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God of War brings its PS2 heritage to Vita, and the results are more than a bit baffling.

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I was confident in my Dark Souls abilities. Then From Software released new Dark Souls II DLC.
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Release date: 08/19/14

Tales of Xillia 2
Release date: 08/19/14

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Release date: 08/19/14

Madden NFL 15
Release date: 08/26/14

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Call of Duty will never be the same
By oneshotstop
Posted on 07/28/14
       We've all been there. Everyone remembers that mission. You and your partner are climbing up the mountains in the snow, striving to pull some slick clandestine operation about getting some intel on a bad guy, or something similar (because let's face...



The Sandbox The Sandbox
Age of Zombies 07/10/14
X-Mercs: Invasion 06/09/14
In Fear I Trust 07/18/14
Generic Jack 05/27/14


Iron Knights Iron Knights
Crazy Taxi: City Rush 07/31/14
80 days 07/31/14
Celleste 07/30/14
Revolution 60 07/30/14

Title Created Genre Publisher
Super Sanctum TD 01/10/14 Tower Defense Coffee Stain Studios
Siegecraft TD 07/02/13 Tower Defence Crescent Moon Games
Space Tower Defender 04/30/13 Tower Defence Webelinx DOO
Stratosphere: Multiplayer Defense 02/12/13 Towe Defence Pixile Studios
Silver Zombie 04/08/14 Survival Horror XIXGAMES
Second Earth 05/28/14 Strategy Ntreev
Sentinel 2: Earth Defense 10/05/10 Strategy Origin8
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 07/02/14 Strategy 2K
So Gravity! 08/03/12 Strategy Pyramid Beam Studios
Star Admiral 07/17/14 Strategy Hardscore Games
Strategy & Tactics: World War II 10/11/13 Strategy HeroCraft
Super Battle Tactics 07/16/14 Strategy Mobage, Inc
Super KO Boxing 2 01/01/10 Sports/Action Glu
Skee-Ball 01/01/10 Sports Simulation Freeverse, Inc.
Simple Racing HD 10/25/11 Sports / Racing NuOxygen
Slot Racing HD 02/27/12 Sports / Racing Quantix Games
Sports Car Challenge 02/20/12 Sports / Racing Fishlabs
Streetbike: Full Blast HD 04/09/12 Sports / Racing Chillingo Ltd
Ski Champion 03/27/12 Sports Majaka
Ski Jumping 2012 01/09/12 Sports Vivid Games
Slam Dunk Basketball 2 02/14/14 Sports IDEA
Slamjet Stadium 03/11/13 Sports Alistair Aitcheson
Snowberg Chasing 01/02/13 Sports MagicBone Games
Snowboard Hero 03/25/11 Sports Fishlabs
Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro 04/25/11 Sports GAMEVIL Inc.
Soccer Superstars 2012 07/02/12 Sports GAMEVIL Inc.
Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Ski Slopestyle Challenge 01/29/14 Sports Flashman
Speedball 2 Evolution 02/17/11 Sports Tower Studios
Spot Kick Hero 02/03/12 Sports Wired Productions
Spot Kick Hero Rugby 11/03/11 Sports Wired Productions
Stick Tennis 06/29/12 Sports Stick Sports Ltd
Stickman Snowboarder 08/13/12 Sports Traction Games
Strike Knight 06/23/11 Sports Backflip Studios
Striker Soccer 2 01/15/14 Sports Chillingo Ltd
Super Soccer Champs 05/14/12 Sports Uprising Games
Super Stickman Golf 2 03/29/13 Sports Noodlecake Studios Inc
Super Zombie Tennis 11/19/12 Sports Tinytouchtales
Seaport 09/22/11 Simulation PAN Vision
Simplz: Zoo 02/23/12 Simulation Reflexive
SimStapler 11/12/10 Simulation Freeverse, Inc.
Sky Adventures 01/17/14 Simulation Game Insight
Smurf Life 12/07/12 Simulation CAPCOM
Sniper Vs Sniper: Online 09/22/10 Simulation Com2uS Corp.
Solar Flux Pocket 11/15/13 Simulation Firebrand Games
Steampunk Tower 10/10/13 Simulation Chillingo Ltd
Sholay: Bullets of Justice 01/02/14 Side Scroller Gameshastra Inc.
