Thumper Might Be the Perfect Intro to VR Gameplay – Hands-On Preview [BitSummit 2016]

Nick’s already told you just how super dope fresh the PS4 and Windows game Thumper is, but let me add that the VR version kicks things up even higher. I put on a PSVR headset and gave developer Drool‘s upcoming project a test run at BitSummit in Kyoto.

Thumper felt so natural on VR, I now strongly feel like it’s the perfect introduction to virtual reality gaming. Because it takes place on rails and requires very little camera movement, Thumper carries minimal risk of dizziness or headaches. I myself get headaches instantly from a Nintendo 3DS, as well as a few 3D movies and even got real sick playing Final Fantasy XIV in VR at the Tokyo Game Show. But this? Nope, I finished up my 10 or 15-minute Thumper demo session feeling like I’d been playing on a regular TV.

By now it’s probably time that I say that it was fun as hell. Sorry that it’s taken me three paragraphs to come right out and say this game rocks, but as a man with a certain level of anxiety, my first instinct was to be like “You guys! Don’t be afraid! This VR game isn’t evil!”  Well it’s not evil, but it is wicked fun. (Great job, Heath. Thanks, Heath.)

Gameplay is, as you should have read in Nick’s preview, easy to learn and hard to master. Players are on a sort of roller coaster, speeding towards angry bosses. Hit all of the obstacles on the tracks with good timing and you’ll slap that action right up in the enemies’ ugly faces, and then they blow up and shit. (Another great paragraph, Heath. Thanks again, Heath.)

PlayStation VR and Thumper made me feel like I was really cruising along some tracks and showing monsters what’s up. As a big doubter of the VR revolution, I was pleasantly surprised by this natural-feeling, pleasant gameplay experience. Thumper comes out worldwide right alongside PSVR on its launch day, October 13. Based on my play experience, I’ve gotta give it a recommendation to anyone picking up the PlayStation VR.