04/22/16 Sports HES
Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition 05/31/13 Sports Sidhe
RUGBY 15 10/08/14 Sports Bigben
RPG Maker VX 01/17/08 Game Creation Enterbrain
Royal Revolt II 03/07/14 Tower Defense flaregames
Royal Quest 08/23/12 MMORPG 1C Company
Routine 08/17/12 Action / Horror Lunar Software
Rotastic 09/08/11 Arcade Focus Home Interactive
Rosh Online: The Return of Karos 01/26/12 MMORPG Ignited Games
Rose: Time Apart 08/11/14 Adventure Cellar Door Interactive
Rorschax 08/14/13 Puzzle Carbide Software
ROOT 11/04/15 Action / FPS Digital Tribe Games
room13 05/13/15 Action
Rooks Keep 06/24/13 Board RuneStorm
Roogoo 06/25/08 Puzzle SouthPeak Interactive
Ronin 04/23/15 Action / Platformer Devolver Digital
Romero's Aftermath 10/30/15 MMO Free Reign Entertainment
Rome: Total War 07/19/04 Strategy Activision
Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion 08/02/05
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII 07/05/16 Strategy Koei Tecmo
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI 09/05/08 Strategy Koei
Rollers of the Realm 11/17/14 Pinball Phantom Compass
RollerCoaster Tycoon World 09/30/15 Simulation Atari
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked! 05/05/05
Rokkitball 04/18/08 Action InstantAction
ROGUS 06/24/15 Action IronDrop Studios
Rogue Wizards 10/06/14 Action Spellbind Studios
Rogue Warrior 06/02/09 Bethesda Softworks
Rogue Continuum 09/16/15 Action / Adventure Surprise Attack
Rocksmith 2014 Edition 10/31/13 Rhytm / Music Ubisoft
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken 02/07/13 Adventure Ratloop Asia
Rocket Riot 02/19/13 Action THQ
Rocket League 12/04/15 Action Psyonix
Rocket Knight 04/14/10 Action Konami
Rock of Ages 12/20/11 Strategy ACE Team
Rock Boshers DX 04/02/15 Action Tikipod
Robowars 10/24/14 Tower Defence KISS Ltd
Robots In The Wild 01/22/16 Action
Robot Legions Reborn 02/02/16 Action Skyboy Games
Robot Arena III 06/22/16 Action Octopus Tree
Robocraft 06/02/16 MMO Freejam Games
RIVE 09/01/15 Action Two Tribes
RISK: Factions 03/16/11 Strategy Electronic Arts
Rising World 05/31/16 Sandbox KISS Ltd
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 04/11/16 Action Tripwire Interactive
Rising Islands 06/27/16 Action Soedesco
Rising Generals 09/16/14 MMO InnoGames
Risen 3: Titan Lords 08/14/14 RPG Deep Silver
Risen 2: Dark Waters 04/03/12 RPG Deep Silver
Risen 06/09/09 RPG Deep Silver
Rise of Venice 11/25/13 Strategy Kalypso Media
Rise of the Tycoon 01/02/15 MMO Strategy Alina Digital
Rise of the Triad 09/16/13 Action Apogee
Rise of the Tomb Raider - Baba Yaga 01/27/16 Action Square Enix
Rise of the Argonauts 02/05/09 Action RPG Codemasters
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Demo #2 03/02/06 Strategy Microsoft
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends 12/15/05 Strategy Microsoft
Rise of Nations 01/07/04 Strategy Microsoft
Rise of Incarnates 08/04/15 Action Bandai Namco
Rise of Immortals 02/22/11 MOBA Petroglyph
Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition 01/29/14 Action CompuExpert
Rise of Dragonian Era 02/10/12 MMORPG MGAME USA
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War 05/19/06 Strategy Midway
Riptide GP: Renegade 04/04/16 Action / Racing Vector Unit
RiotZone 01/26/12 Tactical MMO Mail.Ru
Rimelands: Hammer of Thor 04/24/12 RPG Dicework Games
Righteous Kill: The Game 08/25/08 Adventure Merscom LLC
Rig 'n' Roll 01/30/08 Racing Atai
Rift: Storm Legion 10/08/15 MMORPG Trion Worlds
Rift 03/25/16 MMORPG Trion Worlds Network
Riff Racer 05/12/16 Action FOAM Entertainment
Ridge Racer Unbounded 03/14/12 Action / Racing Namco Bandai
RIDGE RACER Driftopia 09/19/13 Action / Racing Namco Bandai
Riders of Icarus 07/07/16 MMORPG NEXON
Ride to Hell: Route 666 05/17/13 Action Deep Silver
Ride to Hell 12/08/08 Racing Deep Silver
RIDE 04/14/15
Ricochet 01/10/11 Arcade Reflexive
Richard & Alice 06/06/14 Arcade Gamethunks
Rhythm Zone 12/03/10 Rhythm Sonic Boom Games
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches 10/21/08 Adventure Got Game Entertainment
rFactor 11/01/07 Racing Sniper Entertainment
Revolution under Siege 07/30/15 Kalypso Media
Revolution Ace 02/13/14 Action Laser Guided Games
Reverse x Reverse 12/10/15 Puzzle / Platformer Sekai Project
Reus 04/24/13 Action / Strategy Abbey Games
Return to Mysterious Island 2 03/20/09 Adventure Microids
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 01/07/04 Action Activision
Return NULL 04/03/15 Adventure Digital Tribe Games
Retro World 11/28/13 Action / Adventure RPG Scary Pixel
Retro Rat Race 02/09/16 Arcade Suisoft Games
Retro Invasion 08/03/15 Action
Retro City Rampage 10/10/12 Action Vblank Entertainment Inc.