Siegebreaker 11/15/11 RTS Crazy Monkey Studios
StarFront: Collision 02/18/11 RTS Gameloft
Stronghold 3: The Campaigns 06/16/14 RTS Digital Tribe Games
Saturday Morning RPG 04/09/12 RPG Mighty Rabbit Studios
Sci-Fi Heroes 11/01/12 RPG Majesco
Shattered Planet 04/03/14 RPG Execution Labs
Small Chronicles Chapter 1: Key of Light and Darkness 05/13/14 RPG WhiteSponge
Solstice Arena 06/26/13 RPG Zynga Inc.
Starborn Wanderers 02/10/14 RPG Game Insight
Summoners War 07/02/14 RPG Com2uS USA, Inc.
Swords & Poker Adventures 07/18/14 RPG KONAMI
Swords & Some Magic 03/07/14 RPG Holy Warp
SevenSwords 11/04/10 Role Playing Asobimo, Inc.
SONG SUMMONER Heroes 01/01/10 Role Playing SQUARE ENIX Co., LTD.
Sacred Odyssey 02/16/11 Role Play Gameloft
Split/Second 11/09/10 Racing Disney
Spirit Stones 10/16/13 Puzzle / RPG GAMEVIL Inc.
Saving Yello 11/21/11 Puzzle dreamfab
Scarab Tales 08/20/13 Puzzle
SciBeaver 09/19/12 Puzzle Tatem Games
Scribblenauts Remix 03/23/12 Puzzle Warner Bros.
Scribbles! 08/30/12 Puzzle BlackMoon Design
Scurvy Scallywags 06/06/13 Puzzle Beep Games
Seabirds 10/11/12 Puzzle Shamrock Games
Shape Jam 10/23/13 Puzzle Jam Labs
Shape Shift 07/11/11 Puzzle Backflip Studios
Shatter Crash 08/28/12 Puzzle Nakai Entertainment
simian.interface 01/13/14 Puzzle Chillingo Ltd
Slice the Ice 11/06/12 Puzzle Playcaso
Slide Circus 10/31/12 Puzzle
Slydris 07/27/12 Puzzle Radiangames
Smagnetron 03/01/13 Puzzle Chilibite Entertainment
Sniffers 03/27/14 Puzzle Ironized
Soda Star 03/11/13 Puzzle Tiny Utopia
Space Holiday 09/18/12 Puzzle Powerful Robot Games
Space Wolves 02/24/11 Puzzle Griffilms
SpaceChem 10/05/11 Puzzle Zachtronics Industries
Sparkle 2 06/18/13 Puzzle 10tons
SpinDaBoom 02/20/12 Puzzle Peter Ristow
Splice: Tree of Life 12/19/12 Puzzle Cipher Prime Studios
Sporos 02/22/13 Puzzle Appxplore
Spring Bonus 03/28/13 Puzzle Hothead Games Inc.
Sprinkle Islands 06/26/13 Puzzle Mediocre Games
Squashies World 10/10/12 Puzzle Focus Multimedia
Star Diamonds Paradise 03/01/12 Puzzle Star Arcade Oy
StarCaptain 11/30/12 Puzzle Number Twenty Five
Stem Stumper 03/09/11 Puzzle Ananse Productions
Stoned 3D 05/26/11 Puzzle 3Dgrafix
Stubies 03/05/14 Puzzle Creatiu Lab
Suckers 09/06/11 Puzzle Sauce Digital
Sunny Drops 02/12/13 Puzzle Eligo Games
Super Bunny Breakout 10/12/12 Puzzle Zynga
Super Dragon 11/15/12 Puzzle Fifth Wonder
Supermagical 08/29/12 Puzzle
Supermarket Mania 01/01/10 Puzzle G5 Entertainment
Sushi Mushi 11/02/12 Puzzle Aspyr Media
Symbol Link 03/25/14 Puzzle ANDREY NOVIKOV
Super Splatform 01/27/14 Platformer P1XL
Star Wars Pinball 04/22/14 Pinball
Shadow Cities 06/23/11 MMORPG Grey Area Ltd
Sovereign: Kingdoms 03/18/11 MMORPG Jirbo, Inc.
