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Cut the Rope: Triple Treat Review
Cutting the ropes has never before made gravity so… pricey.
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So much more than war...
By shandog137
Posted on 04/18/14
The recent blog, Peace in the Era of Call of Duty  really made me think about war games that dig deeper than simply a kill streak reward. The first game that came to mind was Spec-Ops: The Line and although I haven’t played it, I began to wonder if it did the war genre as...



Lightopus Lightopus
Pixel People 02/14/14
Battle Supremacy 03/10/14
Space Hulk 03/12/14
RunBot 03/27/14


Jet Car Stunts Jet Car Stunts
Action / Racing
One For Eleven 04/17/14
Hitman GO 04/17/14
Caveboy Escape 04/17/14
Dogfight 04/16/14

Title Created Genre Publisher
Meowcenaries 01/01/10 Adventure [adult swim]
Minute To Win It 03/22/11 Gameshow Zoo Games
Magnetized 01/21/14 Arcade ZHI-YU HONG
MetalStorm: Online 06/10/13 MMO Z2Live, Inc
Mercenary Ops 12/05/12 Action / Shooter Yingpei Games
Mazement 04/12/13 Arcade Wronghut
Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers 06/25/13 Card Game Wizards of the Coast
Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers 04/11/14 Card Game Wizards of the Coast
My Virtual Girlfriend 08/02/12 Simulation WET Productions Inc.
My Paper Plane 3 12/06/11 Action Wavecade Inc.
Man of Steel 06/13/13 Action Warner Bros.
Mower Ride 06/14/11 Action Vivid Games
Memorizer Kids HD 01/01/10 Edutainment VGN Interactive
Monument Valley 04/08/14 ustwo
Monster Burner 05/03/12 Arcade Ubisoft
Might and Magic: Duel of Champions 04/25/12 MMO Card Battle Game Ubisoft
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes 01/25/13 RPG Ubisoft
Michael Jackson: The Experience 03/09/12 Music Ubiosoft
Mad Skills Motocross 09/30/11 Sports / Racing Turborilla
Mad Skills BMX 08/23/12 Sports Turborilla
Monster Blaster 05/03/11 Puzzle Touch Apps
Madman Drop 04/29/13 Arcade Tio Atum
Mini Motor Racing 12/17/12 Action / Racing The Binary Mill
Metallica Revenge 01/01/10 Rhythm / Music Tapulous
Munkey Vs Ninjas 01/18/11 Platformer Superstar Games
MiniSquadron 01/01/10 Action / Shooter supermono limited
Motley Blocks 11/21/12 Puzzle Square Enix
Monster Warrior 10/11/11 Action Sparkin\' Apps
Marathon 1 03/20/12 Action / FPS Soli Deo Gloria...
Mothership Touch Battle 05/13/13 RTS SillyCat Studio
Mini Golf MatchUp 04/04/13 Sports Scopely - Top Free Apps and...
Mo' Monsters 10/12/12 Action / Adventure Rumpus
Motion Tennis 06/28/13 Sports Rolocule
Mage Gauntlet 03/26/13 Action / RPG Rocketcat Games
Mike Tyson - Main Event 03/30/11 Sports Rock Software
Meow Maze 01/10/12 RoboNacho
My Pet Zombie 08/01/11 Arcade Riptide Games, Inc.
Monster Out 04/05/12 Arcade RenRenGames
Murder Files 05/07/13 Action / Adventure Relentless Software
MotoHeroz 05/21/12 Arcade / Platformer RedLynx Ltd.
Monumental Moves 04/02/14 Puzzle Portable Pixels
MatchPOP HD 10/22/10 Puzzle POPPIA, Inc.
