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Finally Broke My Crowdfunding Rule
By oblivion437
Posted on 01/12/15
I've had a long-standing rule to avoid getting involved in any sort of crowdfunded activities.  I didn't donate to Shadowrun or Wasteland, but I did buy and enjoy both of them (I'm plugging both of those games right now, just so you know they're good).  I haven't...



Conquer Online Conquer Online
Badland 01/29/15
Monster Legacy 12/04/14
Evolution: Battle for Utopia 11/21/14
Autumn Dynasty: Warlords 12/22/14


Heroes of Might & Magic III Heroes of Might & Magic III
Yin Yang BANG BANG 01/30/15
Supreme League of Patriots 01/30/15
Radiation Island 01/30/15
Pro Pinball: Timeshock 01/30/15

Title Created Genre Publisher
Table Tennis Touch 08/20/14 Sports Yakuto
Table Top Racing 01/30/13 Action / Racing Playrise Digital
Tactical Heroes 10/16/14 Strategy eRepublik Labs
Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising 03/25/11 Action / FPS WIT Entertainment
Tactics Maiden 09/02/14 Strategy / RPG Mangobile
Tactile Wars 04/25/14 Action Ankama Games
Taichi Panda 06/17/14 RPG
Tainted Keep 12/19/14 Action Ravn Studio AS
Take It Easy 04/22/13 Puzzle Ravensburger Digital GmbH
Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet 11/24/14 Evergreen Studios
Talisman: Digital Edition 07/03/14 Card Game
Talking Carl 01/01/10 Action Awyse
Tanglers 07/02/12 Arcade Chillingo Ltd
Tango Chase 04/27/12 Action / Platformer Herotainment
Tank Battles - Explosive Fun! 11/15/13 Action Gameloft
Tank Domination 10/29/13 MMO Game Insight
Tank Hero 02/07/12 Action Clapfoot Inc.
Tank Invaders 08/07/14 Action Mgaia Studio
Tank Riders 2 01/16/14 Action
Tank Warz 11/04/10 Strategy Triniti Interactive Limited
Tanktical 03/22/12 Strategy Different Methods Pty Ltd
Tanuki Forest 03/04/14 Arcade / Runing Mighty Mill Games
Tap & Blast 01/29/14 Action Raptus Games
Tap Disc 09/08/11 Arcade Legal Radiation Team
Tap Farm 01/01/10 Simulation / Role Playing Streetview Labs
Tap Me If You Can 05/28/14 Action Toboco
Tap Party 2 04/08/11 Arcade Action Yobonja
Tap Tap Revenge 2 01/01/10 Rhythm / Music Tapulous
Tap The Frog 05/03/11 Action Mentals LLC
Tap The Frog 2 04/04/12 Arcade Playmous
Tap Tip Block'em 06/13/12 Action CAPCOM
Tap To Play 08/06/14 Arcade Trigger Happy Games
Tapbounce 03/23/12 Puzzle Raw Play
Tapsteroids 09/02/11 Arcade UNAgames
Tarzan Unleashed 12/16/13 Action Legacy Interactive
Tasty Blue 05/28/14 Action Dingo Games
Tasty Planet 02/04/11 Action Dingo Games
Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds 11/22/11 Action / Arcade Dingo Games
Tasty Tadpoles 05/08/13 Puzzle Mark White
Tavern Quest 08/24/12 Simulation Glu Games Inc.