Star Trek Online (iOS) 11/13/13 MMORPG Perfect World Entertainment
Spirit Force 11/10/11 MMO Card Battle Game Drecom
Shadowrun Online 06/04/14 MMO
Sword of Phantasia 07/01/14 MMO PlayNext
Sunshine Bay 04/01/14 Management Strategy Game Insight
Silent Valley: Mystery Mansion 11/01/13 Hidden Object G5 Entertainment
Shogi Monsters 02/15/13 Card Game Azerbo Studios
Stak Bots 10/16/13 Card Game Lightwood Games
Star Pigs 04/19/13 Card Game Barbily
Steel Commanders 06/14/13 Card Game GAMEVIL Inc.
Summoner Wars 08/02/13 Card Game Playdek
Scrabble 01/01/10 Board Electronic Arts
SEI 09/15/11 Board Clockwork Applications
Shadow Era 03/18/11 Board Kyle Poole
Super Crossfire 03/16/11 Arcade Action Radiangames
Sortee 01/31/13 Arcade / Puzzle Flow Studio
Super Paper Pool 07/17/13 Arcade / Puzzle One Side Software
Sky Without Sun: Target 04/15/13 Arcade / Action Made With Numbers
Save the Furries 12/09/11 Arcade Bulkypix
Save Them All 10/19/12 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone 01/01/10 Arcade NimbleBit
Shatter Alley 04/15/14 Arcade Dojotron, LLC
Sheep Dream 08/07/13 Arcade Maysalward
Shogun 01/31/12 Arcade int13
ShootStorm 06/16/11 Arcade Moonjump
Shufflepuck Cantina 09/26/12 Arcade Agharta Studio
Sidera 11/02/11 Arcade Cube Cat Games
Siege 12/03/12 Arcade Firekom
Sky Force 2014 06/25/14 Arcade nfinite Dreams
Slot Life - Haunted Mansion 09/21/12 Arcade Alchemy Games
Smash Hit 03/06/14 Arcade Mediocre Games
Smurfs' Grabber 09/02/11 Arcade Capcom
Snabbit 05/23/12 Arcade TapCat
Snail Crusher 05/05/14 Arcade games2be
Snake Warriors: Training 04/26/13 Arcade Crystal Games
SolaRola 07/27/12 Arcade Square Enix
Space Heads 07/14/14 Arcade Unity Studios
Space Inversion 2 07/11/11 Arcade Silverline Arts
Space Killers Free 04/18/13 Arcade Adam Hale
SpaceOff 03/23/12 Arcade Totem Games
Sparkle Unleashed 04/29/14 Arcade 10tons Ltd
SPLIT! 06/15/12 Arcade Touchy Interactive
Sprinkle 09/06/11 Arcade Mediocre Games
Star Marine: Infinite Ammo 01/09/12 Arcade GlitchSoft
Star Sloth 04/26/12 Arcade FPO Projects Inc
Stickman Base Jumper 09/12/12 Arcade Robert Szeleney
STINGOUT 07/22/13 Arcade screendepartment
Strange Clouds: The Game - by B.o.B 09/05/12 Arcade Warner Music Group
Super Bit Dash 01/20/12 Arcade Fakepup Games
Super Crate Box 08/29/11 Arcade Vlambeer
Super Flip Runner 05/24/12 Arcade Limpo Arts
Super Jetpack Penguin 05/14/12 Arcade ChaosTrend Ltd
Super Juggling 06/27/14 Arcade Simple Connect Fun Studios
Super Mega Worm Vs Santa 05/31/12 Arcade Deceased Pixel LLC
Super Monkey Ball Bounce 05/19/14 Arcade Sega
Super Penguins 08/06/12 Arcade Supersolid
Super Snake HD 06/24/11 Arcade YoYo Games
Supercow: funny farm arcade platformer 09/12/11 Arcade Nevosoft
Suspect: The Run 01/23/13 Arcade Jujubee Games Studios
Syder Arcade 01/29/13 Arcade Studio Evil
Swordigo 04/03/12 Adventure / Platformer Touch Foo
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space 01/26/12 Adventure Telltale Games
Save the Titanic 07/06/12 Adventure Scary Robot Productions
Scuba Diver Adventures: Beyond The Depths 06/25/14 Adventure Chillingo Ltd
Shadowgate 07/25/14 Adventure Zojoi
Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles Collector's Edition 02/27/12 Adventure Big Fish Games, Inc
Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition HD 08/13/12 Adventure Big Fish Games, Inc
Simon the Sorcerer 11/09/10 Adventure iPhSoft
Sky Tourist 07/30/13 Adventure Three Legged Egg
Soosiz 10/18/10 Adventure Touch Foo
Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds 07/19/11 Adventure G5 Entertainment
Star Defense 01/01/10 Adventure ngmoco, Inc.
