Retro Redux: Mario’s Many Odd Jobs

Mario has done all kinds of interesting things in his career with his friends… he’s played soccer, baseball, hosted parties. But in years past, he’s actually been employed doing a little bit of everything… except plumbing. So, how about a fun list of jobs you may not have realized (or remembered) he had?

For this list, we aren’t just talking about the stuff he does for recreation or hobbies, like hosting parties or creating underground (and over-ground) fight clubs. Instead, we’re talking about the things he’s done for the money; things people do that are seen as traditionally “jobs," or at least dedicated to a craft. If we missed one – or didn’t include it for some reason – what did we miss?

Tell us in comments, what are your favorite “non-Mario” moments? What would you like to see Mario take up as a craft next?