Team Awesome 10/09/14 Action
Team Monster 11/08/12 Action Dancing Anchovy
Techno Dash 10/07/14 Arcade Hammerwing Studios
Tekken Card Tournament 01/09/15 Card Game Namco Bandai
Temple Run 04/16/12 Action / Adventure Imangi Studios, LLC
Temple Run 2 12/10/13 Action Imangi Studios, LLC
Temple Run: Brave 06/15/12 Arcade Disney
Tempo 12/18/14 Action Splash Damage
Tengami 02/20/14 Adventure Nyamyam
Tennis Hot Shots 10/28/11 Sports Surprise Attack
Tentacle Wars 03/04/13 Action FDG Entertainment
Tentacleez 07/20/12 Arcade Zombie Robot Games
Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin 10/08/12 Arcade Microsoft Corporation
Terminator: Salvation 11/12/10 Action / FPS Gameloft
Terra Battle 10/06/14 RPG Mistwalker Corporation
That Monsters Game 04/24/14 Puzzle Software Prodigy
The Act 06/22/12 Chillingo Ltd
The Act: Arcade 03/20/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
The Adorables 11/13/12 Puzzle Thumbstar Games
The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run 10/12/11 Action / Platformer CB Labs
The Alien Run 02/14/12 Action beCrush
The Amazing Spider-Man 07/03/12 Action Gameloft
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 04/30/14 Action Activision
The Blockheads 01/15/13 Majic Jungle Software
The Bluecoats - North & South 04/30/12 Strategy Anuman
The Bodyguard 05/03/11 Action Bravo Game Studios
The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles 10/16/14 Puzzle Ubisoft
The Cave 10/03/13 Adventure SEGA
The CO2 Connection 03/28/11 Incubator Games
The Collectables 03/24/14 Strategy DeNA
The Croods 03/29/13 Action Rovio Entertainment Ltd
The Curse 02/21/12 Puzzle Mojo Bones
The Cursed Ship, Collector’s Edition 07/28/14 Hidden Objects G5 Entertainment
The Dark Knight Rises 07/25/12 Action Gameloft
The Dark Meadow 03/29/12 Action / Adventure Phosphor Games Studio
The Dead Flowers Case 11/12/13 Adventure Mando Productions
The Detail 11/17/14 Adventure Rival Games
The Drop Out 05/09/12 Physics Puzzle Digital Poke
The Drowning 08/02/13 Action / FPS DeNA
The Escapists 08/22/14 Strategy ChrisD's Workshop
The Falling Dead 12/17/14 Arcade 4DX Games
The Few 03/25/13 RTS BlackMoon Design
The Firm 08/28/14 Arcade Sunnyside Games
The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook 12/09/11 Simulation Winter Wolves
The Flu And Fury 03/18/11 Action Youssef
The Gate 12/06/13 RTS DeNA
The Gods: Uprising 03/21/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic 09/22/11 Action / Puzzle kunst-stoff
The Grigori Stones 11/17/14 Strategy Cruz Games, LLC
The Heist 06/02/11 Puzzle tap tap tap
The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault 01/15/15 Strategy Complex Games
The Ingenious Machine 07/29/14 Puzzle Sc0tt Games
The Inquisitor 04/30/14 Action / Adventure Anuman
The Inquisitor - Book II: The Village 01/15/15 Action Anuman
The Island Castaway: Lost World 08/18/14 Simulation Awem Studio
The Island: Castaway HD 04/26/12 Adventure G5 Entertainment
The Jump: Escape The City 05/22/13 Action Gone Gaming
The King of Chicago 02/05/14 Action Cinemaware
The Last Door: Collector's Edition 02/21/14 Adventure Phoenix Online Publishing
The Last Driver 08/24/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
The Last Express 09/25/12 Adventure DotEmu
The LEGO Movie Videogame 01/22/15 Action Warner Bros.
The Lighthouse HD 01/20/12 Action Kavcom
The Lost Puzzles 11/05/10 Puzzle Mobits
The Lost Shapes 03/09/12 Puzzle dreamfab
The Lumees 12/17/12 Action / Puzzle PreAnima
The Marbians 07/26/11 Action Nordisk Film Games Publishing
The Math Mage 04/03/12 Adventure RGH Games LLC
The Mims Beginning 10/15/14 Arcade Squatting Penguins
The Moleys 01/02/13 Puzzle Pyro Studios
The Mooniacs 07/14/11 Action Namco Bandai
The Mordis 06/22/12 Arcade Chilibite Entertainment
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 08/15/13 Action PlayFirst
The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P. 06/01/12 Action
The Night Flier 05/17/11 PageNet
The Official NBA Quiz 11/26/14 Quiz Chillingo
The Order of Souls 08/01/14 RPG Silver Dice
The Oregon Trail 01/05/10 Edutainment Gameloft
The Pirate King 11/15/11 Action / Adventure Bulkypix
The Poet 01/11/10 Puzzle ALTRALOGICA S.R.L.
