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X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse Videos

Launch Trailer
Launch Trailer - 10/20/05
4 bonus characters to spice up the action.
Launch Trailer Launch Trailer
X-Man - 10/17/05
Explosive powers
X-Man X-Man
Cannonball - 10/17/05
Ground shaking...
Cannonball Cannonball
Cable - 10/11/05
Exclusive for the PSP
Cable Cable
Super Powers 2
Super Powers 2 - 09/27/05
Unleash the power
Super Powers 2 Super Powers 2
Rogue - 09/22/05
She'd love to get her hands on you.
Rogue Rogue
Launch Trailer
Launch Trailer - 09/21/05
"A new power will rise"
Launch Trailer Launch Trailer
Toad - 09/21/05
More than leaping abilities here.
Toad Toad
Game Intro
Game Intro - 09/21/05
The mutants unite for a single purpose
Game Intro Game Intro
Jean Grey
Jean Grey - 09/21/05
Dont mess with the power of telekinesis.
Jean Grey Jean Grey
Pyro - 09/21/05
Feel the burn
Pyro Pyro
Gameplay 2
Gameplay 2 - 09/20/05
Team up and defeat the sentinels.
Gameplay 2 Gameplay 2
Gameplay - 09/16/05
Good and evil mutant attacks in all directions.
Gameplay Gameplay
Gambit - 09/16/05
Pick a card, any card.
Gambit Gambit
Iceman - 09/16/05
It's not easy being that cool.
Iceman Iceman
Team - 09/14/05
Take advantage of teamwork
Team Team
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch - 09/14/05
Gameplay showing Scarlet Witch unleashing her powers.
Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch
Multiplayer - 09/09/05
Four player action on and offline
Multiplayer Multiplayer
Super Powers 1
Super Powers 1 - 09/01/05
Super heroes need some super powers.
Super Powers 1 Super Powers 1
United - 08/25/05
X-Men and and Brotherhood united.
United United
Sunfire - 08/15/05
Sunfire in action.
Sunfire Sunfire
Colossus - 08/01/05
If you need walls smashed and enemies tossed, Colossus is your guy.
Colossus Colossus
Cyclops - 06/28/05
Stop staring or you're gonna blast a hole through the wall.
Cyclops Cyclops
Nightcrawler - 06/18/05
Using dark teleportation powers.
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler
Bishop - 06/06/05
Time travellin' twin gadget guns.
Bishop Bishop
Wolverine - 05/20/05
Wolverine slashes his way through his enemies, bub.
Wolverine Wolverine
Juggernaut - 05/20/05
The unstoppable Juggernaut at your control.
Juggernaut Juggernaut
Magneto - 05/20/05
Magneto's destructive powers will blast away the enemies.
Magneto Magneto
Storm - 05/20/05
Storm bolts her enemies to the ground.
Storm Storm
E3 2005 Trailer
E3 2005 Trailer - 05/18/05
X-Men and the Brotherhood fight the ultimate evil.
E3 2005 Trailer E3 2005 Trailer

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