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Cutting the ropes has never before made gravity so… pricey.
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So much more than war...
By shandog137
Posted on 04/18/14
The recent blog, Peace in the Era of Call of Duty  really made me think about war games that dig deeper than simply a kill streak reward. The first game that came to mind was Spec-Ops: The Line and although I haven’t played it, I began to wonder if it did the war genre as...



League of Legends League of Legends
PlanetSide 2 04/07/14
Smite 04/14/14
Guild Wars 2 04/01/14
Elsword 04/16/14


Watch Dogs Watch Dogs
Trials Fusion 04/18/14
Tropico 5 04/17/14
Risen 3: Titan Lords 04/17/14
The Flock 04/17/14

Title Created Genre Publisher
Earth 2160 11/14/05 Strategy Midway
East vs West: A Hearts of Iron Game 11/28/12 Strategy Paradox Interactive
Elemental: Fallen Enchantress 05/23/13 Strategy Stardock
Empire Earth II 04/26/05 Strategy Vivendi
Empire Earth III 11/05/07 Strategy Sierra Entertainment
Empire of Magic 11/29/04 Strategy Summitsoft
Endless Legend 04/03/14 Strategy Iceberg Interactive
Endless Space 03/24/14 Strategy Amplitude Studios
Europa Universalis III 01/12/07 Strategy Paradox
Europa Universalis IV 01/15/14 Strategy Paradox Interactive
Europa Universalis: Rome 04/17/08 Strategy Paradox Interactive
Evil Genius 11/30/04 Strategy Vivendi
Executive Assault 04/08/14 Strategy Industry Game
Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire 07/16/12 Strategy Membraine Studios
EA SPORTS UFC 03/18/14 Sports EA
Expeditions: Conquistador 05/31/13 Simulation Logic Artists
Exodus from the Earth 09/05/07 Shooter 1C
Elements of War 04/08/11 RTS Kalypso Media Playnatic
Etherium 04/09/14 RTS Focus Home Interactive
Edge Of Eternity 08/14/13 RPG Midgar Studio
Empire in the Sky 08/06/12 RPG LostAstronaut
Eternal Eden: Ecclesia 11/20/12 RPG Blossomsoft
Everquest II: Battlegrounds 02/12/10 RPG Sony Online Entertainment
EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky 02/16/06 RPG Sony Online Entertainment
Evolution GT 05/23/06 Racing Black Bean
Ethan: Meteor Hunter 04/10/14 Platformer / Puzzle Seaven Studio
EDGE 08/12/11 Platformer Mobigame
EverQuest Underfoot 03/12/10 ORPG Sony Online Entertainment
End of Nations 08/29/12 MMORTS Trion Worlds
Eden Eternal 06/21/13 MMORPG Aeria
Elf Online 02/29/08 MMORPG Happymmo Co., Ltd.
ELIGIUM - The Chosen One 02/22/12 MMORPG Frogster Online Gaming
Elsword 04/16/14 MMORPG Kill3rCombo
Entropia Universe 01/11/08 MMORPG MindArk
Eternal Blade 06/27/12 MMORPG
EVE Online 11/15/13 MMORPG Simon & Schuster
EVE Online: Odyssey 06/03/13 MMORPG CCP Games
EVE Online: Tyrannis 05/06/10 MMORPG CCP Games
Everquest II 05/01/13 MMORPG Sony Online
EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey 10/07/08 MMORPG Sony Online Entertainment
EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious 03/28/14 MMORPG Sony Online Entertainment
Everquest II: Rise of Kunark 09/04/08 MMORPG Sony Online Entertainment
EverQuest Next Landmark 03/17/14 MMORPG Sony Online Entertainment
EverQuest Secrets of Faydwer 03/18/08 MMORPG Sony Online Entertainment
EverQuest: Seeds of Destruction 10/21/08 MMORPG Sony Online Entertainment
Earthrise 01/18/11 MMO Masthead Studios
Elite: Dangerous 03/14/14 MMO Frontier
EverQuest Next 08/22/13 MMO Sony Online Entertainment
E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy 04/22/13 FPS / RPG Streum On Studio
Evil Days: Pound of Ground 10/08/08 FPS Akella
Evolve 02/17/14 FPS 2K Games
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 05/09/07 First-Person Shooter Activision
Earthcore: Shattered Elements 03/12/14 Card Game Tequila Games
East India Company 08/04/06 Adventure Lighthouse Interactive
Eleusis 10/07/13 Adventure Nocturnal Works
Enola 04/10/12 Adventure The Domaginarium
Eragon 11/26/06 Adventure Sierra
ETHER 02/13/13 Adventure White Paper Games
Ether One 03/26/14 Adventure White Paper Games
Everlight 09/27/07 Adventure DreamCatcher Interactive
Everlove 07/26/13 Adventure
Experience 112 10/09/07 Adventure Micro Application
Evoland 03/11/13 Action / RPG Shiro Games
Edge of Space 03/07/14 Action / Adventure Reverb Publishing
Enemy Front 03/27/14 Action / FPS City Interactive
Exteria 02/13/14 Action / FPS Mysteria Studio
Elite Warriors: Vietnam 04/05/05 Action Bold / Global Star
Endless Space: Disharmony 06/18/13 Action Iceberg Interactive
Entropy - Hostile Takeover 04/10/14 Action Jagex
Epigenesis 01/31/14 Action Dead Shark Triplepunch
Erie 10/16/12 Action Master Games Studio
Ether Saga Odyssey 04/27/11 Action Perfect World Entertainment
Expander 07/18/13 Action All Civilized Planets
Exteel 05/11/06 Action NCSoft
Empires: Dawn of the Modern World 11/29/04
Enter the Matrix 11/14/04
Emergency 2012 12/16/10 Deep Silver
Escape From Paradise city 09/24/07 cdv
Everquest 03/17/14 989 Studios
Title Created Genre Publisher
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