The Power Game 12/16/13 Strategy Atom Split Games
The Princess Bride - The Official Game 01/09/15 Action Gameblend Studios
The Princess Case - A Royal Scoop 01/11/12 Adventure Anuman
The Puzzle of Money and Freedom 10/29/12 Puzzle Honey Tribe Studios
The Quest 03/20/14 Puzzle Guerilla Tea
The Reel Machine 10/14/10 Casino Claudiu Ioan Bran
The Relic 04/19/11 RPG Chillingo Ltd
The Room 01/02/13 Adventure / Puzzler Fireproof Games
The Room Two 12/16/13 Puzzle Fireproof Games
The Sailor’s Dream 10/27/14 Simulation Simogo
The Sandbox 07/08/14 Action Pixowl
The Secret of Raven Rock 09/16/14 Adventure / Puzzler Raven Rock Games
The Secret of Space Octopuses 05/16/13 Action Midgar Studio
The Settlers 01/01/10 Strategy Gameloft
The Shadow Sun 01/06/14 Ossian Studios Inc.
The Shivah: Kosher Edition 11/13/13 Adventure Wadjet Eye Games
The Silent Age 10/16/14 Action House on Fire
The Simpsons: Tapped Out 08/24/12 Action EA
The Sims 3 01/01/10 Sims Electronic Arts
The Sims FreePlay 04/30/12 Simulation EA
The Sleeping Prince 09/30/14 Action Signal Studios
The Spookening 04/09/13 Action Modesty
The Stormglass Protocol: Room Escape 11/01/13 Action / Adventure Stormglass
The Story of a Star 05/14/14 Action Mårten Jonsson
The Tiny Bang Story HD 02/10/12 Action Colibri Games
The Tribez 05/21/12 Adventure Game Insight, LLC
The Tribez and Castlez 01/09/14 City Bulding Strategy Game Insight
The Walking Dead: 400 Days 07/02/13 Adventure Telltale Games
The Walking Dead: Assault 12/09/13 Action Slightly Mad Studios
The Wall: Medieval Heroes 03/28/14 Strategy Microids
The Way Home 07/23/14 Action moWow
The Wild Kingdoms 02/12/13 Board OlatunjiWorld
The Witcher Battle Arena 01/22/15 MOBA CD Projekt RED
The Witcher: Versus 03/28/11 RPG Chillingo
The Wolf Among Us 12/04/13 Adventure Telltale Games
The World 2 07/17/14 MMORPG We Are Good Games
They Need To Be Fed 3 09/04/14 Action Jesse Venbrux
Third Blade 07/14/11 Action Com2uS Inc.
THOR: Son of Asgard 09/11/12 Action Marvel Entertainment
Thor: The Dark World 11/18/13 Action Gameloft
Three Trees 04/01/11 Simulation Studio Pepwuper, Inc
Throne Wars 07/25/13 Strategy flaregames
Thumpies 11/10/10 Action Big Blue Bubble
Thunder Fleets 08/08/11 Strategy Orator Games
Thunderfall 12/05/12 Action Jenito
Tic Tactics 11/29/13 Puzzle Hidden Variable Studios
Tic Toc Body Pop 08/11/11 Action Four Door Lemon
Tickle Critters 12/19/12 Action Safki Investments
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 01/01/10 Sports Simulation Electronic Arts
Tiki Monkeys 01/27/14 Action / Strategy MilkCap
Tiki Totems 01/01/10 Action / Puzzle spokko
Tile Temple Tactics 04/25/14 Board AppyNation
Tilt to Live 03/01/11 Action One Man Left
Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous 04/04/14 Arcade / Action One Man Left
Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge 10/10/14 Action One Man Left
Tiltz Deluxe 10/17/11 Action / Puzzle Gamieon
Timberman 07/29/14 Arcade Pawel Jedrysiak
Time Ducks 12/06/11 Arcade Tough Guy Studios
Time of Heroes 01/20/12 Smuttlewerk Interactive
Time Surfer 12/13/12 Action Surprise Attack
Tin Man Can 01/25/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Tink 04/23/13 Action Bulkypix
Tiny Bee 09/15/11 Action Nurogames
Tiny Brush 12/09/11 Arcade DNDream
Tiny Defense 09/22/11 Action Picsoft Studio
Tiny Goalie 03/03/14 Sports Jonasson Lochner
Tiny Heroes 09/06/11 Arcade Simutronics
Tiny Owls 07/26/12 Arcade games2be
Tiny Planet 03/03/11 Action Fabulapps
Tiny Realms 01/27/15 Strategy TinyMob Games Inc
Tiny Striker 06/19/14 Sports Fat Fish Games
Tiny Tennis 05/02/14 Sports Fat Fish Games
Tiny Thief 07/23/13 Adventure / Puzzler Rovio Stars Ltd.
