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REVIEWS Wayward Manor Review
Not even the power of Neil Gaiman and The Odd Gentlemen could save this game from a fate worse than death: a terrible score.

ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red Review
"Unlimited World Red"? More like "Sorta Limited Town and Extended Areas... Red. And Blue. And Some Yellow."
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PREVIEWS Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Preview
Abandoning paint for clay, Nintendo gets crafty with Kirby once more.
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Release date: 08/05/14

Release date: 08/12/14

Tales of Xillia 2
Release date: 08/19/14

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Release date: 08/19/14

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Gaming For Good: Charity for the Win
Playing video games for charity is becoming easier everyday. Livestream, join a fundraising guild, or game at your own pace. There are many different ways gamers can contribute to numerous charitable causes.
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Women from Naughty Dog, ArenaNet, Harmonix, and Gamespot unite to talk about what they want from games in terms of diversity.
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Why Sunset Overdrive Can Go Suck A Lemon
By Kakulukia
Posted on 07/14/14
Yesterday, while cleaning up my media center, I found my copy of Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus, which I bought sometime before Christmas last year. I had been pretty excited about this game pre-release, what with it being the first "traditional", albeit shorter than usual,...



Despicable Me: Minion Rush Despicable Me: Minion Rush
The Sandbox 07/08/14
Age of Zombies 07/10/14
X-Mercs: Invasion 06/09/14
In Fear I Trust 07/18/14


The Way Home The Way Home
Transport Empire 07/23/14
Knight Girl 07/22/14
Battle Rides: Duel 07/22/14
Alien Creeps TD 07/22/14

