Great’s Anatomy (or “Thunderous Clamoring”) – E3 Special Episode of The Best Video Game Podcast

It's rare that a press conference can do what Sony's did at E3.

We recorded this immediately after the megatons, but editing took a while (and I work mega fuckin' days at my actual jobs every June), so we don't mention the new Nier game, which you know we're definitely keeping our eyes on.

So check out the new podcast by downloading the MP3 right here, or rocking that YouTube "video" embedded below.

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Episode 4: Thunderous Clamoring

00:00 – Intro

01:04 – The three huge surprises from Sony's E3 press conference

04:39 – The outrageous coincidence that made this possible

05:30 – How long have we waited for The Last Guardian, FFVII Remake and Shenmue 3?

07:00 – Which of these three is the most surprising? Why?

13:19 – ~Fuck Konami~

13:31 – Back to discussing E3….

16:33 – Nostalgia is contagious


21:11 – Complaints about multiplatform are stupid.

25:02 – Who "won" E3 and other console war bullshit

29:35 – It's OK to be excited about different things

If the YouTube embed isn't working (some users have said recently that YouTube is having trouble, or something like that), there's also this:


What did you think of E3? Anything in particular shock or amaze you? Whatever did or didn't, we thank you for listening to our humble podcast.