Top 10 Tastiest Foods & Drinks in Gaming

So much of our American culture is focused on food. Many people will tell you that's an issue, but I say quit whining and sit down at the table with us. From power lunches to midnight snacks, birthday cakes to Christmas cookies, quick breakfasts on-the-go to slow-cooked meals, if it's a special occasion or a not-so-special occasion, food can (and probably is) involved.

And don't forget the drinks! Sodas, juices, cocktails—we live in a society where not only do we have several kinds of bottled water, people have their favorite water brands.

Food and drink are everywhere in our society, so one night while ordering my dinner on Eat24 (shameless, uncompensated plug because they rock that hard), I thought about what foods and drinks are in gaming. This list only took all of 20 minutes to build, because food items are everywhere in gaming just like in American culture.

And now, fresh from the oven, here are our top ten tastiest treats in the gamersphere. Don't see your favorite on the menu? Let us know in the comments.