Tiny Token Empires 10/20/11 Strategy Bulkypix
Tiny Touchdown 03/21/14 Sports Fat Fish Games
Tiny Tribe 11/19/12 Action Everplay Interactive
Tiny Troopers 06/08/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops 03/28/13 Action Chillingo Ltd
Tiny Troopers: Alliance 10/24/14 Action Chillingo Ltd
Tiny Wings 03/14/11 Action Andreas Illiger
Tipperz 05/29/14 Atom Split Games
Titan: Escape the Tower 06/05/13 Strategy
TNA Wrestling Impact 05/18/11 Sports Namco Networks America Inc.
TNNS 11/12/12 Arcade Rabbx Inc.
To-Fu: The Trials of Chi 09/02/11 Puzzle HotGen Ltd.
Toast The Chicken 09/28/11 Puzzle AQSystem
Toast Time 02/07/14 Action Force Of Habit
Tobe's Hookshot Escape 02/29/12 Action Secret Base
Toca Builders 07/02/13 Simulation Toca Boca AB
Toca Hair Salon 2 03/25/13 Arcade Toca Boca AB
Toca House 02/29/12 Action Toca Boca
Toilet Time 05/12/14 Action Tapps Tecnologia da...
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 01/01/10 Action / Flight Gameloft
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard 03/09/11 Action Gameloft
Tomato Crush 11/22/11 Arcade Dysotek
Tone Sphere 08/01/12 Arcade Bit192 Labs
Tongue Tied 12/13/11 Action / Arcade Mojo Bones
Top Eleven 2015 01/27/15 Sports Nordeus
Top Farm 12/19/14 Managament / Simulation Halfbrick
Top Gear: Extreme Parking 01/12/15 Action Play With Friends
Top Girl 06/17/11 Simulation CrowdStar
Top Ski Racing 2014 03/06/14 Sports Azerbo Studios
Topia World Builder 10/24/12 Simulation Crescent Moon Games
Topple 01/01/10 Puzzle ngmoco, Inc.
Topple 2 Plus+ 11/10/10 Puzzle ngmoco, Inc.
Torch Runner 10/11/12 Arcade Artery Studios
Tortuga Bay: Remastered 09/03/14 Action After Dark Studios
Toss the Barrel 02/08/12 Action
Total Defense 3D 06/26/12 Tower Defense DaSuppa Company
Total Recoil 12/07/12 Action dimoso
Total War Battles 08/30/12 Strategy Sega
Totem Runner 10/26/12 Action Chillingo
Totems: Game of Conquest 10/08/13 Strategy Timecode
Touch Force 07/07/14 Arcade Superstar Games
Touch of Death 12/17/13 Action Sharkbomb Studios
Touch Pets Dogs 01/01/10 Virtual Life ngmoco, Inc.
Touch Racing 2 08/07/14 Arcade / Racing Marvelous AQL, Inc
Touchgrind 01/01/10 Sports Simulation Illusion Labs
Touchgrind Skate 2 11/26/13 Sports Illusion Labs
Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny 02/27/13 Action / Adventure Butterscotch Shenanigans
Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D 01/01/10 Action / Puzzle Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Tower Boxing 08/28/14 FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Tower Defense: Lost Earth 07/11/11 Strategy Com2uS Inc.