Sticky 02/15/11 Adventure
Storm in a Teacup 01/25/12 Adventure Chillingo Ltd
Skater Nation 10/27/10 Action / Skate Gameloft
Shadowslayer: Dawn of the Lightforge 10/15/13 Action / RPG Z2Live, Inc
Sir Death 04/05/13 Action / RPG GAMEVIL Inc.
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard 07/11/14 Action / RPG ZQGame
Shrek Kart 01/01/10 Action / Racing Gameloft
Sky Pirates Racing 02/04/13 Action / Racing Fathom Interactive
SlotZ Racer 2 01/31/13 Action / Racing Strange Flavour
Smash Cops 12/19/11 Action / Racing Panache PR
Speed Kills 02/20/13 Action / Racing Holy Warp
Speed Rivals - Dirt Racing 04/29/14 Action / Racing
Speedway GP 2013 04/19/13 Action / Racing Vivid Games
Survival Race : Life or Power Plants 04/19/13 Action / Racing Wixel Studios
Skating Season 09/11/12 Action / Puzzle hanghai Taomee Network...
Solar Flux HD 09/30/13 Action / Puzzle Firebrand Games
Sprinkle Junior 12/02/11 Action / Puzzle Mediocre Games
Smoody 03/18/11 Action / Platformer Federico Kalayjian
Snail Bob 10/10/12 Action / Platformer Chillingo Ltd
Sonic Jump 10/18/12 Action / Platformer Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 12/12/13 Action / Platformer SEGA
SpinCraft 10/30/12 Action / Platformer Bulkypix
Spoing 06/20/12 Action / Platformer Chillingo Ltd
Square Planet 10/15/12 Action / Platformer Majaka
Stealth Inc. 11/20/13 Action / Platformer Curve Digital Games
Stick to It 02/07/13 Action / Platformer Magic Pixel Games, LP
Stunt Mouse 02/23/11 Action / Platformer Grumpy Mouse Ltd
Super Lemonade Factory 03/15/12 Action / Platformer Shane Brouwer
Swarm 11/26/12 Action / Platformer E4 Software
Silent Hill: The Escape 01/01/10 Action / FPS Konami Digital Entertainment
Splinter Cell Conviction 01/01/10 Action / FPS Ubisoft
Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner 11/18/10 Action / FPS THQ Wireless Inc.
Siberian Strike 11/12/10 Action / Flight Gameloft
Skies of Glory 01/03/10 Action / Flight SGN
Street Fighter IV 01/01/10 Action / Fighting CAPCOM
Sea Stars 11/17/11 Action / Arcade Hothead Games
StarDunk Gold 11/02/11 Action / Arcade Godzilab
Second Chance Heroes 02/18/14 Action / Adventure
Shattered Haven 03/19/13 Action / Adventure Arcen Games
SKull Kick 10/13/11 Action / Adventure Battery Acid Games
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 02/28/12 Action / Adventure Sega
SPY mouse 08/25/11 Action / Adventure EA
Super Ball Escape 03/01/11 Action / Adventure Playlithium
Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP 03/28/11 Action / Adventure Capybara Games Inc.
Salvage 02/17/14 Action Mad Fellows
Sam Bogart Files 03/12/14 Action BlackMoon Design
Samurai BloodShow 09/01/11 Action SEGA
Samurai Empire 10/02/12 Action Nubee
Samurai II: Vengeance 02/24/11 Action MADFINGER Games
Samurai Rush 07/18/12 Action Anton Huldin
Samurai Siege 05/06/14 Action Space Ape Games
Save The Pencil 02/08/12 Action Perfect Dimension
Save Yammi 08/04/11 Action Bulkypix
Save Yer Booty 01/24/12 Action Synqua Games
Saving Private Sheep 2 04/12/12 Action Bulkypix
Saving Raylene 05/16/14 Action CKS Games
Scrap Hunt 11/15/13 Action Anton Hultdin
Seal Force 12/21/11 Action Nordisk Film Games Publishing
Sector Zero 12/06/13 Action Creashock Studios
Sentinel 3: Homeworld 03/02/12 Action Origin8
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack 12/01/11 Action Get Games
Shadow Blade 01/21/14 Action Dead Mage
Shadow Blade (iOS) 01/21/14 Action Crescent Moon Games
Shadow Escaper 03/08/13 Action CyberConnect2 Co.,Ltd.