Title Created Genre Publisher
Alien Creeps TD 07/22/14 Tower Defense Outplay Entertainment
Aspects TD 11/19/13 Tower Defence Sabaton Games
Airline Conqueror USA 10/08/10 Strategy Thinkberry
Angry Monsters - Battle For Crystals 05/23/12 Strategy
American Civil War: 1863 09/28/12 Strategy Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.
Age Of Fury 3D 06/09/14 Strategy Destiny Development
Air Hockey Arcade XL 10/21/10 Sports Arroyo Games
ArcherWorldCup2 04/04/12 Sports LitQoo
Avalanche Escape! 09/05/12 Sports Zoombugs
Active Soccer 05/10/13 Sports The Fox Software
Aero Vacation 04/12/12 Simulation Chillingo Ltd
After Burner Climax 02/08/13 Simulation Sega
Anthill 05/12/14 RTS Image & Form
Anomaly: Warzone Earth 10/10/11 RTS
Amoebattle 04/09/12 RTS Grab Games
Autumn Dynasty 12/14/12 RTS Bulkypix
Anomaly 2 11/06/13 RTS 11 bit studios
Autumn Dynasty: Warlords 02/27/14 RTS
Assault Wave 05/21/14 RTS
Avadon 2: The Corruption 10/31/13 RPG Spiderweb Software
Across Age 2 01/09/14 RPG FDG
Alphadia Genesis 02/03/14 RPG Kemco
Across Age 09/23/10 Role Playing FDG Entertainment
Are You A Dodo? 06/20/14 Quiz Chillingo Ltd
Aydox 09/07/11 Puzzle KoolFing
Astroslugs 09/23/11 Puzzle Bit Barons
Aiko Island 11/18/11 Puzzle IceFlame Studios
Amazing Alex 07/24/12 Puzzle Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep 03/07/13 Puzzle Legacy Interactive
Alien Hive 05/16/13 Puzzle Appxplore
Amigo Pancho 06/26/14 Puzzle Qaibogames
Another Case Solved 02/25/14 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Astro Mined: Galactic Bombsquad 03/13/14 Puzzle MakeGamesWithUs
Arcane Hearts 05/09/14 MMORPG SG Interactive
Astro Lords: Oort Cloud 06/17/14 MMO Aratog
Allies in War 01/14/14 MMO Gamelion
Albion Online 02/10/14 MMO Sandbox Interactive
Animas Online 05/21/14 MMO Gameforge
Alice: Behind the Mirror 03/31/14 Hidden Objects Microids
Ancient Legion 01/01/10 Fantasy OnLine DigitalFun
Adventure Era 03/13/14 City Bulding Strategy Daedalic
Angry Birds Space 03/20/12 Casual Rovio
Ancient Summoner 08/23/13 Card Game Gamebox
Aztec Antics 10/18/12 Arcade / Platformer Bouncing Ball Games
ArkanoArena 09/09/11 Arcade Sketch Games
Avoid a Ball 11/15/11 Arcade Mind Splat Design
A Snappy Christmas 12/12/11 Arcade Extensive Studios
Action Block Buster 03/21/12 Arcade
ApeShot! 04/02/12 Arcade SuperFunPlay
Angry King Kong 04/02/12 Arcade RenRen Games
Activision Anthology 08/31/12 Arcade Activision
Atari Outlaw 11/02/12 Arcade Atari
Angry Birds Star Wars 10/02/13 Arcade Rovio
Alien Snake from Outer Space 04/11/13 Arcade
Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider 01/24/14 Arcade ByteSized Studios
Avoid - Sensory Overload 02/13/14 Arcade NuOxygen
Axl & Tuna 07/10/14 Arcade Game Collage, LLC
Archetype 01/01/10 Adventure Villain
Andy Adventure 10/14/10 Adventure Rhema Press
Angry Zombie Launch 11/04/10 Adventure Daniel Caldwell
Amerzone 06/01/11 Adventure Anuman
Age of Enigma 11/11/11 Adventure Casual Box Studio
Angry Fly Adventure HD 06/25/12 Adventure USOApps
Aquaria 02/05/13 Adventure Semi Secret Software, LLC
AR-K 11/22/13 Adventure Gato Salvaje
Archibald's Adventures 10/13/10 Action Puzzle Rake in Grass
Alice in Bomberland 10/18/10 Action Adventure Sonic BOOM, Inc.
Age of Zombies 07/10/14 Action Adventure Halfbrick Studios
Alice: Madness Returns 05/23/11 Action Adventure Electronic Arts
Asura Cross 11/19/12 Action / RPG GAMEVIL Inc.
Ark of Sinners Advance 04/09/13 Action / RPG Bulkypix
Asphalt 5 01/01/10 Action / Racing Gameloft
Asphalt 7: Heat 06/27/12 Action / Racing Gameloft
ACR Drift 05/16/14 Action / Racing Eutechnyx
Angry Birds: Seasons 02/09/12 Action / Platformer Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Air Jump 03/13/12 Action / Platformer Avallon Alliance Ltd.
Amazing Breaker 11/29/11 Action / Arcade Dekovir, Inc.
Assassin's Creed - Altar's Chronicles 01/01/10 Action / Adventure Ubisoft
