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Trouble in Tin Town Screenshots

Each unique toy has special attacks that can be upgraded with coins earned during play. New characters become unlocked as levels are completed.

Special items are found throughout the game such as treasure chests for extra coins and hazards that can be used for strategy such as bee trees, alligator bridges and giant squid.

Help Abraham Lincoln get to the bottom of a dispute between the Kandy Kingdom and The Best Forgotten Island. Crockett and Shakespeare lead the way in discovering a conspiracy where the very existence of Tin Town is in jeopardy.

Play as The Best Forgotten Island creatures as Finneas T. Rex, the gentlemen detective dinosaur, attempts to solve the murder of Congo Jimmy’s beloved pet Ray Ray. Fight with Banana Bob the guerrilla warrior and Eddy The Sweaty Yeti.

King Kandyheart’s sweetheart, Sugar Sweet Lips has been kidnapped! The king enlists his favorite hit man, Tamale Bandito, to get her back. Cupcake Brawlers, Candy Cane Riflemen, Bubblegum Bears, and the unsettling Wax Lips wielding dual Gatling guns will help you win the day and discover the truth.

Pick your favorite faction, your favorite level, your favorite enemy, tweak the settings and battle your toy heart out.

- Game Center support with tons of achievements
- All characters have strategic strengths and weaknesses
- Play each level in 'Easy' or 'Normal' difficulty mode
- Strategic hazards
- Fast, mass AI movement. No waiting!
- Move your units fast, tap and go!

- Crockett’s live raccoon hat flail
- Shakespeare’s books, arrows and skulls
- Lovecraft and his squid! (shudder)
- Poe and his Nevermore Gun plus Tell-Tale Heart Attack
- The Kandy Kings donut scepter glazes and confuses
- Sprinkle punches, lollipops, bubble gum bear blow-pops
- Dinosaur bad breath, horn blasts and sumo belly slaps
- Rocket propelled bananas and hobo back-flip kicks
- And many, many more!
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