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REVIEWS Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemi Review
Atelier Ayesha Plus is a new entry in a classic-JRPG series with a pretty paintjob, but does the classic formula still hold up?

Dying Light Review
Developer Techland addresses zombies again in a new light.
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PREVIEWS The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Ma Preview
I wish I could claim some mastery over this topsy-turvy classic starring elf boy who saves princess. Predictable, right?
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DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round
Release date: 02/17/15

Release date: 02/24/15

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Finally Broke My Crowdfunding Rule
By oblivion437
Posted on 01/12/15
I've had a long-standing rule to avoid getting involved in any sort of crowdfunded activities.  I didn't donate to Shadowrun or Wasteland, but I did buy and enjoy both of them (I'm plugging both of those games right now, just so you know they're good).  I haven't...


  • GR Strips #45: Back to Reality With so much competition in the VR space, you'd think the developers would create a game that actually got players together on which one is best.
    danielrbischoffBy danielrbischoff
    2015-01-30 21:16:56
    GR Strips #45: Back to Reality
  • GR Strips #44: Capped Out A new year will mean lots of new game announcements. Some of them may have subtitles. Some of them may preface a familiar brand with a new moniker.
    danielrbischoffBy danielrbischoff
    2014-12-19 19:16:27
    GR Strips #44: Capped Out
  • GR Strips #42: Get Over Here When the forces of darkness get tough, the tough get really cool weaponry capable of dishing out death. Just watch out for splash damage.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-12-05 18:49:00
    GR Strips #42: Get Over Here
  • GR Strips #41: Ajay Ghale, Super Genius When the mountain gets tough, the tough get some really nice hiking boots, a new backpack, maybe a below freezing sleeping bag, and one of those fancy water backpacks.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-11-30 15:41:24
    GR Strips #41: Ajay Ghale, Super Genius
  • GR Strips #40: Skin Deep Assassin's Creed may have never featured a hero as handsome, debonair, or acrobatic as Arno but trying telling our reviewer Elise that.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-11-21 15:30:00
    GR Strips #40: Skin Deep
  • GR Strips #39: So Amped Up If you need to finish cleaning before you game, just imagine what it must be like for Sunset Overdrive's protagonist with an entire city covered in garbage. In fact, the garbage is part of the game!
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-11-14 15:30:00
    GR Strips #39: So Amped Up
  • GR Strips #38: Press to Feel For what it's worth, they've consistently mapped the trigger to the right though aiming down the sights may not help you when the real enemy is inside all of us. This is one quick-time event we'll never win.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-11-07 21:52:39
    GR Strips #38: Press to Feel
  • GR Strips #37: Halo-Ween Part 2 When the costume contest gauntlet is about to be thrown down, it's time to ask yourself a few questions like, for one "Do you feel lucky, punk?"
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-10-31 15:30:00
    GR Strips #37: Halo-Ween Part 2
  • GR Strips #36: Halo-Ween With Halo: The Master Chief Collection arriving on Xbox One in November, you're bound to need a means of scaring off a few guys named John next Friday when the trick-or-treaters are in full force.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-10-24 15:30:00
    GR Strips #36: Halo-Ween
  • GR Strips #35: No One Can Hear You When Ellen Ripley's daughter gets lost in space, no one bothers to look for her but the dedicated and potentially dangerous village idiot.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-10-17 15:30:00
    GR Strips #35: No One Can Hear You
  • GR Strips #34: The Real Nemesis System Things in a land ruled by rings get a lot harder when they're boiled down to grade school squabbles. Hopefully, one wraith can rule... or at least stop hitting people. Seriously, cut it out.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-10-10 16:00:00
    GR Strips #34: The Real Nemesis System
  • GR Strips #33: Axe You a Question When it comes down to it, there are the strong, the weak, and the surreptitiously dastardly who'll sneak up behind you and try bury a few dozen axes in your back... or trunk.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-10-03 15:30:00
    GR Strips #33: Axe You a Question
  • GR Strips #32: It Isn't In The Game When the National Football League say they're going to start punishing players, you didn't think they meant the ones sitting at home enjoying the game on nights other than Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and possibly Saturday.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-09-25 15:30:00
    GR Strips #32: It Isn't In The Game
  • GR Strips #31: Stalling Achievement Unlocked When Destiny calls, it's probably a good idea to pick up the phone, put down the gun, and start listening to each other.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-09-19 15:30:00
    GR Strips #31: Stalling Achievement Unlocked
  • GR Strips #30: Shadow of Itself Sony's movie making business hasn't managed to launch a gaming property so The Last Guardian has accepted the task of finishing a project for a friend.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-09-12 15:30:00
    GR Strips #30: Shadow of Itself
  • GR Strips #29: Get Ready for the Next Battle When two Pokémon enter the ring, only one leaves not lightly crisped on a stick with a little lime juice and salt for taste.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-09-05 15:58:16
    GR Strips #29: Get Ready for the Next Battle
  • GR Strips #28: Overruled When two great minds come together, they need to work on a few communication issues before they can solve the case... or puzzle. Whatever.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-08-29 12:03:13
    GR Strips #28: Overruled
  • GR Strips #27: Extra Toppings Many of the world's super heroes rely on a healthy balance of food and supplements, these guys need more soothing and less oozing.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-08-22 14:30:00
    GR Strips #27: Extra Toppings
  • GR Strips #26: To Disney Infinity and Beyond Toy Box mode lets anyone create their own scenarios for their favorite Disney characters, make it this a small world afterall.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-08-15 15:30:00
    GR Strips #26: To Disney Infinity and Beyond
  • GR Strips #25: As Quiet As A Joel When The Last of Us gets remastered people stop and pay attention, just don't expect to clear the game without breaking a few eggs.
    GR_StaffBy GR_Staff
    2014-08-08 23:37:17
    GR Strips #25: As Quiet As A Joel
2015-02-01 16:38:35
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