Retool 05/09/16 Puzzler Hut 90
Restaurant Empire 2 03/31/09 Strategy Paradox Interactive
Resonance 06/27/12 Adventure Wadjet Eye Games
Resident Evil: Revelations 05/21/13 Action Capcom
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 03/05/12 Action Capcom
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony 02/25/15 Action Capcom
Resident Evil HD Remaster 01/19/15 Action Horror Capcom
Resident Evil 7 06/15/16 Horror Capcom
Resident Evil 6 03/26/13 Action / Horror Capcom
Resident Evil 5 07/16/09 Action Capcom
Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition 01/21/14 Action Horror Capcom
Resident Evil 4 HD 01/21/14 Action Capcom
Resident Evil 0 (2016 Remaster) 01/20/16 Action Capcom
Resident Evil (PS4) 12/05/14 Action Capcom
Reset Generation 05/29/08 Strategy Nokia Games
RESCUE 2: Everyday Heroes 06/19/15 Action Rondomedia
Rescue 2013 06/20/13 Action Rondomedia
Requiem: Bloodymare 04/09/08 MMORPG Gravity
Requiem Online 08/18/14 Gravity
Repulse 02/02/12 MMOFPS Aeria
République: Episode 4 - God's Acre 01/12/16 Action GungHo Online Entertainment...
Republique 05/01/14 Action Camouflaj
Republic 01/07/04 Eidos
Renowned Explorers 09/02/15 Strategy Abbey Games
RENOIR 02/04/15 Puzzle / Platformer Soulbound Games
Renegade Ops 09/27/11 Action SEGA
Renaissance Heroes 02/19/13 Action / FPS ChangYou
Remnants of Skystone 04/01/08 MMOG Fliplin Studios
Remnants of Isolation 05/22/15 RPG
Remedy 04/14/08 Adventure Merscom
Reload 04/01/11 Action / Shooting Mastiff
Rekoil 01/29/14 Action / FPS 505 Games
Reign of Bullets 04/03/14 Action Critical Bit
Regnum Online 04/25/12 MMORPG NGD Studios
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs 07/30/15 JRPG
Refunct 10/13/15 Action Dominique Grieshofer
Refuge 01/14/16 Adventure Fox Rogers
RefleX 05/09/14 Action Nyu Media
Redux 2 05/13/15 Action Hucast
Redshirt 08/29/13 Simulation Positech Games
Redrum: Time Lies 10/22/10 Puzzle Adventure TBA
Redemption: Eternal Quest 08/17/15 RPG SimProse Studios
Red War: Edem's Curse 06/30/09 MMORPG Uforia
Red Stone 12/09/11 MMORPG K2 Network
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad 03/24/16 Action Lace Mamba Global
Red Orchestra 2 Rising Storm 04/08/13 Action Lace Mamba Global
Red Ocean 01/28/07 First-Person Shooter digital tainment pool
Red Goddess 06/04/14 Action / Adventure Yanim
Red Faction: Guerrilla 05/02/08 Shooter THQ
Red Faction: Armageddon 06/02/11 Action THQ
Red Bull X-Fighters 07/25/11 Sports I-play
Red Baron 10/23/13 Action Mad Otter Games
Red Awakening 08/26/15 Action Domino Effect
Recruits 08/01/14 Action Commotion Games
Recovery - Search & Rescue 06/06/13 Action Excalibur
Reckoning 03/07/11 RPG EA
Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville 05/22/14 City Bulding Strategy Northway Games
Rebirth 03/22/11 World of Guert
Rebel Galaxy 09/16/15 Action / Adventure Double Damage Games
Realpolitiks 08/03/15 Strategy Jujubee Games Studios
Realms of Arkania 02/10/14 RPG UIG Entertainment
Realm of the Titans 07/27/11 Action Strategy Aeria
Realm Adventure League 10/20/15 Sports / Management Virtual Squared Leagues