Shadowgun 10/05/11 Action MADFINGER Games
Shadowgun: Deadzone 03/28/12 Action MADFINGER Games
Shadowrun Returns 02/27/14 Action Harebrained Schemes LLC
Shark Dash 08/07/12 Action Gameloft
Shave Me! 08/10/12 Action Metaversal Studios
Sheep Happens 12/05/13 Action Kongregate
Sheep Shack 05/21/13 Action Thumbr
Sheep Up! 07/06/12 Action Bad Seed
Shepherd 10/02/12 Action
Shin Megami Tensei 02/28/14 Action Atlus
Shiny the Firefly 05/13/13 Action Headup
Shiny Treasure 11/22/11 Action Infinity Lane
Ships 'n Battles 06/25/12 Action Skahal Studios
Shoot & Plunder 12/18/13 Action Monkeynaut Games
Shoot the Birds 10/20/11 Action Infinite Dreams Inc.
Shoot the Zombirds 04/30/12 Action Infinite Dreams
Shooting Stars Mind 08/13/13 Action Gaia Dream Creation
Shopping Cart Hero 01/07/10 Action MonkeyWantBanana
Shrek’s Fairytale Kingdom 06/04/12 Action Capcom
Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies 11/15/13 Action 2K Games
Silent Ops 08/04/11 Action Gameloft
Sinister City: Vampire Adventure 07/23/12 Action G5 Entertainment
Six-Guns 05/16/13 Action Gameloft
Ski Safari 07/02/12 Action Defiant Development
Skull Legends 11/21/13 Action PlayShore
Skull Legends HD 12/03/13 Action PlayShore
Sky Defenders 03/12/12 Action Superplay Games
Sky Force Reloaded 01/04/10 Action Infinite Dreams Inc.
Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy 11/19/12 Action Namco Networks America Inc....
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 11/30/12 Action Atypical Games
Sky Monkeys 10/04/13 Action Maowra Interactive AB
Skylanders Battlegrounds 11/21/12 Action Activision
Skylanders Lost Islands 11/13/12 Action Activision Publishing, Inc.
Skyline Skaters 03/26/14 Action Tactile Entertainment
Skyrise Runner: Run to Fly 11/28/12 Action Thumbr
Slash Monsters 07/25/13 Action White Laser Games
Slayin 04/24/13 Action FDG
Slender Rising 2 01/28/14 Action Michael Hegemann
Slender-Man 10/08/12 Action Rory Harvey
Small Bang Theory 01/10/14 Action SassyBot
Smash Cops Heat 03/04/13 Action Hutch Games Ltd
SmileUp! 01/10/10 Action AISoftPro, CL
Snailboy 10/03/13 Action Thoopid
Snap Trap 11/22/11 Action 8 Bit Grenade
Snappy Dragons 04/16/12 Action Extensive Studios
Snappy Dragons 2 09/18/12 Action Extensive Studios
Sniffernaut 08/24/12 Action Tuokio
Snoopy Coaster 03/21/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Snoopy's Street Fair 05/01/12 Action Capcom
Snow Fight 12/03/12 Action Sauce Digital Limited
Snow Spin 12/12/13 Action Ezone
Snuggle Truck 10/10/12 Action Owlchemy Labs
Solar Rescue Densetsu 08/29/11 Action Gamesare
Soldier vs. Aliens 09/18/12 Action Bulkypix
Sonic Dash 03/07/13 Action Sega
Sonic Jump Fever 07/10/14 Action SEGA
Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 10/27/10 Action SEGA
Sound Ride 12/16/13 Action OutOfTheBit
Space Disorder 10/02/12 Action Bulkypix
Space Farmers 01/08/14 Action Bumpkin Brothers
Space Hulk 03/12/14 Action Full Control
Space Invaders Infinity 01/01/10 Action TAITO Corporation
Space Miner Space Ore 10/07/10 Action Venan Entertainment, Inc.
Space Noir 03/10/14 Action
Space Qube 09/30/13 Action Playground Publishing B.V.