Mr.Ninja 07/12/11 Action PONOS
Mr.Oops!! 03/29/12 Action PONOS
Monkey Bump 01/13/12 Arcade PomPom Games
Max Blaster 11/13/13 Action PJFX
Mars Lander 04/09/12 Arcade Pixiusoft Corporation
Monstaaa! 05/15/12 Puzzle Pixel Elephant
Moebius: Empire Rising 03/21/14 Adventure Phoenix Online Publishing
Mr Giggle Lite 06/23/11 Puzzle Patryk Palasz
Mariachi Hero 02/10/11 PAN Vision
Momonga Pinball Adventures 01/29/13 Action Paladin Studios
Mecho Wars 01/01/10 TBS Oyaji Games
Monster Legacy 03/20/14 Action / Adventure Outplay Entertainment
Mother Lode 04/09/12 Strategy Order of Magnitude Games
Meganoid 06/14/11 Action / Platformer OrangePixel
Monster Trouble Dark Side 09/10/12 Arcade NuOxygen
Monster Blade 05/29/13 Action Nubee
Monster RPG 2 11/10/10 Role Playing Nooskewl
MapleStory: Cave Crawlers 01/04/12 Action Nexon
MetroJoust 12/09/11 MMO Naoplay
MAX AXE 10/18/13 Action Naked Sky
Maze Crusade 11/15/13 Puzzle My Evil Twin
Missile Monkey 05/25/12 Arcade Munsey Clan Games
Mooniz 05/05/11 Action / Puzzle Mooniz Interactive Ltd
Monster Cube 07/25/12 Puzzle MonsterJuice
Monsieur Monsieur 10/12/11 Action Molecube
Mobigame's Edge 11/10/10 Action Mobigame
MARVEL War of Heroes 11/01/13 Card Game Mobage, Inc.
Meteor Math 09/22/11 Puzzle Mindshapes
Moshi Karts 02/28/14 Action / Racing Mind Candy
Moshi Monsters Village 03/26/14 Strategy Mind Candy
Midnight Bite 02/27/14 Action Milkstone Studios
Ms. Splosion Man (iOS) 08/09/13 Action Microsoft Corporation
Morphopolis 08/09/13 Adventure Micro Macro Games
Monster Mansion 10/31/12 Action Meridian4
M0B1US 04/08/14 Action Mental Universe
Marvel Run Jump Smash! 02/06/14 Action Marvel Entertainment
Monster Trouble HD 08/11/11 Strategy Magic Dream Games
Motorblast 12/12/12 Action / Racing Mad Processor
Mana Crusher 04/10/14 Puzzle Little Worlds Studio
Monsters Invade: Oz 06/06/13 RPG Little Box
MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro 10/21/11 Sports Level Eight AB
My Robot Friend 03/11/13 Action LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
Mighty Fin 04/24/13 Action Launching Pad Games
Metal Gear Solid: Touch 09/23/10 Action Konami Digital Entertainment
MLB Live Challenge 06/21/13 Sports Konami
Move The Muzzy! 04/15/13 Puzzle Kokakiki
Mystic Marbles 01/06/14 Puzzle Jyri Kilpeläinen
Mini Golf 3D 03/07/12 Sports Jump Games Pvt.Ltd.
MinerMite 12/18/12 Action Ixora Studios
March of War 11/15/13 Action ISOTX
Mr. Crab 04/12/13 Arcade Illusion Labs
Major Magnet 04/17/13 Arcade Iddiction
Mushroom Wars 01/25/13 RTS i-Free Innovations
Magic Orbz 11/28/12 Arcade HeroCraft
Majesty: The Northern Expansion 12/12/12 Action HeroCraft
Monster Dash 03/29/11 Action Halfbrick Studios
My Dragon 09/19/12 Action Glu Games Inc.
Motocross Meltdown 02/04/14 Sports Glu Games Inc.