Really Big Sky 10/17/11 Action BossBaddie
RealAir Spitfire 04/03/08 Sim Flight One
RealAir Beech Duke 07/17/09 Simulation Flight1
Real World Racing 09/13/13 Action / Racing Playstos
Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades 12/02/11 RTS Lace Mamba Global
Real War: Rogue States 01/07/04 Strategy Simon & Schuster
Real War 01/07/04 Strategy Simon & Schuster
Real Scenery - Denham Airfield 04/15/08 Simulation Just Flight
Real Heroes: Fire-Fighter 10/23/12 Action Iceberg Interactive
Read Only Memories 10/07/15 Adventure MidBoss Games
Razenroth 08/28/15 Action / RPG Enitvare
Rayman: Raving Rabbids 07/28/06 Action/Adventure Ubisoft
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 10/16/07 Party Ubisoft
Ray's the Dead 11/10/13 Action Ragtag Studio
Raw Data 06/21/16 Action / Adventure Survios Interactive
Ravensword: Shadowlands 12/06/13 RPG Crescent Moon Games
Ravensword Fallen King 12/06/13 Role Playing Chillingo Ltd
Raven's Cry 06/30/14 Action Topware
Raven Squad 08/07/09 Action Evolved Games
Raven 07/15/13 Action Nyko
Ravaged 02/26/13 Action / FPS Reverb Publishing
Rat On A Snowboard 04/03/12 Arcade Donut Games
Rascal Rider 11/22/13 Action / Racing Cameleon Labs
Rappelz 02/05/16 MMORPG Gala-Net
Rapid Assault 06/27/12 Action
Randal's Monday 10/31/14 Adventure Nexus Game Studios
Ran Online 09/25/12 MMORPG TBA
Rampage Knights 07/08/14 Dungeon Crawler
Rambo: The Video Game 04/19/16 Action / FPS Reef Entertainment
Ralin: Dwarf Wars 03/18/15 RPG
Rakuen 10/09/14 Action / Adventure Laura Shigihara
Rainbow Six: Lockdown 12/07/05 First-Person Shooter Ubisoft
Rainbow Six Vegas 09/18/06 First-Person Shooter Ubisoft
Rainbow Saga 09/24/14 Arcade Ngames
Rainbow Hero 09/24/14 Puzzle Pixel Elephant
Rail Simulator 2: RailWorks 04/21/09 Simulator
Rail Simulator 01/09/08 Sim Electronic Arts
Rail Nation USA 06/03/14 Simulation Travian Games
RaiderZ 11/18/13 MMORPG Frogster
Raiders of the Broken Planet 06/14/16 Action
Raiden Legacy 05/17/13 Action DotEmu
RAID Online 01/27/09 Action RPG TBA
Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second 09/12/13 MMORPG AsiaSoft
Ragnarok Online 01/17/13 MMORPG Gravity Corporation
Rage 12/20/12 FPS Bethesda Softworks
Radial-G 12/11/14 Action Freestyle Interactive
Racketboy 09/17/15 Action
Rack N Ruin 07/15/13 Action LifeSpark Entertainment
Racing Team Manager 07/03/08 Racing Kalypso Media
Racing Instinct 12/01/08 MMO Racing Waygate Publishing Limited
Racers Islands 10/31/13 Action / Racing Microids
RaceRoom Racing Experience 05/09/14 Sports / Racing
Racecraft 04/11/16 Action / Racing Vae Victis
Race To Mars 07/01/13 Strategy INTERMARUM
Race the Sun 02/06/13 Arcade Flippfly
RACE On 07/24/09 Racing bitComposer Games
RACE Injection 11/11/11 Action / Racing Namco Bandai
Race Driver: GRID 06/06/08 Racing Codemasters
RACE 07 09/20/07 Racing Viva Media
R44 Helicopter 01/25/08 Simulation Just Flight
R.U.S.E. 08/29/10 RTS Ubisoft
R.I.P.D: The Game 07/18/13 Action Atlus
R.A.W. - Realms Of Ancient War 11/29/11 Action Focus Home Interactive
Title Created Genre Publisher
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