Air Chix 04/05/11 Action / Adventure Tokkao
Another World - 20th Anniversary 06/20/14 Action / Adventure Bulkypix
Azkend 2 10/14/11 Action / Adventure 10tons
Arcane Legends 10/12/12 Action / Adventure Spacetime Studios
Assassin's Creed Pirates 12/05/13 Action / Adventure Ubisoft
Adventure Beaks 04/01/14 Action / Adventure GameResort LLC
Angry Birds 03/29/11 Action Rovio Mobile
Alive 4-ever 01/01/10 Action Meridian
Ancient War 01/01/10 Action Triniti Interactive Limited
Artemis 01/01/10 Action Algomedia
AllAround 10/07/10 Action Madlupigo Software
Adventures of Marshal Marshmallow 01/01/10 Action Level 13 Studio
Arroic 01/01/10 Action Outlaw Games Ltd
Aliens Invade 10/13/10 Action CMG Research
Alive 4-ever RETURNS 01/01/10 Action Meridian
Addicus 01/02/10 Action Get Set Games
Angry Birds Halloween 11/05/10 Action Rovio Mobile Ltd.
AlienPanic 11/05/10 Action MoStar
Arkanoid 11/04/10 Action TAITO Corporation
Attack of the Robo Squirrels 03/11/11 Action Tokkao
Angry Birds Rio 05/17/11 Action Rovio Mobile Ltd.
A Monster Ate My Homework 04/12/11 Action Geek Beach
A.I.R Defense 04/19/11 Action Chillingo Ltd
Air Penguin 04/19/11 Action GAMEVIL Inc.
AirAttack HD 05/17/11 Action Art In Games
Angry Bulls 07/11/11 Action ZhouYang
Ant Raid 07/14/11 Action Prank Entertainment
Awesome Saucer 07/19/11 Action Nebuleux Games
Angry Armies 09/23/11 Action The Innocent Devils
Alien Jihad 10/11/11 Action Candella
Ashley Ao 10/18/11 Action Honey Tribe Studios
Anooki Jump 10/18/11 Action Bulkypix
Age of Monsters - Rock Paper Scissors 10/25/11 Action Massive Joe Studios
Assassin's Creed Rearmed 10/28/11 Action Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed Recollection 12/16/11 Action Ubisoft
Alien Zombie Death 01/18/12 Action Pompom Games
Archibald And Remus: Minor Lords 01/23/12 Action 7sixty
Ash II: Shadows 02/10/12 Action Konami
Apple Craze 03/15/12 Action
Action Driver 04/10/12 Action Donut Games
AbraWordabra 05/07/12 Action Total ArKade Software
Air Commander: World War II 05/17/12 Action GemGem Lab
Angry Ninjas 06/04/12 Action God-Mode Games
Agent Dash 08/08/12 Action Full Fat
Aliens Abducted 08/23/12 Action Bilu Games
Airport Scanner 09/11/12 Action Kedlin Company
Avengers Initiative 09/13/12 Action Marvel Entertainment
A Blocky Kind of Love 09/19/12 Action Bram Stolk
Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead 09/26/12 Action Wandake
An Alien with a Magnet 07/15/13 Action Lukas Hoenderdos
Arel Wars 2 10/26/12 Action GAMEVIL
Air Patriots 12/21/12 Action Lemon Games, SL
ARC Squadron 11/06/12 Action Psyonix
Alien vs. Predator: Evolution 03/25/13 Action FOX Digital Entertainment
Adventure Christmas 11/21/12 Action Backpack Undertainment
Anomaly Korea 12/21/12 Action
Alpha Zero 12/13/12 Action Funkoi
AR Defender 2 12/12/12 Action Bulkypix
Air Mail 12/17/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Amazing Ants 01/15/13 Action Pocket Gems Publishing
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD 02/08/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Aces of the Luftwaffe 02/22/13 Action HandyGames
Attack of the Wall Street Titan 05/09/13 Action Dark Tonic
Asterix: Megaslap 07/17/13 Action Bulkypix
A Thug in Time 07/17/13 Action Destructamobile
Arctic Defender 07/18/13 Action Greenpeace
AdvenChewers 10/15/13 Action Warner Bros.
Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies 11/05/13 Action 2K Sports
Angry Birds Go! 12/13/13 Action Rovio Entertainment Ltd
AntiSquad 12/18/13 Action Bulkypix
Archangel 01/08/14 Action Unity
Abducted 01/10/14 Action Sunside Inc.
Arc War 01/17/14 Action Hunted Cow
Auction Wars: Storage King 03/18/14 Action GameDigits
Atom Run 05/16/14 Action Fingerlab
Aliens Drive Me Crazy 05/22/14 Action Cezary Rajkowski
Angry Birds Epic 06/18/14 Action Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Title Created Genre Publisher
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