Top 10 Defective Yet Lucrative Amiibo

Those darn amiibo! We've gotten to the point where people are taking time off work to make sure they pick them up at launch, because failure to do so will leave a lonely little spot in their collection that may never be refilled.

People are pre-ordering at crazy rates, almost as fast as people rushing to pick them up. Trends are being analyzed, scarcity is being predicted and gambled upon like a Vegas sports book, and collectors now know more about Japanese portside economics than any person should.

And when that moment comes and the finely-crafted figure you've been waiting for is in your hands, imagine the sensation that comes over you when you realize your amiibo is imperfect.

That feeling probably comes with The O'Jays “For the Love of Money” and visions of swimming through gold coins à​ la Scrooge McDuck.

The only thing rarer than some of these amiibo are amiibo with factory defects, and they can go for a ton of coins on online auction sites such as eBay; while the market may have cooled off since the first displays of deformity, buyers are still finding them, and sellers are still bidding. Here are the top ten “misfit amiibo” we've found.

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