Space Shoot 06/15/12 Action PJFX
Spaceketball 02/10/12 Action ASteam
Spandex Force: Champion Rising 03/10/14 Action KarjaSoft
Spearfishing 2 12/21/11 Action Biart
Spellsword 11/19/12 Action Everplay Interactive
Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor 01/01/10 Action Tiger Style
SPiN WARS 03/21/13 Action Brightside Games
Spirit Run - Fire vs Ice 05/06/14 Action Lunagames
SPIRUS 01/01/10 Action Osiris Gaming
Spore Creatures 09/22/10 Action Electronic Arts
Spore: Origins 10/14/10 Action Electronic Arts
Sputnik 02/11/11 Action Nordcurrent
Spy vs Spy 07/27/12 Action
Spy vs Spy (iOs) 07/27/12 Action
Spy Wars 04/28/14 Action Hothead Games Inc.
Squareball 01/10/10 Action Dromsynt
Squeak's Dreams 12/15/11 Action Justin Towell
SQUIDS 09/29/11 Action The Game Bakers
SQUIDS Wild West 06/27/12 Action The Game Bakers
Squish The Zombies 07/18/11 Action AQSystem
Stampede 3D 01/24/13 Action Flyleap Studios
Star Hammer Tactics 11/25/11 Action Black Lab Games
Star Sky 04/19/13 Action Marten Jonsson
Star Warfare:Alien Invasion 02/27/12 Action Freyr Games
Star Wars: Assault Team 04/03/14 Action LucasArts
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 11/15/13 Action LucasArts
Starbloom 10/25/12 Action Shadegrown Games
StarBunker:Guardians2 HD 06/21/12 Action imohoo
Staunch Defense 09/28/11 Action James Pawliuk
Stay Dead 07/23/12 Action Microsoft
SteamPilot 05/30/12 Action Lycette Bros
Steve Jackson's Sorcery! 11/07/13 Action inkle
Stickman BMX 07/27/11 Action Traction Games
Stickman Skater 07/27/11 Action Traction Games
Stickman Stunt Boat 03/16/12 Action Labu Games
Stickwars 3 04/12/12 Action Flashman
Stop the Robots 01/22/13 Action Ludus Studio Ltd
Storm Casters 07/08/14 Action Get Set Games
Storm the Gates 10/01/13 Action Rebel Entertainment
Storm the Train 11/13/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Straw Hat Legacy 10/10/11 Action Evileggplant Studios
Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile 09/26/12 Action CAPCOM
Street Wrestler 02/07/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Strike Force Heroes: Extraction 11/21/13 Action Not Doppler
Strike Wing 06/18/13 Action Dream Builder Studios
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising 10/28/13 Action Crescent Moon Games
Stunt Biker Rider 04/04/14 Action Go Games
Stunt Bunnies Circus 06/18/12 Action Chilibite Games
Stunt Guy 2.0 04/22/14 Action Kempt
Stuntman Eddie: Motorbike Daredevil 10/17/13 Action Go Games
Stuntman Steve 03/21/14 Action Lunagames
Stupid Cupid 10/25/11 Action Proper Games
Subcat 01/18/12 Action Gamania Digital...
Subway Surfers 05/08/12 Action Sybo Games
Sugar High 05/23/12 Action Shortbreak Studios
Sugar Kid 07/06/12 Action A Crowd of Monsters
Sunny Hillride 01/28/13 Action Headup
Super 4 02/07/14 Action Fatleg Games
Super Dynamite Fishing 01/10/12 Action HandyGames
Super Hexagon 09/13/12 Action Terry Cavanagh
Super Waves Survivor 05/29/13 Action
Supercar Shooter 10/17/13 Action Sudhir Singh
SuperCyclone 10/10/11 Action Playerthree
Supernauts 07/08/14 Action Grand Cru
Suspect in Sight! 07/26/13 Action Jujubee Games Studios
Swing King 01/16/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Swing Shot 06/15/12 Action Com2uS Inc.
Swingworm 12/09/11 Action 10tons
SXPD: The Rookie 07/21/14 Action OneBigGame
Symphony of the Origin 01/10/13 Action Kemco
Scotland Yard 06/21/12 Ravensburger Digital GmbH
Scrubs 03/23/12 HeroCraft
Shape Time! 05/05/14 Napland
Sky Gamblers: Cold War 07/22/13 Atypical Games
Soccer Rally 2 06/06/14 IceFlame Studios
Sprill: The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle 02/27/12 Big Fish Games, Inc
Steamscope 01/24/12 Digital Frame Studio
Stop Those Fish 02/21/12 Eye Interactive, Inc.
SwingBox 02/21/13 Chilibite Entertainment
Title Created Genre Publisher
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