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World Tour Soccer 2005 Screenshots

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Developer: 989 Sports®
Platform: PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system
Genre: Sports
Players: 1-2 players (up to 8 with MultiTap)
Peripherals: EyeToy™ USB Camera (for PlayStation 2)
Licenses: FIFPro International
Launch Date: Spring 2005
Cover Athlete : TBD
Target Age: 13-34
Rating: "RP" for Rating Pending

As one of the most popular global sports games for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the World Tour Soccer franchise returns to its roots to provide gamers with a familiar, yet enhanced gameplay experience with even more features, players, teams and stadiums. Featuring 935 international and club teams from around the globe, over 19,000 players and 32 leagues, eight international tournaments, and 28 unique stadiums, World Tour Soccer 2006 captures the enormous size and passion of what is the world's most popular sport. Now gamers can literally see themselves in the game as they battle against the world's best utilizing EyeToy™ functionality, exclusive to World Tour Soccer 2006. Using an EyeToy USB camera for PlayStation 2 (sold separately), gamers can take a snapshot of themselves, put their face into the game and truly get on the pitch. Multiple modes of play including Exhibition Match, Season, Career, League and Challenge Mode that gives the sports gamer the opportunity to get in and play a game with a friend or battle it against a new sophisticated AI system. Featuring the tightest, most realistic soccer action to date, World Tour Soccer 2006 is easy to pick up and play, but challenging enough for the biggest soccer fan by offering the accessibility of intuitive controls coupled with the depth and complexity of the real sport.


  • New EyeToy ™ Functionality – Now when gamers get in the game, they're really getting into the game by utilizing an EyeToy USB camera to take a snapshot of themselves, put their face into the game and truly become a professional soccer player. World Tour Soccer 2006 uses Digimask ™ technology to covert high-resolution images of a gamer's head to create a full 3D model.
  • All The Teams and Players From Across The Globe – With more than 19,000 actual FIFPro licensed players, 935 league, club and international teams, and 28 unique stadiums, gamers can play as or against all the world's greatest teams and/or players. Gamers can play 23 club seasons in any of the 32 leagues and compete in eight international tournaments.
  • Comprehensive set of Gameplay Options – With a multitude of game modes to choose from, World Tour Soccer 2006 , has the competition variety that the soccer fan is looking for. From a quick one-off match to a grueling season long campaign, how you play soccer is up to you. Successful soccer play will unlock hidden items including, teams, stadiums and cheats to aid in filling up the trophy cabinet.
  • Exhibition Match – Choose a team and quickly get on the pitch and play a match.
  • New Cup – Play for the most prestigious international prizes, complete with qualifying rounds, or take on the greatest teams from the past in the Time Warp Cup. Gamers can even create their own Custom Cups.
  • New League – Gamers can create a custom league to their exact specifications, take on soccer history's best teams in Time Warp League, or if up to the challenge, there is Superteam Championship comprised of the best of the best from this all-star competition.
  • Season – Pick a team from 31 domestic leagues from 23 nations and play for club glory. In addition to regular league and club fixtures, gamers can also qualify for continental and global club competitions as they play through the years and even improve their team in the Transfer Market to keep from being relegated to a lower division.
  • Career Mode – Gamers can customize a team's uniforms, flags, players, coach and tactics, then guide a school team through the years as they sharpen their soccer skills from the playgrounds all the way to international stardom.
  • Competition Mode – Lets gamers create a New Cup, League and/or Season; take on the best teams from the past; or start a career from beginning to end in Career Mode.
  • Challenge Mode – Lets gamers play a one-off match that pitts them against extremely tough opposition where goals aren't the only way the score is kept. Gamers will be awarded points for stylish play , successful passing and well-timed tackles. Sloppy, poor play, however, will result in a lower score. Additionally, gamers can compare their scores with others and sharpen their skills.
  • New Game Design – Utilizing an enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), soccer action takes on a whole new level of reality as teams play in a more unpredictable manner. Whether it's the timing of a shot, placement of a shot on goal, defensive tackles or a full array of other moves, World Tour Soccer 2006 takes soccer AI to a whole new level.
  • Game Interface / Controls – Power or finesse, World Tour Soccer 2006 puts the gamer in control. Depending on the situation, gamers can choose to power the ball past a wall of defenders by bending the kick, or they can use the icon passing system to have a striker make a run and volley the ball into the back of the net. With its free kick interface, World Tour Soccer 2006 allows gamers to change the flow and momentum of the game.
  • Enhanced Presentation World Tour Soccer 2006 features new animations, passionate celebrations, TV-style presentation with increased in-game commentary, enhanced lighting effects, new cut-scenes, and smoother game play giving delivering the look, feel and passion that core soccer fans expect from their sport.
  • Soccer Authenticity World Tour Soccer 2006 delivers authentic soccer action to the PlayStation 2.
  • Team Style of Play – The teams in World Tour Soccer 2006 play like their real life counterparts. Thanks to a sophisticated new AI system, the French national team will play elegant and smooth soccer while the Italian squad will play with strong possession.
  • Stadiums – With, immaculately detailed stadiums from across the globe that were designed by the internationally famous architectural company HOK Sport, who are responsible for the design of Sydney Olympic Stadium, Millennium Stadium and more, each stadium in World Tour Soccer 2006 is visually stunning and accurately recreated right down to the tinniest detail.
  • Crowds – Crowd chants have been sampled from over 200 club and international teams and the colors and flags from the battling teams are represented in the frenzied seats.
  • Choose Your Language – Give a match an international flair with four different languages to choose from. Announcers can broadcast your game in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.
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