Tower of Ascension 03/26/14 Action / RPG Gravity
Tower Solitaire vs Friends 03/14/12 Board Neon Play
TowerMadness 2 02/03/14 Tower Defense Limbic Software
Town Raiders 3D 01/01/10 Adventure Embryo Project
TownCraft 05/01/14 City Bulding Strategy Flat Earth Games
Townsmen 09/18/12 Strategy HandyGames
Townsmen Premium 09/25/12 Strategy HandyGames
Toxin: Zombie Annihilation 04/23/13 Action / FPS Disrupted Logic Interactive
Toy Balls! 07/19/11 Action / Puzzle IMS SA
Toy Rush 05/16/14 Tower Defence Uber Entertainment
Toy Shot 07/19/12 Action GAMEVIL Inc.
Toysburg 11/21/14 Managament / Simulation Angry Mob Games
Tractor Trails 05/07/12 Puzzle Origin8
Traffic Panic 3D 12/01/11 Action Neon Play
Traffic Panic London 07/06/12 Simulation Neon Play
Traffic Racer 06/26/14 Arcade / Racing Soner Kara
Traffic Wonder 03/02/12 Puzzle Yo Ambulante
Train Conductor 04/20/11 Simulation The Voxel Agents
TrainCraft 04/11/14 Arcade
Trainyard Express 10/27/10 Board Matt Rix
Trainz Driver 08/01/12 Simulation N3V Games
Trainz Simulator 07/22/11 Simulation N3V Games Pty Ltd
Trainz Simulator 2 05/13/14 Simulation N3V Games
Trambo 02/11/14 Action / Platformer Juha Pennnanen
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 07/11/11 Action Activision
Transformers: Legends 04/26/13 Card Game DeNA
Transport Empire 07/23/14 Strategy Game Insight
Trap Mansion 10/29/12 Action Red Radiant
Trapped in Time 03/07/13 Simulation InvoCube
Trashers 01/31/12 Action RGH Games LLC
TravelQuest 11/09/10 Edutainment G S Phinest
Traverse 03/11/11 Puzzle Pick Up And Play
Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts 06/20/11 Action G5 Entertainment
Treasure Tower 06/19/13 Action / Adventure SAVA Transmedia
Treasures of Montezuma 3 01/03/12 Puzzle Alawar Entertainment, Inc
Tri-Peaks Twist 10/18/11 Board Selectsoft
Trial Xtreme 2 HD 11/04/11 Sports Deemedya
Trials Frontier 03/27/14 Action Ubisoft
Tribal Wars 06/04/14 Action InnoGames
Tribal Wars 2 09/16/14 Strategy InnoGames
TriBlaster 03/24/14 Arcade Bulkypix
TriboT 12/11/12 Action / Racing deVoid Games
Trichrome 07/25/13 Puzzle Sean M Puckett
Trigger Fist 08/14/12 Action / FPS Lake Effect Applications
Trigger Happy - Halloween Shootout 10/27/14 Action
Tripletters 10/12/10 Casino Portable Zoo
Trolls vs Vikings 02/26/14 Towe Defence Megapop
TRON 01/01/10 Action Disney
Trouble in Tin Town 02/06/12 Strategy Jovian Minds
Trucks and Skulls 02/04/11 Action Appy Entertainment, Inc.
True Skate 10/24/12 Sports True Axis
Tug of Gore 05/14/13 Action Creative Heroes
TUMBLOX 11/24/11 Puzzle Rat King
Tummie Island 05/16/14 Puzzle CKS Games
Tunnel Town 11/27/13 Action Smart Bomb Interactive, Inc.
Turbo Grannies 03/18/11 Action Imperial Game Studio
Turbolab Pursuit 02/13/13 Action Bulkypix
Turtle Fly 07/11/11 Action / Arcade j2sighte
Turtle Invaders 10/01/14 Action Zyrobotics
TurtleStrike 07/24/13 MMORTS eeGon
Twang the Fox 09/13/12 Action / Platformer PikPok
Tweens 12/07/11 Puzzle Kokakiki
Twelve a Dozen 10/01/14 Action Bossa Studios
Twiddle 10/18/10 Action OVERthree
Twin Blades 01/01/10 Action Adventure Bulkypix
TwinGo! 03/09/12 Action Chillingo Ltd
TwinSpin 03/09/12 Puzzle Globz
Twist n'Catch 02/07/12 Puzzle Okugi Studio
Twisty Planets 06/20/14 Puzzle Crescent Moon Games
Type:Rider 10/21/13 Adventure / Puzzler Bulkypix
Title Created Genre Publisher