Hidden Cappy Guide for Fallout 4: Nuka-World

Fallout 4's final expansion, Nuka-World, has a somewhat frustrating questline that has you searching you for ten "Hidden Cappies" spread throughout the Nuka-World theme park. An NPC who you may recognize from Fallout 3 will appear in Nuka-Town with some special Cappy Glasses, which you'll need to wear temporarily to locate each cappy.

To be clear, these cappies are really hidden, per se. Even when not wearing the glasses, you'll see a white silhouette of the cappy on the wall like a tag. Each cappy will have a letter paired with it, but don't worry, you won't need to figure out what word they spell. The NPC mentioned earlier will unscramble them so that you can enter a locked house in Nuka-Town that you'll definitely want to complete for both the lore and the rewards (which includes a Nuka-styled Fat Man Launcher)..

While the game does give you clues and markers for where each hidden cappy is placed, the marker will disappear off your map and your radar when you come within 40 units of them. How irritating. You'll find them all with a little diligence, but if you need a better description of where each of them are, please follow the guide below!


Hidden Cappy #1: Nuka-Town

Official Clue: Down near the bottom of Fizztop Mountain, Cappy's enjoying a view of the fountain.

GR Clue: This cappy is located on a wall near the bathrooms overlooking the giant lake.

​Hidden Cappy #2: Galactic World 1

Official Clue: A great space adventure is waiting for you, and under the Starport, a Cappy is, too!

GR Clue: While looking at the Starport straight on, there is a short entrance to the left of the Starport's entrance that leads to the employee lockers and some equipment. Right near the gate is this Cappy.

Hidden Cappy #3: Galactic World 2

Official Clue: Walk through the stars, and then look around. Your happy friend Cappy is sure to be found!

GR Clue: The "stars" that the official clue refers to is a dark blue tunnel full of stars on the wall as well as laser turrets. After going up and out the tunnel, there's a Hidden Cappy on the right-hand side between two trashcans and a bench.

Hidden Cappy #4: Dry Rock Gulch 1

Official Clue: This Hidden Cappy is close to the ground. Look in the place where tombstones are found.

GR Clue: Near the western wall of Dry Rock Gulch, next to a few corrals that are being manned by a Protectron, will be bunch of tombstones. Behind one is this Hidden Cappy.

Hidden Cappy #5: Dry Rock Gulch 2

Official Clue: To find the next Cappy, you'l have to be bold and search Where Mad Mulligan pans for gold.

GR Clue: Enter the rollercoaster ride area of Dry Rock Gulch, and follow the path. You'll eventually come across a waterfall with a small cabin below. On the side of the cabin is this Hidden Cappy.

Hidden Cappy #6: Safari Adventure 1

Official Clue: It's no monkey business where this Cappy waits. An animal statue is his hiding place.

GR Clue: The entrance of the Primate House has two hedges. The right hedge has a small break in the wall where you can get to back of the stone gorilla statue.

Hidden Cappy #7: Safari Adventure 2

Official Clue: Enter the hedges and join the new craze! Find your Next Cappy somewhere in the maze.

GR Clue: Enter the entrance of the hedges and head east as much as you can. You'll find this wall at the end with this Hidden Cappy there.

Hidden Cappy #8: Kiddie Kingdom 1

Official Clue: Cappy likes hiding up top near the sky, so head to the castle and search way up high!

GR Clue: Near the main entrance of Kiddie Kingdom is a broken-down tower with very tight stairs. Climb up to the top and you'll find this Hidden Cappy.

Hidden Cappy #9: Kiddie Kingdom 2

Official Clue: Keeping your feet on the spinning floor could make it a challenge to find the right door.

GR Clue: In the Funhouse, you'll across a spinning room with multiple red and white doors. Behind one of them is this Hidden Cappy.

Hidden Cappy #10: Bottling Factory

Official Clue: Row down the river and see the old weset where Cappy is hiding. Can you pass his test?

GR Clue: This Hidden Cappy is hidden in the Old West display along the river ride of the Bottling Plant. I would clear as many Nuka-lurks as you can before finding this one.