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REVIEWS Pixel Galaxy Review
Pixel Galaxy is a bullet hell shooter with no active shooting. Let's see if the unique concept results in a successful game.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review
Put your favorite pizza delivery joint on speed-dial and say goodbye to the sun, because this game will suck up all your free time for several months.
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PREVIEWS Total War: Warhammer Preview
Total War: Warhammer is exactly what you expect, so if you like Creative Assembly's games or Games Workshop's sprawling setting, there's a lot to be excited about.
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NEW RELEASES Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax
Release date: 10/06/15

Just Dance 2016
Release date: 10/20/15

Just Dance: Disney Party 2
Release date: 10/20/15

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations
Release date: 11/01/15

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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...



ZombiU ZombiU
Action / FPS
Splatoon 08/20/15
Shovel Knight 09/01/15
Super Mario Maker 09/14/15
Chariot 09/22/15


Year Walk Year Walk
Chariot 09/22/15
Let’s Sing 2016 09/18/15
Super Mario Maker 09/14/15
Devil's Third 09/03/15

Title Created Genre Publisher
Year Walk 09/24/15 Adventure Simogo
Chariot 09/22/15 Action Frima Studio
Let’s Sing 2016 09/18/15 Rhytm Koch Media
Super Mario Maker 09/14/15 Platforming, Level Editor Nintendo
Devil's Third 09/03/15 Action Nintendo
Runbow 09/01/15 Party/Platformer Nintendo
Shovel Knight 09/01/15 Platformer Yacht Club Games
FAST Racing Neo 08/31/15 Action / Racing Shin'en
Typoman 08/31/15 Puzzle Headup Games
Freedom Planet 08/31/15 Action GalaxyTrail
PixlCross 08/27/15 Puzzle PixlBit Studios
Pokkén Tournament 08/21/15 Action
Just Dance: Disney Party 2 08/20/15 Rhytm Ubisoft
Splatoon 08/20/15 Shooter Nintendo
Warlocks vs Shadows 08/19/15 Action / RPG One More Level
Zombi 08/18/15 Action Ubisoft
Wind-up Knight 2 08/14/15 Action / Platformer Robot Invader
Legend of Kay: Anniversary 08/07/15 Action Nordic Games
ZombiU 08/06/15 Action / FPS Ubisoft
Pumped BMX + 07/27/15 Sports Curve Studios
Roving Rogue 06/30/15 Action Padaone Games
Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival 06/26/15 Arcade Nintendo
Ninja Strike 06/26/15 Action Natsume
Mutant Mutts 06/26/15 Action Renegade Kid
Brave Tank Hero 06/26/15 Action Natsume
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water 06/23/15 Action / Horror Nintendo
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games 06/22/15 Sports Nintendo
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash 06/22/15 Sports Nintendo
Earthbound Beginnings 06/22/15 Action / Platformer Nintendo
Just Dance 2016 06/19/15 Rhytm / Music Ubisoft
Mighty No. 9 06/18/15 Action Deep Silver
Lovely Planet 06/17/15 Action / Platformer tinyBuildGAMES
Star Fox Zero 06/17/15 Action Nintendo
Yoshi's Woolly World 06/16/15 Action / Platformer Nintendo
Baila Latino 06/11/15 Rhytm / Music Oxygene Media
Don't Starve: Giant Edition 06/09/15 Action Adventure Nintendo
Skylanders SuperChargers 06/03/15 Action Platformer Activision
Tachyon Project 06/01/15 Action Eclipse Games
Adventures Of Pip 06/01/15 Action / Platformer
Star Wars: Battle Pod 05/27/15 Bandai Namco
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations 05/05/15 Action Little Orbit
Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends 05/05/15 Action Little Orbit
FullBlast 05/04/15 Action
Guitar Hero Live 04/14/15 Rhytm / Music Activision
High Strangeness 04/14/15 RPG Barnyard Intelligence
LEGO Dimensions 04/09/15 Action Warner Bros.
My Style Studio: Notebook 04/06/15 Arcade Cypronia
Guns, Gore & Cannoli 04/02/15 Action Crazy Monkey Studios
Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) 04/02/15 Fighting Nintendo
Mario Kart 8 04/02/15 Racing Nintendo
Title Created Genre Publisher
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