Mega Jump 02/29/12 Arcade Get Set Games
Mega Jump 2 01/21/14 Action Get Set Games
Munch Time 02/28/12 Arcade Gamistry
Modern Combat: Sandstorm 01/01/10 Action / FPS Gameloft
Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus 11/05/10 Action Gameloft
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation 03/23/12 Action Gameloft
Monster Life 08/07/12 Action Gameloft
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 01/03/13 Action / FPS Gameloft
Monster Shooter 12/12/11 Action Gamelion
Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth 07/02/13 Action Gamelion
Melinas Conquest 10/18/11 Action Game Scorpion Inc.
Major League Wizardry 02/03/14 Card Game Game Made Studio
Mystery Manor: Blitz 10/19/12 Hidden Object Game Insight
Mirrors of Albion 10/29/12 Hidden Object Game Insight
Mysterium 03/19/14 Hidden Objects Game Insight
Modern Conflict 2 01/06/12 RTS Gaijin Entertainment
Mad Chef 02/01/12 Action Foursaken Media
Moon Race 01/14/13 Arcade Flaucher's Finest
Mad Cows 06/28/12 Arcade Everplay Interactive
Monster Words 04/10/12 Word Puzzle Enemy Hideout
MONOPOLY 01/01/10 Board Electronic Arts
Max and the Magic Marker 03/28/11 2D Platformer Electronic Arts
Mini Ninjas 03/07/13 Adventure Eidos
Madden NFL 12 10/08/12 Sports EA Sports
Mass Effect Infiltrator 03/23/12 Action / Adventure EA
MewSim 01/28/13 Simulation Dynamic Pixels
Monster of Puppets 03/12/12 Action Drakkar Dev
My Army 01/25/12 Action Distinctive Games
Monsters, Inc. Run 01/15/13 Action Disney
Monster Loves You! 04/15/13 Action Dejobaan Games
Master of Alchemy 01/01/10 Action / Puzzle DarkWave Games
Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign 10/04/13 Puzzle / RPG D3Publisher
Mafia Planet 05/24/12 Action crowdplayce
Mutant Storm 01/03/13 Action Crescent Moon Games
Monkey Boxing 05/02/13 Action Crescent Moon Games
Magnet Boy 10/25/12 Arcade / Puzzle ComboApp
Monsters Rising 11/11/13 Action Chunky Pig
Mafia Rush 02/29/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Madcoaster 03/29/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Monkey Slam 09/06/12 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Man in a Maze 12/12/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Monster Truck Destruction 12/17/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Modern Command 02/06/14 Action Chillingo Ltd
Mega Dead Pixel 10/17/13 Arcade Chillingo
Monkey Pong 05/14/12 Arcade Chechesoft Games
MyChoice 05/23/11 Strategy Cell Citii Co., Ltd.
Mamba Nation Battle 11/11/11 Action Bulkypix
Meltdown 11/14/13 Action Bulkypix
Mega Bloks Playground 10/21/10 Action Budge Studios
MacGuffin's Curse 12/12/11 Puzzle Brawsome
My Town 2 11/29/11 Simulation Booyah, Inc.
Monster Crew 10/11/12 Arcade / Platformer BonusXP
Move the Box 02/20/12 Puzzle Bitchin\' Games
My Singing Monsters 09/13/12 Arcade Big Blue Bubble
Mikey Hooks 08/26/13 Action BeaverTap Games, LLC
MOTY 12/09/11 Action / Puzzle BBG Entertainment
Monsterz' Revenge 05/06/11 Action Astro Ape Studios
Mobfish Hunter 04/08/14 Action Appxplore
Mad Acorn 06/18/12 Rhythm / Music APD Inc.
Moto Racer 15th Anniversary 11/25/11 Sports Anuman
Monument Builders 12/21/12 Simulation Anuman
Muffin Knight 10/10/11 Action / Platformer Angry Mob Games
Monster Meltdown 03/11/13 Action Ambient Studios
Machinarium 02/05/13 Adventure Amanita Design
Moon Skater 09/06/12 Arcade 3 Guys Apps
Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet 03/28/13 Adventure
Monster 500 10/25/13 Action
Title Created Genre Publisher
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