A Quick Guide To Playing Super Mario Run

For his first time ever, Mario has made the jump to mobile. Super Mario Run is now available on iOS and coming to Android next year. It's quickly become the most downloaded game on the App Store as millions of gamers have rushed to see what Mario is like on a mobile device.

Super Mario Run is a simple game, and one that can appeal to just about everyone, but it doesn't completely explain how things work. To help you get the most out of the game, we've put together a quick guide on how to play it.


Low Jump – Tap the screen quickly to jump at low height.

High Jump – Tap the screen for a longer period of time to jump higher.

Edge Climb – If your arms reach the base of a platform, you will climb up automatically.

Climb Jump – Tap the screen during an Edge Climb to propel yourself upward.

Vault – Mario will automatically jump a low height to clear small obstacles.

Vaulting Jump – During a vault you can tap on the screen to jump higher.

Wall Jump – Tap the screen as you touch a wall to propel yourself off of it. This can be done consecutively.

Slope Slide – You will automatically slide down slopes. You will kill enemies in your path.

Midair Spin – Tap the screen mid-jump to spin. This can kill enemies and also prolongs your jump.

Landing Roll – You will automatically perform this when landing from a high fall.

Rolling Jump – Tap the screen during a Landing Roll to quickly jump.

Jump Stall – Tap the screen and slide left during a jump to stall mid-air.


Luigi – Luigi is able to jumper higher than any other character.

Peach – Peach is able to Floaty Jump when you touch and hold the screen. This allows her to glide.

Toad – Toad is the fastest running character.

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Toadette – Like Toad, Toadette is able to run faster than other characters.

Yoshi – Yoshi is able to Flutter Jump when you touch and hold the screen. This allows him to glide.


Pause Block – These will stop the flow of the game allowing you to plan your next move.

Time Block – By hitting these you will have 10 seconds added to your timer.

Switch – Land on a switch to trigger it.

Bubble – Tap on a bubble to float backwards.


Yellow Coin – 1 coin value

Red Coin – 1 coin value

Blue Coin – 2 coin value

Pink Coin – 10 coin value

Purple Coin – 10 coin value

Black Coin – 10 coin value

Flag – Up to 10 coin value

Game Modes

World Tour – In this mode you are tasked with competing levels on your way to saving Peach from Bowser, being awarded for obtaining as many coins as possible. There are currently 24 courses across 6 worlds.

Toad Rally – This mode puts you on infinite levels with a time limit. Your goal is to perform stylish moves (all of which are listed above under techniques) while collecting coins. Performing moves earns you Toads and fills up your gauge, which eventually propels you into Coin Rush. Coin Rush makes you invincible as well as attracting nearby coins.

Kingdom Builder – In this mode you can purchase a wide range of objects and buildings to create a custom kingdom. There is a shop with over 100 items ready for purchase. There is also a Rainbow Bridge which allows you to expand the size of your kingdom.